The Ultimate Guide to Baby Proofing Everything

You don’t need to hire a baby proofer

Here’s what baby proofers don’t want you to know. Baby proofing is easy. Every product you need to baby proof your house can be purchased and installed by you quickly and easily. The only thing preventing you from baby proofing yourself is the good old question of where to begin. That’s where I come in. I have written in-depth guides on how to baby proof each aspect of your house. Free of charge. The only thing you need is time to read them.

General Baby Proofing

Dangers needing baby proofing that can be found anywhere in the house.

Living Room




Our Purpose

Simple: To write awesome guides. Kids don’t come with instructions. We are not afraid to dive right in and get messy. The result? The most detailed guides on the internet; from gear guides to parenting advice.
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