Baby gear for play time

For babies, playtime is a serious time! When your baby is playing, she’s actually working hard to improve her motor skills and boost her brain development. Play is also important for forming strong bonds between you and your little buddy. You should make an effort to engage with your child during playtime, even though it may be tempting to take a break while they’re preoccupied. Given that the stakes are so high, you want to make sure you select the right tools for the job. For most parents, this will mean a baby jumper, baby bouncer, or baby swing. While your choice should be interactive and stimulate your child mentally and physically, safety is also an important concern. So, which one is right for your bundle of joy? The following baby toys rely use movement to calm and entertain your baby.

Baby jumpers

Baby jumpers are essentially a seat attached to a strap that allows your baby to bounce up and down using her legs. Baby jumpers assist your baby in developing their leg muscles and are great for giving tired parents a break from all that knee bouncing!

Since your baby will be upright, baby jumpers are not suitable for younger babies with undeveloped neck muscles. Baby jumpers are perfect for little ones of around four to six months. All baby jumpers have a weight limit, so if you have a larger or older baby, make sure you check the weight limit before you purchase in order to avoid accidents. For more on baby jumpers, check out our comprehensive guide.

Baby bouncers

Baby bouncers are perfect for younger babies who are not yet able to walk or crawl. When your baby kicks or wiggles, the seat will bounce up and down. This not only assists your baby in developing her motor skills, but provides them with entertainment and soothing movement.

Baby bouncers come in a range of different shapes and sizes with all manner of add-ons, so make sure you select a bouncer that meets your baby’s needs.

While baby bouncers are suitable for newborns, older babies between 3-6 months will likely enjoy them the most. If you’re planning to use a bouncer for your newborn, make sure you select one with the appropriate head and neck support.

Read more at our guide to the best baby bouncers.

Baby swings

Ever spent the wee hours of the morning swaying back and forth to calm a screaming baby? Then you know that babies find gentle, side-to-side movement soothing. That’s the basic concept behind baby swings–another modern invention that’ll give you a well-earned break! There are baby swings come in different sizes and are designed for babies of all ages, so make sure you select the correct swing for your baby’s age, height, and weight. Remember that older babies may try to climb out of the swing, so never place it on an elevated surface. It may be tempting to place baby in the swing while you take a break, but try to limit the time they spend in the swing to less than 30 minutes. Check out our comprehensive guide to baby swings. Looking for something different? We’ve put together comprehensive guides for parents on sleepingbaby proofing, and changing.

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