Acceptable reasons to contact me

Showing off baby photos - Seriously. There is nothing cuter. Shower me with these.

Article suggestions - I am always looking for topics I can write detailed guides on.

Tell me I am doing a good job - My self-esteem bank loves daily deposits. Who doesn't love praise? Seriously though. Your feedback makes this site better.

Tell me if I'm doing a bad job - More important to than telling me I'm doing a good job is constructive criticism. Keyword: constructive.

Anything else that isn't listed below.

Unacceptable reasons to contact me

Spam - Spam, advertising, emails that tell me I can lose weight with this "one weird trick". I honestly don't care.

Marriage proposals - Sorry guys, I'm happily taken.

Being downright rude - This is never acceptable. If you have beef with me, let us settle it like adults, in the MMA ring and not through obnoxious emails.


533 Watauga Street Raleigh, NC 27604



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Our Purpose

Simple: To write awesome guides. Kids don’t come with instructions. We are not afraid to dive right in and get messy. The result? The most detailed guides on the internet; from gear guides to parenting advice.
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