Best Jogging Stroller: The Expert Buyers Guide

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Jess Miller
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March 29, 2023

Whether you want to regain your pre-pregnancy body or just enjoy living a healthy lifestyle, a jogging stroller will allow you to involve your baby in your exercise routine. Unlike a traditional stroller, a jogging stroller will keep your baby comfortable while you jog over all manner of bumpy surfaces.

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Ever since Philip Baechler invented the jogging stroller in 1983, jogging strollers have been the preferred method of keeping your baby comfortable during your fitness routine. HOLD IT RIGHT THERE! Before you run out and buy one you are going to make sure you choose the best jogging stroller for you. Jogging strollers are expensive and it’s easy to choose one that does not suit your lifestyle.

So what can you do to make sure that you choose the right jogging stroller? That’s where this guide comes in. We explore EVERY SINGLE FEATURE a jogging stroller has to offer. If you were looking for a detailed guide, you have found it. By the time you have finished reading this guide you will be a jogging stroller expert and be more than qualified to choose the best jogging stroller for you (or your friend).

Okay, with the introduction out of the way it’s time to jump right into the guide.

Jogging Stroller Features

The following features can be found on both single and double jogging strollers. I will explore features exclusive to double jogging strollers In a separate section of this article.

Jogging Stroller Wheels

The wheels are the stand out feature for jogging strollers. Unlike traditional strollers that have four wheels; jogging strollers only have three. Measuring between 12 – 24 inches in diameter, jogging stroller wheels are MUCH larger than that of traditional strollers. The larger wheel seize allows you to easily push your stroller over rough or uneven surfaces like grass, gravel, sand or dirt trails, perfect for when you are jogging outdoors.

grandmother and a girl walking on the park

Rather than made from hard plastic or solid rubber; jogging stroller wheels resemble small bicycle tires. Like bicycle tires, jogging stroller tires will need to have the air pressure checked every so often. Unfortunately this does mean that you can have a flat tire on your stroller should you puncture it.

You will need to top up the tires every now and again (like your car tires). Fortunately you can easily inflate your jogging strollers tires with a bike pump.

Front Wheel: Fixed vs. Swivel

The front wheel of the baby stroller can come in two separate styles. The choice is more than just cosmetic, the front wheel actually determines how you can use your jogging stroller.

Fixed Wheel

A fixed wheel is similar to the rear wheel on your bicycle. It is locked in a single position and cannot move. A fixed wheel is larger than the swivel type, allowing it to easily roll over objects when off road.

Fixed wheels are perfect for parents that are serious about jogging and running. The larger wheel will glide smoothly over any terrain it comes across. Steering the stroller is more difficult with a fixed wheel, which makes them only suitable for outdoor use.

In order to turn a fixed wheel stroller, you need to lean the stroller back on two wheels and twist it in the direction you want to turn. Turning the stroller will definitely take some getting used to. Many parents mistakenly buy fixed wheel jogging strollers for use when shopping and in other crowded areas. Don’t make the same mistake!

A fixed wheel is a must for long distance running in straight lines. Many parents who participate in marathons prefer fixed wheels.

Swivel Wheel

A swivel wheel is similar to the front wheel on your bike. It can turn left and right. Swivel wheels are useful for parents who use their jogging stroller at the shops as well as outdoors. A swivel wheel makes your jogging stroller much easier to steer, which is a blessing when you are out shopping (or maneuvering through other tight or crowded spaces) with your baby.

The downside to swivel wheels is that when moving at speed a slight bump can make the wheel change directions, causing the stroller to suddenly veer off course. This makes the swivel wheel less suitable for heavy jogging.

It is worth mentioning that certain brands of jogging stroller have a swivel wheel that can lock into one position. This allows you to take the stroller jogging or around the shops. With the exception of certain higher end models, a locked wheel will still have a slight wiggle. As a result, a locked wheel is unsuitable for a heavy runner. A lockable wheel is suitable for flat surfaces and light off road jogging making it suitable to be used as an every day stroller.

To put it simply: Choose a fixed wheel if you are serious about jogging or running. Choose a swivel if you are not.

Spokes and Rims

Inside your tire you will find the rim and spokes. Simply put, the rim and spokes help the wheel keep its round shape while supporting the entire weight of your jogging stroller. The rim and spokes come in two different materials.


The traditional metal rim and spoke design is similar to that of a bike tire. While metal spokes may not make the tire look as fancy as some of the plastic designs, they are very practical. Metal rim and spokes help contribute to the a smoother ride for your baby ( a must when jogging).

Cheaper metal spokes are made from a mixture of metals and can rust if you do not take care of them. This is particularly problematic if you live near the coast or in a humid environment. Quality spokes are made from stainless steel. Stainless steel is incredibly resistant to rust even when constantly wet. Alloy wheels are another option that will not rust.


Plastic rims and spokes are known as mags (because of the resemblance to a car tire). Because of the different styles that plastic can be molded in, mags are far more aesthetically pleasing than the traditional metal spoke design. In addition to looking good, plastic rims and spokes are much lighter than the metal style.

If you are looking for a jogging stroller that is as light as possible then plastic mags will help keep the weight down. Plastic is not as durable as metal and is not only prone to fading (if frequently left in the sun) but also scratches and marks much easier than the metal alternative. Expect a lot of scratches marks if you use your jogging stroller outdoors in shrubby areas.

To put it simply: Choose a metal rim and spoke wheel if you are serious about fitness. Choose a plastic is you are just casual jogger/walker or spend most of your time at the shops.

Wheel Size

The size of the wheel also plays a role on how easy it will be to push your jogging stroller over different types of terrain.

  • 12” Wheels - Suitable for pavement, sidewalks and shopping centers.
  • 16” Wheels - Suitable for concrete and light off-road use.
  • 20” or wider - Unstoppable! Roll over curbs, bumps, cracks and even loose soil or sand.

The measurements above refer to the diameter of the wheel. You may be thinking “why doesn’t everyone go with the largest size wheel?”. Unfortunately the larger the wheel, the less portable the jogging stroller will be. If you are just planning to use your jogging stroller on flat surfaces then a larger wheel will just be an inconvenience.

To put it simply: The rougher the ground; the bigger the wheel size you should choose.

Tire Tread

Tire tread comes in two separate varieties:

  • Bumpy - Similar to the tread pictured above, bumpy stroller wheels will provide better grip when on rough or slippery ground.
  • Smooth - Also known as slicks, smooth tires will allow you to easily maneuver your jogging stroller through crowded areas and around tight corners on flat ground.

To put it simply: If you are mostly jogging outdoors on rough and uneven surfaces, choose a bumpier tire tread. If you are mostly on flat surfaces, choose a smooth tire treat.

Tire Width

The width of the tire rubber will also determine how easy it will be for you to push your jogging stroller when off-road. While wide and fat tires will flatten out more on a hard sidewalk; they power through uneven terrain like gravel or and dirt.

To put it simply: If you want to take your jogging stroller off road, fatter tires are better. If you will mostly be using your jogging stroller on hard flat surfaces then thinner is better.

Wheel Reflector

As the name suggests, wheel reflectors reflect any light that shines upon them (like shining a light into your mirror). Whether it be from a street light or the headlights of a passing car, the light bounces off the reflector allowing passing cars to be mindful of your location.

If you normally jog after dark then a jogging stroller with reflectors on the wheels can help keep you visible and safe.


There are two different types of brakes. One slows your baby down while the other keeps your jogging stroller from rolling away when you take your hands off it.

Parking Brake

When you stop jogging to catch your breath, grab a drink or just take in the beautiful scenery; you should immediately apply your strollers parking break. The parking brake prevents your stroller from rolling away with your baby inside (A very dangerous scenario). Thankfully, all jogging strollers have parking brakes on them that locks the rear wheels in place.

The majority of jogging strollers have foot operated parking brakes (similar to the picture above) located near the rear wheels. A foot operated parking brake will prevent you from having to bend over and use your hands to lock the wheels. While it may sound simple, a foot operated parking brake is definitely a must have feature.

Hand Brake

A handbrake will let you remain in total control when jogging on hills or slopes. Found on the handle bar; a simple squeeze is all it takes to slow your jogging stroller down to a comfortable pace. Hand brakes are only found on jogging strollers with fixed front wheels and as a result are only really an option for those of you who are serious about your fitness.

If you are considering a double stroller then a handbrake is an absolute must. The extra weight of the second passenger can easily pull you along when walking down a hill. If you want to go rollerblading while pushing a jogging stroller (Fun Fact: this is known as “stroller blading”) then you will need a handbrake on your stroller. Without a hand brake; It will be incredibly difficult to remain in control of your stroller.

Suspension (Shock Absorbers)

If you look just behind each wheel on your jogging stroller you will notice what appears to be a coiled spring. This coiled spring is essentially a shock absorber and forms part of your strollers suspension system.

Shock absorbers allow the wheel to bounce up and down without forcing your stroller and baby to bounce in a similar violent motion. Some jogging strollers come with adjustable shocks, allowing you to adjust the bounciness according to your baby’s weight and the terrain ahead of you.

While shock absorbers are generally found on the rear two tires, some jogging strollers also have shock absorbers on the front. You should only need a front wheel shock absorber if you are using a double jogging stroller as it will help provide a smoother ride for the extra baby weight sitting inside.

Some cheaper models of jogging strollers do not come with a suspension system at all. While these strollers may be suitable for flat surfaces, the lack of suspension will result in a rougher ride for your baby if you venture off-road. Also, keep in mind that the suspension system of running stroller complements the stroller’s pneumatic tires.

While the bigger pneumatic tires can give enough cushion, it is still not going to be a smooth ride for your baby if they are used with a standard suspension system. Long story short, shock absorbers make your baby’s ride a lot smoother and are a must if you are using your jogging stroller as part of your fitness routine.

Handle Bar

Handle bars come in two varieties, adjustable and non-adjustable (fixed). An adjustable handlebar is particularly useful in two scenarios:

  • You share the stroller with another person.
  • You are much taller or shorter than the average height.

Since a handle bar at an incorrect height can actually impact your jogging form; being able to adjust the handlebar to the perfect height can be a huge advantage.

So why would anyone want a fixed handlebar? Well; an unfortunate consequence of being adjustable is that there will always be a certain amount of up/down play (even if ridiculously small). While this wont bother a casual jogger; those serious about their fitness routine may find it annoying. So while the fixed handlebar on a jogging stroller cannot be adjusted; it makes up for this shortcoming in stability and responsiveness.

To put it simply: A fixed handlebar is the best option unless you are either share a jogging stroller or are shorter/taller than the average height.


The jogging stroller seat is all about your baby’s comfort. You want to choose a seat that is super comfortable as the cooperation of your baby will determine the length of your jogging session.

Lets explore the features you will need to consider when choosing a comfortable jogging stroller seat.

  • Seat padding- Padding varies a lot from brand to brand. Some seats are super padded while others rely on a washable padded cover to offer comfort. Some seats on cheap generic jogging strollers are little more than board covered in material, not very comfy at all.
  • Safety Harness - A 5-point safety harness will keep your baby strapped to the seat during a bumpy jog. A 5-point harness secures both your baby’s upper and lower body and is an absolute must on any jogging stroller. Also check that the straps can be adjusted and are not too coarse that your baby will find them uncomfortable. Some jogging strollers come with padded harness straps for extra comfort
  • Reclining Seat - The seat of a jogging stroller should be more reclined than that of a traditional one (where your baby sits upright). The reclined position helps reduce the impact of shocks on your baby’s body because of a greater surface area (head back and bottom). Some jogging strollers have an adjustable seat that can be reclined to different positions.


By design, jogging strollers are much larger than the traditional variety. As a result, jogging strollers do not fold small. Depending on your brand of jogging stroller it will fold in one of two dfifferent ways.

Folding Mechanism

Jogging strollers that use a folding mechanism are incredibly simple to fold up. Simply remove your baby from the seat and with, the push of a button or pull of a lever; you can fold up your jogging stroller.

Some jogging strollers incorporate a “quick fold technology”. This essentially means that you can fold your stroller up with one hand, allowing you to balance your baby in the other. While a folding mechanism will make your stroller much easier to fold up, it is also the bulkier of the two folding methods.

Compact Folding

Compact folding is a little more hands on but the result is a much smaller fold than if your stroller used a folding mechanism. Compact folding requires you to remove the wheels of the jogging stroller as well as folding the frame down. The ability to store your jogging strollers wheels separately to the frame is super convenient if you have a smaller car or are low on storage space at home.

The downside of compact folding is that it takes a little longer to fold down and set up your stroller. You will also require the use of both hands, meaning you will have to sit your baby down while you go through the folding process.


If and your baby leave the house then a whole bunch of other gear will come with you. Diapers, food, baby wipes… The list really is quite extensive. Storage compartments on your jogging stroller will make it easy to bring all your baby gear with you while jogging. Just about every jogging stroller will come with a storage basket underneath your baby’s seat.

While some of these baskets are open topped, others have mesh surrounding them to prevent your belongings from spilling out onto the ground during a bumpy jogging session. Located just behind the seat of some jogging strollers is a pocket (similar to that on the back of your car’s seat). These pockets allow you to easily store your everyday items that you need to keep within easy reach such as your phone or wallet

Some jogging strollers even have storage pockets sewn directly into the canopy. While these pockets are not very deep, they are very suitable for holding small objects such as your house keys. Jogging stroller storage options differ greatly from one stroller to the next. You should definitely look around if you have specific storage requirements.


All jogging strollers come with canopies. Some are a single piece design while others fold down like an accordion. The canopy will help keep the sun off your baby’s sensitive skin while you are out and about.

While some canopies are fixed to the back of the seat, others are separate allowing you to move them as far forward as you need. Very handy if you are jogging towards the sun when it is low on the horizon.

Peek-a-Boo Window

With the canopy up it can be difficult to see what your mischievous baby is up to without walking to the front of the jogging stroller. To combat this, some canopies come with what is known as a peek-a-boo window.

A peek-a-boo window is a flap located on top of the canopy. To view your baby from behind the stroller; simply lift up the flap and look through the window for a birds eye view of your baby (hopefully behaving himself!).

Safety Strap

If your jogging stroller does not have a hand brake then a safety strap is a viable alternative for the casual jogger. A wrist strap loops around the handlebar and is attached to your wrist while out and about. The wrist strap will prevent your jogging stroller from escaping you should you trip over or forget to activate the parking brake .

The wrist strap should be long enough that you feel comfortable but not so long that is could get caught on nearby objects or drag on the ground. If you’re the wrist strap on your jogging stroller is too long or does not come with one then do not fear, these straps can be purchased separately and are quite cheap.

Optional features

There are other less important features on jogging strollers that you may also wish to consider.

The following features are in not essential but may assist in you choosing one jogging stroller over another.

  • Cup holders - Cup holders will give you a place to store your water bottle while jogging.
  • Pedometer - A pedometer attached to the stroller handle will tell you the distance you have travelled with your baby.
  • Speakers - Speakers allow you to pump the tunes while you jog. Simply plug in your phone, select your work out tracks and you are good to go.
  • Baby tray - A baby tray sits in front of your baby and can hold food or toys. Jogging stroller trays are removable so your baby doesn’t hit his head on it when on bumpy ground.

Fixable Features

Okay, so you have found the perfect jogging stroller for you but there is just that one feature about it that you just don’t like. Don’t worry. Some of the features on jogging strollers can be fixed with after market accessories. I like to call these “fixable features”.

Let’s take a look at some of the features that can be easily modified on jogging strollers.

  • Baby seat is not padded enough for an infant - Stroller seat liners liners can be bought separately to help provide extra padding and support for your infant.
  • Handle is rough or hard plastic - A rough uncomfortable stroller handle can cause blisters while running. Fortunately, Bicycle bar tape can be used to provide a soft and comfortable grip for the stroller handles.
  • Stroller canopy is too short - A short canopy is not going to provide much sun protection for your baby. Fortunately; a stroller cover can be used to extend the canopy and block out the sun’s harmful rays.

As you can see; if you are creative you will find that you can fix many of the smaller features that you dislike about a potential jogging stroller.

Best Jogging Strollers Reviewed

It’s time to examine the best jogging strollers on the market. If you have made it this far through the guide then you will know that there is no single best jogging stroller for everyone. These jogging strollers are loved by serious runners to casual walking parents all over the world. In this guide I will explore the best jogging strollers on the market. I will also be providing cheaper alternative options.

Best Jogging Stroller for Every Day Use (Luxury Option)

Style: Black or Navy

Brand: BOB

  • Can be folded with one hand
  • Adjustable suspension
  • Lockable front wheel
  • Excellent storage options

Just as comfortable swerving through crowded areas as it is racing through gravel and mud; the BOB Revolution SE is the perfect solution for parents that want one stroller that does it all. There is a reason that the Revolution SE is one of the best swivel wheel jogging strollers on the market. The front wheel of the jogging stroller pivots for when you are walking and require maneuverability.

Lock the wheel straight and you are ready to jog at speed! The beauty of this stroller is that you can toggle between the two modes in a matter of seconds. Note that this stroller doesn’t have a handbrake. It does have a foot-operated parking brake though found between the rear wheels. Located on top of the stroller is a multi-function canopy. The canopy can be moved forward and back according to where the sun is positioned.

Don’t want the canopy up? It can be folded down completely allowing your baby to enjoy the beautiful weather! One main appeal of this jogging stroller is the accessory adaptor. The adapter allows use a car seat adapter (sold separately) that is compatible with many popular car seats including Britax, Graco, Chicco and PegPerego. With an infant car seat attached, you can use this jogging stroller while your baby is still developing his neck muscles.

Revolution SE Single Stroller

While the jogging stroller is incredibly sturdy and durable it is definitely heavier than your regular jogging stroller. Weighing in at just under 25lb, you will need a bit of muscle to get it in and our of your car; consider it a part of your fitness routine! Despite it’s weight, the BOB revolution SE is incredibly easy to push and turn.

In fact it is one of the smoothest jogging strollers on the market. You can even push the stroller comfortably with one hand! The stroller itself easily folds down and is quite compact despite it’s bulky design. The wheels can be removed when folded, which will definitely help with squeezing this stroller into a tight trunk.

The stroller can be unfolded and set up with a single hand, great if you are balancing your baby in the other. The Revolution SE is equipped with an abundance of storage; an absolute blessing when on a day outing with your baby. A hanging basket underneath the stroller, a large pocket behind the seat and two interior pockets will allow you to bring all your baby gear with you when out and about.

Revolution SE Single Stroller

A reclining seat will help keep your baby comfortable and a padded harness will hold your baby in place when travelling off road. The seat also breaths, allowing air to flow around your baby keeping him cool in the warmer weather. The stroller can be used from 8 weeks to whenever your baby hits 70lb (5 years old for the average child).

Depending on when you buy, this stroller could last you well over 4 years. The price is starting to look a little better now, isn’t it? The one downside to this stroller is that all the accessories are sold separately. Stroller cover? Separate. Handlebar tray? Separate? Cup holders? Yep… separate. While this jogging stroller is absolutely amazing, without accessories; the cost will definitely add up if you decide that they are needed.

Fortunately, the stroller straight out of the box will be enough for the vast majority of parents. BOB stands behind their jogging stroller, offering a five-year warranty on the frame and a one-year warranty on small parts and fabric. If you are looking for an excellent jogging stroller that is agile enough to handle crowded while being able to provide a smooth comfortable off-road experience then this is the stroller you need. Click here for more information and pricing.

Best Jogging Stroller for Every Day Use (Budget Option

Style: Many different styles available

Brand: Baby Trend

  • Lockable front wheel
  • Reclining padded seat
  • Child & parent trays
  • Folds compact

The trend expedition is proof that an every day jogging stroller does not need to cost the world. Priced as one of the cheapest jogging strollers on the market, the Expedition manages to pack in a whole lot of features for a budget price.

The front wheel swivels for easy maneuvering and locks when you need to jog. The pneumatic tires are large enough that they will easily roll over most terrain. Just remember, like the BOB Revolution SE above; the Expedition is best used as an everyday jogging stroller. It is not as suited to high intensity runs as other strollers on the market (I will cover these further down).

jogging stroller side view - baby trend expedition

The stroller is incredibly easy to push and easily steers around tight corners. It actually outperforms many of the mid-range priced jogging strollers on the markets (c’mon guys, get your head in the game!). A lovely feature of this jogging stroller is that the baby and parent trays are not sold as separate accessories.

Not having to pay extra just for a cup holder? That is a monster plus in my book. The child tray not only holds your baby’s bottles and food but can also accept an infant car seat (sold separately) to form a travel system. Fantastic if you have a newborn that cannot yet control his neck muscles.

As is commonplace on jogging strollers; the seat is padded and comes equipped with a 5-point harness to keep your little one secure on the bumpy trips. While the seat is not as heavily padded as the higher end jogging strollers, it will definitely keep your baby comfy on extended trips. The seat can even recline to multiple positions!

With the infant car seat; the expedition jogging stroller will suit your baby from birth until 50lbs or 42” tall (whatever milestone he hits first). You should easily see 3 years use out of this jogging stroller; great value given the already cheap price.

This jogging stroller puts a lot of the other jogging stroller to shame. While it may lack some of the fancy bells and whistles, this is a solid and well performing choice. If you are looking for an everyday jogging stroller at a bargain price then this is the jogging stroller you need. Click here for more information and pricing.

Best Jogging Stroller for Serious Runners (Luxury Option

Style: Charcoal

Brand: BumbleRide

  • All wheel suspension
  • Speed3 steering
  • One step fold
  • Car seat and bassinet compatible

If you are a fitness enthusiast who loves outdoor activities then this is definitely the jogging stroller for you. This luxury jogging stroller is perhaps the best on the market; but you would expect that given the price. The attention to detail on this stroller is phenomenal. The frame is strong and durable and the materials used are extremely high quality. You will have no trouble taking this jogging stroller anywhere you want to go.

A lockable front wheel will allow you to easily use the stroller for both walking and jogging. Unlike other jogging strollers, the wheel can be locked in two different positions. One position offers a greater base of support for bumpy roads while the other shortens the strollers length, allowing you to take up less space on the sidewalk.

If you are looking for a comfortable jogging stroller then look no further; the Chinook Chariot will allow your little ones to sleep even on the bumpiest of paths. A reclining, padded seat keeps your child comfortable and a padded 5-point harness will keep your little one secure and safe.

Head and hip braces also help your baby. As your baby grows, part of the padding can be removed to accommodate your little ones larger size. The Chinook Chariot is hands down the most comfortable jogging stroller on the market. If you run several times a week for an hour or more then this is definitely the jogging stroller for you.

Another first for jogging strollers is that the compartment your baby sits in can be completely sealed. At the first sight of rain, simply zip up the front and side plastic windows to completely keep your baby safe and dry.

When the plastic windows are not in use they remain rolled up at the base of the stroller. In their place is a mesh that allows air to freely flow through the jogging stroller without insects and bugs bothering your baby. The front mesh can even be taken down to provide your baby with an unobstructed view of the road ahead.

Unlike the Thule Urban Glide models, this baby jogger has an included extra: the ‘First Year of Life’ Accessories. While other jogging strollers can only be used after your baby hits 4 months; the Chinook Chariot can be used from the day your baby is born (although chances are you wont feel like jogging the day you have given birth).

The first year of life accessory pack includes:

  • Infant car seat adapter - allows you to connect an infant car seat to the handlebar
  • Baby supporter - Extra padding for young babies who have not yet developed muscle control.
  • Detachable cargo bag - Extra storage to bring along newborn baby gear such as pacifiers and formula.

This jogging stroller can go ANYWHERE. Whether you are cross-country skiing over snow, trail hiking or bike riding (yep, this jogging stroller even transforms into a bike trailer) you can take your baby with you. While these kits are sold as separate accessories, it is nice to have the option to take your baby to the edge of the world if you so choose. Whether you jog in winter or summer, this stroller has you covered.

Best Jogging Stroller for Serious Runners (Budget Option)

Okay, here is where it gets tricky. If you spend anything less than $200, you are not going to get a very good jogging stroller to accommodate your serious fitness routine. Either the suspension is too rough, the front wheel wiggles too much or the handles are just plain uncomfortable.

At this price you are going to have to go with a fixed wheel solution as lockable wheels in this price range wobble too much at high speeds. Unfortunately this also means that you are going to have a tough time steering your jogging stroller through crowded areas and around tight corners.

black stroller near wall

Another good choice is the latest baby jogger stroller from BOB. The BOB Revolution Flex Lunar Jogging Stroller features a glow in the dark fabric which is a really great upgrade. The BOB Revolution Flex is also an all terrain stroller that is said to have one of the best adjustable suspension systems. It is equipped with a 12.5-inch front wheel and 16-inch rear wheels.

However, note that the BOB Revolution Flex is not a lightweight stroller. It tends to be bulkier compared to other joggers. Also, it doesn’t come with any accessory. We all know how separately sold accessories can be a bit pricey.

Double Jogging Strollers

If you have twins or children that are very close in age then you may have no other choice but to get a double jogging stroller. In addition to the features I outlined above, double jogging strollers have some extra unique features that you will need to consider before making your decision.

The seat configuration

There are two different types of seat configurations on double jogging strollers. How you plan to use your jogging stroller will determine which seat configuration will best suit you.

Side by Side Double Jogging Stroller


  • Easier to push due to weight distribution
  • Children can easily see, interact and play with each other
  • The pusher of the stroller can easily see both children
  • Both children have the same view


  • Less suited for shops or other crowded areas due to size
  • Takes up more room in storage
  • Works best when both children are a similar weight

Side by side jogging strollers are more popular of the two-seat configurations. If you plan to incorporate your two kids into your fitness routine then a side-by-side seat is best for you. Side by side jogging strollers are suited for twins or children of a similar weight. If the weight difference between the children is too high you will find a side by side difficult to push.

Tandem Double Jogging Stroller


  • The narrow frame is easier to maneuver
  • Takes up less room in storage


  • Child sitting in the rear has a blocked view
  • Not at easy to push when jogging due to uneven weight distribution

The least popular of the two configurations; tandem double jogging strollers are more suited to those of you that hang out at the shop or crowded inner city areas. A tandem double jogging stroller is generally no wider than a single one. Generally the rear seat can recline, making it suitable for an infant while the older child sits in the front seat with a better view.


I know this was touched on in the above section but it is worth stressing how important storage is for double jogging strollers. Double the baby. Double the baby gear. It makes sense that you would need your storage options doubled too.

Unfortunately some double jogging strollers are surprisingly light on storage space. Now I understand why this is done. It is to help reduce the size of an already bulky double jogger. If storage is high on your list of wants in a baby stroller then it definitely pays to shop around.

Reinforced Seat

A problem with side by side strollers is that the seat can sag due to the extra weight of two bodies. Not only does a sagging seat not support your baby but can also result in an incredibly uncomfortable ride.

Quality double jogging strollers will have a support bar running down the middle of the stroller; reinforcing each seat. This helps prevent each individual seat from sagging towards the middle of the stroller. If you take your children on longer outings then a reinforced seat on your double jogger is a must.

Extra Jogging Stroller Information

Jogging Stroller Accessories

There are a whole bunch of accessories available for your jogging stroller that can make it easier for you to use.

Stroller Hooks

Stroller hooks allow you to hang your diaper bag off the handle of your jogging stroller. Stroller hooks should not be used when jogging.

Bug Netting

A net that hangs over the canopy of your jogging stroller. Great if you have a lot of bitey bugs where you jog.

Rain Shield

Hangs off the canopy and completely prevents rain from making your baby wet.

Glider Board

A glider board is essentially a skateboard that rolls on the ground behind your jogging stroller. Your older child stands on this allowing you to easily push around both of your children at once.

Buying a New Jogging Stroller vs. Buying a Used One

Unfortunately; buying a brand new jogging stroller is not in everyone’s budget. Buying a used jogging stroller can be a great way to buy a premium jogging stroller at a budget price. A common mistake made by parents is buying a fixed wheel jogging stroller when they are only a casual jogger or walker.

You will see these parents at the shops frustrated and trying to steer their stroller around store displays and tight corners. A lot of the time these parents will give up on their jogging stroller and buy a complete different stroller that is more suited to them. These are the parents you want to buy from. They have not used the jogging stroller to its full potential and will likely be in very good if not as new condition.

Of course you cannot determine the backstory of a jogging stroller when you are shopping used and that jogging stroller you are about to pick up for a song may only last a few weeks longer. If you are in a position where you can afford it; a brand new jogging stroller will give you the least amount of grief. Parenting is stressful enough without the worry that your jogging stroller is not going to outlast your baby’s use.

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If you are going to BUY A USED JOGGING STROLLER then pay particular attention to the following areas:

  • Rust - Carefully examine the frame and tire spokes for any signs of rust
  • Fabric tears - Any tears in the material are only going to get bigger.
  • Safety harness - The jogging stroller's most important feature to keep your baby safe. Ensure the harness keeps your baby secure and that the straps are free from tears.
  • Tire leaks- A jogging stroller with a flat tire is frustratingly difficult to push. You can check for slow leaks by sitting each tire in a large container of water and watching for bubbles (which would indicate a leak).

Remember; you will be much better off with a used high quality jogging stroller than a brand new cheaper stroller that wont last the distance. You may even be able to resell the jogging stroller after your baby has used it!

Jogging Stroller FAQ

Below I will answer some of the more common jogging stroller questions that were not covered in the above guide.

I don’t jog or run, can I still use a jogging stroller?

Absolutely. Just make sure you choose a jogging stroller with a swivel front wheel so you can easily steer it. The larger wheels not only make this running stroller easier to push but also ensure that your baby’s ride is much smoother than a traditional stroller.

Premium jogging strollers are super expensive, should I just get a cheaper model?

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In an effort to get the cost down on cheaper models, something has to be sacrificed. Usually the sacrifice is quality. More affordable joggers may not last through your baby’s use. Remember; high quality strollers are less prone to wear and tear over time due to their high quality workmanship. As a result, you will still be able to fetch a good price on the stroller when you decide to sell it.

What is the difference between jogging strollers and all terrains strollers?

Nothing. Confusingly; jogging strollers with larger wheels that can go on any surface are also referred to as all-terrain strollers. It used to be that strollers with a fixed wheel were called joggers and strollers with a lockable wheel where called all-terrain but now they are all simply known as jogging strollers.


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