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6 Of The Best Nursery Rocking Chair 6 Of The Best Nursery Rocking Chair

Meta Description: There’s nothing better for calming your child than a gentle rock in a rocking chair. Whether you are feeding your newborn or reading stories to a toddler, choose the best rocking chair for your whole household. Find a chair that is comfortable, durable and easy to rock. At the end of the day, […]

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Harness Booster Car Sea Graco Tranzitions Review

Image source: flickr The Graco Tranzitions 3-in-1 harness booster car seat is one of many car seat options from one of the nations most popular baby gear companies. In this Graco Tranzitions review, we’ll talk about how to decide on the right car seat for your family and give our overall impressions and recommendations. Car […]

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Baby Delight Go with Me Slumber Deluxe Portable Rocking Bassinet, Charcoal Tweed Fashion The Best Bedside Bassinet for Keeping Your Bundle of Joy Nearby

Being a mom is tough. Not only are you responsible for a tiny human, but you must also make sure you have all you need to get through the night. Having the best bedside bassinet helps when it comes time to push through nighttime interruptions. As a new parent, I didn't want my baby to […]

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manual breast pumps Best Manual Breast Pumps: Expert Buyers Guide and Reviews

Use a bit of muscle with a lightweight manual pump to produce breast milk to feed your baby later in the day or refrigerate the milk for use anytime. A manual breast pump is an answer when an electric pump won't fit the bill. Electric breast pumps let you produce milk without any effort on […]

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diaper medicine What’s the best diaper rash medicine and remedies?

Don’t feel bad if your baby gets a diaper rash. This is a common skin condition that affects newborns and isn’t a sign that you aren’t properly taking care of your baby. Babies have sensitive skin and wearing a diaper often results in inflammation. But treating a diaper rash with medicine or home remedies is […]

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choosing the right breast pump blog post Choosing the right breast pump for you and your baby

Breastfeeding is one of the most common ways to feed an infant under the age of one year old. Most mothers benefit from using a breast pump during their breastfeeding journey, but with many pumps on the market, it can be difficult to know which one is best. We will discuss the purpose of using […]

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bottle drying racks Baby bottle drying racks: A great way to dry your baby gear

A drying rack just for your baby bottles may seem like an unnecessary luxury yet many parents swear by it. Join me as I take a closer look at these funky pieces of plastic and whether they are actually that great! Where to buy baby bottle drying racks: Munchkin Philips Skip Hop Walmart Amazon Have […]

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baby wipe warmers Baby Wipe Warmers: A Great Way to Warm Up Baby Wipes

One day you will be out in public changing your baby’s diaper when all of a sudden your baby turns into a tantrum monster. Just because the wipes in your diaper bag are cold and his precious little bottom is not used to it. Many parents swear by baby wipe warmers! Alice says: My daughter […]

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best baby bottle warmers Bottle warmer reviews: Expert buyers guide to the best bottle warmer

Using a baby bottle warmer is a quick and easy way to get your baby’s bottle at an ideal temperature. This is safer than using a microwave and more accurate than running the bottle under some hot water from the tap. As a mother, it has been my experience that the best bottle warmer depends […]

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muslin baby swaddle Summer Infant SwaddleMe Muslin Blanket Review

I love muslin fabric. It’s uber-soft, lightweight but still warm & cozy, has ample stretch for easy and snug swaddling, and gets softer with every wash. I’m also a big fan of Summer Infant products. In particular, I love their SwaddleMe easy-style swaddle. Based on my love of muslin and Summer Infant products, I was […]

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baby with headphone 7 Of The Best Baby Ear Protection Products

Little ears are still developing during the baby and toddler stage. When your little ones are exposed to loud noises, lasting to permanent damage can occur. Sadly, current research shows that one out of eight children has suffered harm to his or her hearing. Medical professionals in the ears, nose and throat field have noticed […]

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2 mothers holding a stroller while walking at the park with their children Bugaboo Bee 3 Reviews and Specifications

Kids these days have a lot for indoor entertainment, but they still need to get outside in the fresh air. The best way to do this is with a baby stroller. Strollers offer a way for you to get around with your baby without either of you getting worn out. They’re great because even young […]

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mamaRoo Swing Review mamaRoo Swing Review: Rocking Your Baby to Bed

As a new parent, you more than likely know the struggle of having to rock your baby when they are just too fussy to fall asleep. A mamaRoo swing review may be the answer to your prayers. Finding the best baby swings on the market can help your baby fall asleep and free up your […]

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best baby play mats Best baby play mats and activity gyms: An expert buyers guide

New parents quickly realize just how much of their lives now take place on the floor. But while our adult bodies don’t mind the carpet or wood, babies aren’t quite prepared for the floor yet. Baby play mats are specially designed to keep your baby comfy and safe during floor time. These mats are often […]

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adorable baby boy Best Convertible Cribs for Your Baby: Expert Buyers Guide

A new baby means plenty of preparation. Whether this is your first child or your fifth, getting everything ready for the baby's arrival usually involves spending quite a bit of money.  To get the most out of their dollar, more parents than ever are choosing to buy high-quality, name brand baby items whenever possible. If […]

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