6 Weeks Pregnant Baby Bump Update

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Jess Miller
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March 29, 2023
6 weeks pregnant title

6 Weeks Pregnant Update

Baby is a: Sweet Pea

Weight gained: 0 lbs

How I’m Preparing: As with L, I think a beautiful tradition is to write a letter to your child every year. Both Cole and I write a letter to L every year at Christmas and will give them to her when she is expecting her first baby. We will continue the tradition with our second child and start by writing a letter to your baby while expecting. Now that the idea of being pregnant has sunk in, we will both take some time to write a letter to cement in time our excitement, anticipation and love, so that one day these memories can be given to our child.

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6 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms: Headaches, which I think are from not getting enough sleep. I need to try to prioritize a stricter bedtime for myself. Still have bloating, peeing often and my “favorite” waves of nausea throughout the day especially if I don’t eat. However, the nausea, even though it is becoming more apparent, is still so much better than when I was pregnant with L. My skin is breaking out but again nowhere near as bad as when I was pregnant with L.

Cravings: No cravings really, which makes it actually challenging because I need to remember to snack often to not feel yucky, and it would help so much if something actually sounded good. With my first pregnancy, I craved anything cheese but not until closer to the second trimester.

Aversions: Hilarious as it was my craving last week, but chili sounds just plain awful to me now. Eggs, which I usually have for breakfast, are now slowly starting to look and sound gross to me, which sucks because eggs are such a powerhouse of nutrients. We also had Cobb Salad Monday night and I thought it was so delicious. On Tuesday, we were going to have it as leftovers and just the sound of it was revolting, go figure…

Sleep: Still tired. Still very tired. By the last day of this week, I was so tired that I just hit a wall and fell asleep right away after putting L to bed at 7 pm. I got 12 hours that night and honestly I could have slept more.

Excited for: Finding out the gender. There are so many wives tales and myths out there and I am just so curious if we are going to have a girl or boy. This pregnancy feels so different than my first so I am really curious if that means a different gender. Cole and I are also so picky when it comes to picking a name, meaning we won’t wait until birth to know the gender as we will need all of that additional time to choose a name. I can’t believe I am writing about another baby and that L is a toddler!

Missing: Tuna. Out of all the random things to miss it’s tuna which I don’t eat very often anyway. Due to mercury tuna is a no-no during pregnancy, but recently a friend mentioned it and it sounded really good on a sandwich with mayo and now all I want is that. I think part of me wanting it is that I can’t have it…

Movement: No

Dr. Update: Not yet.

Exercise: Still in my to-do list, maybe next week I will start...

Stretch Marks: No

Swelling: No

Maternity Clothing: No

Labor Signs: No

Wedding Rings On: Yes

Belly Button In or Out: In

Best Moment of the Week: As most of you are also doing, I am tracking my pregnancy with the What to Expect App. If you aren’t, it’s free and really fun. They have videos that tell you what is happening with development. Now that I am 6 weeks, baby’s heart is starting to beat. I remember when we heard L’s first heart beat at the hospital and it made it all seem so real. It is so exciting to know that baby has a heartbeat <3

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