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April 12, 2023

The Stokke company was founded in 1932 and was originally a small workshop on the coast of Norway. This shop made a variety of Scandinavian furniture which ultimately led to the release of the Tripp Trapp high chair in 1972.

Over time the company has come to focus exclusively on children's products that have innovative designs and are made with the highest quality and craftsmanship. The company likes to describe its designs as products that bring the family closer and promote bonding between parents and their children of all ages.

The Stokke company prides itself on delivering products that are of the highest quality, and the Tripp Trapp high chair is no exception. This company is not afraid to use sophisticated engineering in their designs which allows them to create technical and practical solutions that help shape their highly functional products.

Unlike many manufacturers of children's goods, Stokke focuses on quality and safety in its products but also puts effort into the way that they look so that they can blend into an everyday home.

What Is the Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair?

The Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair is an all-wood high chair with various accessories that make it suitable for children of a variety of ages. This high chair has an infant insert that resembles a bouncer and also is compatible with other items such as padding and a toddler insert.

This high chair also has an adjustable seat and footrest that is adjustable as your child grows. This high chair will work for children that are six months old to 3 years old; however, some families find that they are useful for children older than three.

The Stokke high chair comes in several colors and natural wood finishes including:

  • Ash
  • Beech
  • Walnut
  • Various painted colors

The Stokke company also makes regular changes to the design of this chair, so although it will look the same from year to year, small tweaks have been made to make the chair safer or more functional.

Stokke high chairs and their line of bouncers that go with the high chairs are both certified by JPMA. Those products also meet or go beyond the requirements set by ASTM for safety. The Stokke chair was designed in 1972 by Peter Opsvik, and the product is mostly the same design that was initially released.

This chair is specifically designed to allow your child to sit up close to the dinner table so that they can be included on family meals and easily within reach of parents. This closeness is thought to help children learn and develop during mealtimes.

When you purchase this chair, you’ll receive the baby set with a five-point harness and some extended gliders for better adjustability. All other accessories are sold separately.

Product Specifications

Unlike many other high chairs on the market, this product by Stokke is made from wood and is designed to grow with your child. Most other high chairs are less adjustable, and ultimately, you’ll need to purchase your child a booster seat once they get too big for the high chair.

This high chair weighs a total of 15.4 pounds without the baby set which weighs in at just under 2 pounds. The chair can hold a total of 242 pounds and is easily cleaned using a damp cloth. The painted versions of this chair used water-based, non-toxic paint and the entire chair is produced without the use of any harmful substances.

This product comes with a seven-year warranty on all of the wooden parts, and several accessories are available. There is also a cushion for this chair that comes in different colors and helps to add structure for younger babies that have outgrown the infant insert.

Baby boy is sitting at the high chair while reading a book

How It Compares

Finding competitors for this Stokke high chair review was challenging as wood is not the first choice of many high chair manufacturers. Most manufacturers make modern high chairs from a combination of plastic and metal, and the designs are not intended to be used by the same child for several years.

This Stokke high chair review would be incomplete if we didn’t point out these products from competitors that are close matches to the Tripp Trapp design.

Be Mindful Baby High Chair

The Be Mindful Baby High Chair does not have an adjustable footrest, but it does convert from a high chair into a different chair style that is more suitable for older children. This chair comes with removable straps that some users say come away from the chair too easily.

This chair is suitable for children between the ages of 5 months and ten years old but when in chair form it is not going to be ideal for adults or older children. The high chair converts to a "craft chair" with a seat height 15" from the ground.

This chair is easy to assemble and features a sleek design that would look nice in any home. The feet are covered with hard plastic to help protect floors, and the high chair features a plastic molded seat that is easy to clean.

This chair has a distinctively different design but is an appropriate comparison for this Stokke high chair review given that it uses comparable materials, features a Scandinavian design, and has a long useful life.

All of these features are included at a lower price than the Stokke high chair, and this product also comes with a few accessories such as the tray table and a free cushion.

Heartwood Adjustable Wooden High Chair

The Heartwood Adjustable wooden high chair is the closest to the Stokke chair in terms of looks, but it lacks accessories or a strap for use with smaller children. Therefore, this chair is best for older kids who don't need to be strapped in and merely need to be seated higher at the table.

This chair comes in nine colors and has a seat and footrest that are both highly adjustable. This chair is made from birch plywood which has a similar appearance to the Stokke chair but features a solid back. Additional padding is available for this chair and can be purchased separately for $25.

The total weight of this chair is 18.5 pounds, which is only a few pounds heavier than the Stokke chair. This chair also has fourteen levels of adjustment with the highest seat position being 24 inches above floor level.

One thing that is concerning about this chair is that the company is not upfront about their warranty policy on this product and it has not been available for purchase online long enough for customers to have inquired about the warranty due to a defective product.

Keekaroo Height Right High Chair

The Keekaroo Height Right high chair comes with a 5-year warranty which is less than the 7-year warranty provided by Stokke. The design of the chair from Keekaroo is close to the Tripp Trapp high chair with a few key design differences in the base and backrest.

This chair has a 3-point belt that is suitable for older children whereas the Stokke has a 5-point harness that is enough for babies that have outgrown the infant insert. This chair may be made from more sustainable materials, but it is unclear if toxic substances were used to make it.

This chair also has a total weight capacity at 250 pounds which means this chair can easily grow with your child for many years. This chair is suitable for children who are at least six months old, and it is JPMA certified.

Stoke High Chair Pros and Cons

When researching high chairs for this Stokke high chair review, we came across several products offered by competitors for similar or slightly lower prices and many of them are not subtle about copying the Stokke design. After careful review here is our list of pros and cons regarding the Stokke high chair.


  • Suitable for infants and can be used for individuals up to 247 pounds.
  • Highly adjustable seat and footrest
  • Accessories sold separately, so you buy only what you need
  • Available in numerous colors and natural wood finishes
  • Made from sustainable and non-toxic materials
  • Sleek and innovative design blends into home decor
  • Easy to clean and durable
  • Toddlers can quickly get themselves in and out of this chair safely


  • One of the more expensive high chairs available
  • New accessories are not compatible with chairs produced before 2008
  • Older kids may be able to tip this chair over by standing on the footrest
  • Sticker on the backrest is difficult to remove


The Stokke high chair is an excellent option for those that need a high chair but also want an item that blends into the decor in their home. While many high chairs are made from plastic and occasionally a small amount of metal, the Stokke high chair is made from wood and comes with a baby insert.

The innovative design of the Stokke chair and color options make it a great choice as a high chair but also ensures that you’ll want to keep it around. The entire unit is highly adjustable, easy to clean, and made from non-toxic materials.

Parents and children alike love that toddlers can get themselves in and out of this high chair safely, and the design features a small footprint. Many other high chairs feature legs that splay outwards and cause a tripping hazard, but the Stokke is compact.

The only real drawback to this chair is the price tag, which can be a bit hefty compared to other chairs. Fortunately, the lifespan of this high chair arguably makes it worth the investment if you plan to keep it around for several years. The weight limit for this chair is over 240 pounds which means that many adults can also use this chair.

It's also important to note that the Stokke company is very upfront about the materials that they use to make their products and they don’t try to hide information about whether those materials are non-toxic or if harmful products are used during manufacturing. The Stokke high chair meets rigorous safety standards set by JPMA and ASTM which many other products cannot claim.

This high chair is also super easy to clean and doesn’t feature any tiny nooks or crannies for food or liquids to hide. Many other high chairs have seams where materials meet and these can be a catch-all for food particles and therefore mold and bacteria. The Stokke high chair can be wiped down entirely and doesn’t have any cracks that can’t be reached.

The Stokke company also offers a generous 7-year warranty on their products which will allow you to use this chair for an extended period knowing that if there are faults, the company will stand behind their product.

During our research, it was challenging to find warranty information for many of the high chairs available, and many brands didn't seem to have one at all despite the high prices of their high chairs. 

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