Reusable baby food pouches: Best way to feed on the go

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April 14, 2023
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If you have been baby food shopping recently then chances are that you will have come across baby food pouches amongst the usual jars of baby food.

For those of you staring at me with a blank face:

On the same page now? Good. Moving on.

Baby food pouches are perfect for traveling. You can throw them into the bottom of your diaper bag and pull them out whenever your little one is hungry; whether it’s at the shops, in the park or even in the middle of a car ride (no need to pull over just to feed your hungry baby).

Yep; a pouch will allow your baby to feed himself with a simple squeeze. With pouches; you will no longer have to sit yourself down for another difficult spoon feeding session.

Because the pouches are a small size you will easily be able to fit them into lunchboxes, diaper bags, even jacket pockets!

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As you can see, there are a lot of advantages to baby food pouches. Unfortunately it’s not all sunshine and unicorn farts (I imagine these are rainbows).

There are two major problems with pouches you buy from your baby food aisle:

  1. You have to choose from the limited flavors available, many of which use questionable ingredients.
  2. Pouches are more expensive than glass jars and cannot be reused; making each feeding time a pricy experience.

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That’s where a reusable baby food pouch comes in, and so does the sunshine and unicorn farts (see; I told you they are rainbows).

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Reusable baby food pouches solve both the problems that come with the disposable kind.

My favorite thing about reusable baby pouches is that you can make your own baby food puree and scoop it inside. This allows you to prepare your baby a wholesome meal and take it with you wherever you go. If you're planning to feed your baby at home, it's also very efficient to freeze baby food in an ice cube tray for later use.

Reusable food pouches also save you money. Since each pouch can be washed and reused many times over, you will not need be constantly stocking up on pre-filled pouches from the grocery store.

So how do reusable food pouches work?

It’s as simple as: Fill, feed and wash

reusable baby food pouched being filled eaten and washed
  1. Fill - Fill your pouch with yummy home made baby food
  2. Feed - Give your baby the pouch for some hands off feeding
  3. Wash - Wash any remaining food from the pouch and leave to dry

Yep; refillable pouches are actually that simple to use.

Now as you start to shop around for a reusable pouch you may have noticed that there are two different types; side spout and top spout:

Side Spout - These pouches fill from the top and have the spout on the side. Side spouts can be somewhat difficult to wash out and come with a learning curve for your baby (they have to hold the pouch differently to a baby bottle).

Top Spout - These pouches are filled from the bottom and are incredibly easy to clean. Water flows in the bottom and out the spout, taking with it any left over baby food.

What to look for in a reusable baby food pouch

There are three main features you should consider before deciding if a reusable baby food pouch is right for you:

  1. The right size - You want a single pouch to be big enough to fill your hungry baby. Remember, your infant will eat much less than your hungry toddler.
nutrients food

What to look for - Reusable pouches come in sizes ranging from 3 oz to 7 oz. If you want to future proof your pouch, buy a larger size and half fill the pouch while your baby is younger.

  1. Easy to clean - The quicker you can wash your baby’s food pouch, the more time you have for other things. It’s that simple.What to look for - Pouches with a with wide opening will allow you to easily scrub away any left over baby food hiding inside. Even better; some pouches are dishwasher safe, allowing you to clean them with the press of a button.
  2. Freezer Friendly - If you are like me then you will prepare baby food in bulk and throw it in the freezer. A freezer safe food pouch will allow you to fill up multiple food pouches and store them on ice until needed.What to look for - A food pouch will clearly indicate whether it is freezer safe or not. If there is no mention of the pouch being freezer safe then it is best to assume that it isn’t.
  3. Free from nasties - BPA, PVC, phthalates; these are all things you don’t want inside your baby’s pouch. These nasty things can be absorbed into your baby’s food and may lead to serious medical conditionsWhat to look for - Baby food pouches will very clearly indicate if they are BPA, PVC and phthalates. As always, if it isn’t mentioned then it’s better to be safe and assume the pouch does contain them.

It’s now time to take a look at:

The best reusable baby food pouches

These baby food pouches outshine their competitors and are considered the best on the market.

If you are looking to jump first into the world of reusable pouches then you could not go wrong with any of the following options.

I will start out with my favorite baby food pouch:

Nature’s Little Squeeze Reusable Food Pouch

I currently use this pouch at home and can honestly say that it is just about perfect.

My biggest fear with reusable pouches is that they will leak in the bottom of my diaper bag and become a huge mess that I have to worry about. These reusable pouches have a double zipper (the part that seals the bag closed) which means that even if one does fail (and that’s highly unlikely), your baby food will not leak.

If you flip the pouch over you will see a clear window allowing you to determine which flavor of baby food is inside. This is a lovely feature as I make multiple types of baby foods at once and load them in the freezer. No guessing as to what is inside each pouch.

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I get an average of 80 uses out of each pouch before it get’s so old that it needs to be thrown in the trash.

As you would expect from any great pouch, they are dishwasher friendly, free from nasties like BPA and PVC and even work with the Infantino Squeeze Station.

For the price you get 6 of these unbeatable pouches. It’s a great deal. Each pouch holds up to 6 oz, ideal for even the hungriest of babies.

Another great reusable pouch is the:

Little Green Pouch Squeezable

These were the pouches I used with my first child and I was a huge fan. Unfortunately my second child had trouble using the side spout, and we swapped over to my new favorite that I covered above.

It appears my second child was in the minority as many parents sing praises for this reusable pouch and with good reason, it rocks!

The pouches are super easy to fill, even without a squeezing station (I simply spooned baby food inside). I got an average of 70 uses out of each pouch before it started to fall apart. Not Bad at all.

As you would expect, the pouch is dishwasher safe, BPA, PVC and phthalates free and easy to clean.

Available in a pack of 4, this is currently the most popular reusable baby food pouch on Amazon.

Pouches are all well and good, but what if you wanted a more permanent pouch?

That’s where this silicone bottle comes in:

Squeasy Snacker Silicone Reusable Food Pouch

I use this pouch in addition to the previous ones. While I use the other pouches to mass freeze baby food; I use this one if I want to take some yoghurt or applesauce with me on a day out. You know, foods that I don’t want to freeze.

This pouch can easily hold purees or liquids, something that the other food pouches simply cannot do.

If your baby squeezes pouches and the food goes everywhere then this may just be the pouch you have been searching for. Babies have to suck out the food or drink in order for it to flow.

Like with all my other recommendations this food pouch is freezable, dishwasher safe and free from nasty things like BPA, PVC and phthalates.


If you find yourself constantly feeding your baby away from home then I simply cannot recommend a reusable baby food pouch enough.

Try them out, you will be hooked!

You know the drill: Leave me any questions, wisdom, love or hate in the comments below and as always . . .
Stay awesome!

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