The Parent Guide Podcast Episode 3: Stay-At-Home Dad

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Jess Miller
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April 4, 2023

On our third installment of the Parent Guide Podcast, we discuss the topic of being a stay-at-home parent, specifically as a dad.

Our guest, Chuck, delves into the life changes he had to make for his family. He quit his job to become a stay-at-home dad. Chuck talks about the great memories he had with his 2 daughters, and he probably would never have experienced them if he wasn’t a stay-at-home dad. 

Chuck mentions that the changes were hard. He had been working a steady job for 18 years. Along with this, for the beginning of his daughters’ lives, they were raised by an amazing and talented grandmother that they loved a lot. In other words, Chuck had big shoes to fill. Chuck had to leave a lot behind. Working was all he knew, and he went through a stage of depression shortly after he left his job. Despite it all, Chuck said he was determined to be the best possible stay-at-home dad he could be for his daughters.

And within a short period of time, Chuck was firing on all cylinders as a dad. He was waking up early, getting the kids ready, feeding them, taking them school, taking them their activities and sports, driving them to friends’ houses, and anything else the family needed. Chuck mentions that raising any family takes lots of organization, and he played a big role in that being a stay-at-home dad.

“The one thing I can say that I really do know is my daughters look back at it, and they really appreciate it. Because I was the dad that would pick up the friends, and take their friends somewhere. And they could always do something because I was there for them.”

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