Best Electric Breast Pumps: Expert Buyers Guide and Reviews

Quite a few moms need to use an electric breast pump to produce and store milk for their babies. For these moms, breastfeeding may not be practical, and using powdered milk won’t provide enough nutrition for their babies. There are two types of breast pumps a new mother can use- manual or electric. Both pumps have their advantages and disadvantages. Electric pumps […]

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Parent Guide Podcast Episode 6: Santa & Christmas

In today’s Christmas Special podcast, we talk about Christmas and Santa with the holiday just around the corner. We are joined by our guest, Andrew, a father of 2 daughters.  A lot of parents tell their kids about Santa and will playfully help them write letters to him, and stock presents under the tree addressed […]

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The Parent Guide Podcast Episode 5: Parenting Stigmas

In our fifth episode of the Parent Guide Podcast, are joined with Jozlyn, a mom of 4. In this installment of our episodic podcast, we delve into stigmas about parenting. Jozyln’s first kid was an unexpected one. She said that she never really enjoyed babysitting, and she never thought that she would love parenting. Her […]

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The Parent Guide Podcast Episode 4: Parenting Young

In our fourth installment of the Parent Guide Podcast, we are joined by Courtni, a mom of 1 daughter, to talk about parenting young. In our discussion, we delve into her life story about having a child at 21 years old, still pursuing her dreams and goals, and raising a child that loves herself and […]

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The Parent Guide Podcast Episode 3: Stay-At-Home Dad

On our third installment of the Parent Guide Podcast, we discuss the topic of being a stay-at-home parent, specifically as a dad. Our guest, Chuck, delves into the life changes he had to make for his family. He quit his job to become a stay-at-home dad. Chuck talks about the great memories he had with […]

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The Parent Guide Podcast Episode 2: Parenting Teens

In our second installment of the Parent Guide Podcast, we join with Sherry, a mom of 2, to talk about parenting teens. Sherry has two boys, 17 and 21. Sherry says that she always tells her kids as they’re walking out the door that “You know how to make good choices.” She goes on to […]

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8 Actually Easy Elf on The Shelf Ideas For The Busy Family This Christmas

December is about to be upon us and to parents of toddlers and young children everywhere which means one thing, it’s time for the elf on the shelf to make a reappearance. Parents everywhere are most likely groaning as they read this article because let’s face it, elf on the shelf can be a huge […]

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The Parent Guide Podcast Episode 1: Positive Discipline

This is the first installment of the Parent Guide Podcast. This is an outlet where we interview all kinds of parents with all different age groups. Each week we tackle a different topic, and a parent will be invited on to our episode to share their experiences and advice pertaining to that topic. In this […]

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