How to Store and Organize Your Kids Bath Toys

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February 27, 2023

Bath toy storage is a fantastic way to keep your bathroom neat and tidy . If your child plays with toys splashing around in the bath tub then you will definitely need a place to store them.

There are so many different types of bath toy storage options available, each claiming it is better than the next. How do you determine what type of bath toy storage is best for you?

I have created a super detailed guide that will provide you with all the information you need to find the perfect bath toy storage. Once you have finished reading this guide you will be a bath toy storage expert.

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With the introduction out of the way, lets jump right into it.

Why you need bath toy storage

Many parents use bath toys as a way to “bribe” their child or baby into having a bath. While it may be adorable watching your little baby splash about with his favorite toys, there comes a problem when the last of the water drains from the bathtub. What do you do with the bath toys?

Bath toys are one of those things that need to stay in the bathroom. Not only for easy access during bath time, but also because they need to dry out when bath time is over, you don’t want water all over your carpet after all.

Now if you were to put bath toys in a regular storage box or bucket; water would pool and you run the risk of mold and mildew forming. In addition to providing a handy place to hold bath toys, purpose made bath toy storage has plenty of ventilation to allow water to drain off the toys and allow air to circulate and dry them.

The different types of bath toy storage

There are many different types of bath toy storage options available. To give you a general understanding of what is out there, I will quickly cover the most common bath to storage solutions.

The Scoop and Store

When bath time is over, use a scoop to collect all the bath toys from the water. The scoop doubles as storage for the toys, either connecting straight to your tiled wall by suction cup or to a mounted base station.

Scoops are popular among parents with lots of bath toys as it makes removing toys from the water an incredibly simple task.

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Storage Net

Similar to a fishing net, this bath toy storage option allows water to easily drain. Due to the open weave, air can easily circulate around wet bath toys, allowing them to quickly dry.

These bath toy organizers can either be made up of a loose fishing net style weave or a mesh material with much smaller holes.

Bath Toy Storage Basket

Essentially a basket with holes for water to drain out. Baskets can either come wall mounted or sit directly on your bathroom floor.

Baskets are the least popular among bath toy storage devices. Due to their construction, it is more difficult for air to circulate and dry your baby toys.

What to look for when comparing bath toy storage

Now that you have a rough idea of the different storage options available, lets take a look at the different features you will need to take into consideration when buying something to hold your kid’s bath toys.

Drainage and Airflow

The base of the bath toy organizer should feature many small holes, allowing water to quickly and easily leave the storage unit. Holes not only let water out but also allow air to freely circulate around the bath toys, allowing them to quickly dry.

Proper drainage and air circulation are absolutely vital in a bath toy organizer. Without these two features your bath toys will remain damp, providing the perfect environment for mold and mildew to form.

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baby inside white bathtub

What is the texture of your tiles?

Unfortunately if you have textured or porous tiles then you will be unable to you a suction cup bath toy organizer. Suction cups are designed to stick to completely flat, non-porous tiles.

Run your hand along your bath tiles. They should feel shiny and smooth. If this is the case, suction cup organizers will stick to your tiles. If the tiles feel slightly grainy or bumpy, suction cups will cause you no end of grief.

Storage capacity

While this may seem like common sense, the primary purpose of a bath toy holder is to hold, your guessed it, bath toys. Surprisingly, there are many bath toy storage options available that can only hold an extremely limited amount of toys. Determine the space that your baby’s bath toys will take up before choosing storage to hold them.

How easy is it to remove bath toys?

Some bath toy storage options are so poorly designed that bath toys actually get stuck inside them. Imagine trying to empty the bath toys into the tub only to have them get caught inside the container. Frustrating!

You can also help prevent bath toys from becoming stuck. Simply avoid cramming bath toys into the organizer so tightly that they wedge in there. If you need more space for toys, buy a bigger organizer.

baby colorful duck toys

The image above is an example of storage that will catch onto toys. The big holes in the net will catch onto any pieces that protrude from bath toys, making them difficult to remove. If you are looking for a net style bath toy organizer, look for a finer weave that resembles a tightly knit mesh.

Look for areas in other bath toy holders that may pose a similar problem. There is nothing more frustrating than poor design.

The Best Bath Toy Organizers

Now that you know what to look for when shopping around for your new bath toy storage device, lets take a look at some of the more popular models among parents.

Bath Toy Net Organizer

Style: Light Blue, Dark Blue, Pink, White

Brand: Toyganizer

  • Lots of room for toys
  • Heavy duty suction cups
  • Superior air flow
  • thumbs-upMoney Back Guarantee

After using quite a few different brands of bath toy organizers, this one is hands down my favorite. In my opinion there is nothing better than a giant net to store bath toys in. There is nowhere water can pool and air can easily circulate around your bath toys.

Suction cups are a major gripe of mine. Suction cups can be the difference between a great product and a terrible product. Fortunately, the suction cups found on this bath toy organizer are remarkably high quality. I had no problems with the organizer sticking to my tiles, even when loaded full of wet toys.

Now this is something I like to see, a company stand behind it’s product. Toyganizer offers a 100% money back guarantee on this bath toy storage net. Don’t like it? Doesn’t suit your purpose? Send it back. You have nothing to lose.

In my opinion this is the best bath toy storage organizer available.

Bath Toy Storage And Divider

Style: As pictured

Brand: Kidco

  • Adjustable length
  • Easy to detach and move
  • Easy to clean
  • thumbs-upAlso fits clawfoot tubs

This is one product that definitely chooses function over form. While it may not be pretty to look at, the storage basket by KidCo makes for a fantastic bath toy holder.

This organizer sits across the length of your bath tub. Adjustable sizing allows the organizer to fit just about every style of oval shaped bath tub available.

The organizer contains two compartments. One large section for the bath toys and another for storing bathing equipment such as shampoo or soap.

The one downside to this organizer is that the container will have to be pushed to the rear of the bath tub in order for the shower curtain to easily close.

Whale Bath Toy Station

Style: Frog and lady bug variations also available

Brand: Boon

  • Two mounting options
  • Fun design
  • Shelf for soaps
  • thumbs-upScoop for bath toys

This wall mounted bath toy holder is actually made up of two separate parts. A wall shelf that can hold shampoos and soap and a bath scoop that can detach from the shelf to collect toys once bath time is over.

Once you have used the scoop to collect all the bath toys from the water, simply reattach the scoop to the shelf. Holes in the side of the scoop allow water to easily drain when upright.

This bath toy holder can be hardware mounted or, for those of you looking for a less permanent solution, held up with the adhesive strips included n the pack.

Shower Rod Bath Toy Caddy

Style: As pictured

Brand: Maytex

  • Six mesh pockets
  • Rust proof grommets
  • Machine washable
  • thumbs-upHangs from shower rod

While it may not be designed for bath toys in particular, this shower caddy is actually great for storing your little baby’s favorite bath toys.

Suspended from your shower rod, this bath toy organizer features six pockets that can hold bath toys, soap, shampoo, whatever you like!

One thing I absolutely love about using this as a bath toy organizer is that it is machine washable. If soap starts to build up, simply throw it through the wash.

Free bath storage alternatives

If you do not want to rush out and buy a purpose made bath toy organizer then you may be able to achieve the same goal using objects you already have around your home.

Dish Rack

Dish racks are designed to dry your dishes. The good news is that a dish rack is just as effective at drying bath toys. An effective and cost efficient solution to buying a bath toy organizer, just be sure to avoid using metal dish racks, which may leave rust stains that are a huge pain to clean up. Instead, stick to plastic.


This handy kitchen device is not only perfect for draining your pasta but is also a perfectly functional bath toy holder. The holes in the base allow water to easily drain and for air to circulate to help the bath toys dry. Just like the dish racks, try to avoid using colanders made from metal.

Peg Basket

A plastic peg basket not only has holes to allow water to drain but most also come with a handle that can easily be suspended from your faucet or shower caddy. Perfect for smaller bath toys.

Make Your Own Bath Toy Storage

If you are feeling crafty or just plain frugal then you will be happy to know that there are numerous options available to make your own bath toy storage.

Create your own bath toy bag with this easy to follow guide. Gorgeous pictures and simple instructions.

A simple to make mesh bath toy bag that looks like it was store bought. Requires suction cups.

Don’t like sewing? Try this effective bath toy storage solution that can simply be pieced together from an expansion rod and baskets. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for a lovely photo.

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