Best Bath Spout Covers to Protect Your Baby’s Head

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Jess Miller
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April 16, 2023

It happens every bath time. My little baby turns into Spiderman Junior. Standing up in the tub, climbing on the sides of the bath tub and hanging off the bath spout.

And as my role as bath-time life guard, perched atop my bath kneeler, it is my job to keep my little climber safe.

Who knew that baby proofing your bathtub would be a full-time job?

Let’s face it, the bathtub isn’t exactly soft and friendly. If your baby falls over, he can expect a bruise at the very least. Or worse… A trip to the emergency room for stitches.

But there is one piece of your bath that is more dangerous than all the others. I am talking about your bath spout. It sticks out of the wall and is just asking for your baby to stumble into it.

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Best bath spout cover - Skip Hop Moby
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And the worst part? Because your clever little baby knows that this is where the water comes from, it will surely grab his attention. My bath spout is like a baby magnet – Despite being literally covered in bath toys, the spout is what he chooses to play with.

Can you imagine if this were to happen to your baby? I have lost count of the number of times my little one has bumped his head on the spout. His favorite game is to look up the spout hole (trying to find the flowing water) then bump his head when he looks elsewhere.

So for my clumsy baby, a  was the answer to my prayers. A bath spout cover made from a soft rubber that slides over your bath spout, cushioning your baby’s head in the event of a fall. Even you don’t take your eye off your baby during bath time, a fall can happen in the blink of an eye. And a bath spout cover offers peace of mind.

Best bath spout cover - Skip Hop Moby

When it came to spout covers, no brand came close to the Skip Hop Moby Spout Cover. It’s adorable yet practical whale design with a bunch of hidden features, and ability to fit a wide range of tub spouts makes it my top pick when it comes to spout covers.

The Moby Spout Cover is made from a tough rubber that is soft enough to cushion your baby’s delicate head in the event of a tumble. The cover secures to your spout with an adjustable strap, which is actually the whale’s fins. This allows it to fit most sized spouts. But as one reviewer points out, it would be a struggle for this spout cover to fit a spigot measuring in excess of 7-3/4” in circumference.

Skip Hop Moby Spout Cover Adjustable Fin Strap

While it may look simple, the strap secured the spout cover well enough that even my determined baby could not wiggle it off. The whale’s blowhole at the top serves a second purpose, it allows your shower diverter to poke through the top for easy access. Great for those of you with a bathtub that doubles as a shower!

But even if you don’t have a drain diverter, the Moby Spout Cover will stay in place without it. While I haven’t had any problems with mold or mildew, I have been thankful for the ability to toss this spout cover through the dishwasher – top rack, of course! My little one likes to lather the whale up in suds, just like mommy does to him.

Unlike mommy’s efforts though, the baby doesn’t wash down the spout cover. And if I forget to do it, the cover starts to feel slimy. One trip through the dishwasher fixes that problem.

Skip Hop Moby Bath SPout Cover Over Spigot

I particularly liked that the Skip Hop Moby Spout Cover is free from nasties like BPA, Phthalates and PVC. Especially since I have caught my baby chewing the cover on more than one occasion.

If you are like me, you probably won’t like the soulless whale eyes staring at your naked body while you shower. I find myself having to remove it each time I shower. Fortunately, the whale’s tail doubles as a hanger for the spout cover; allowing you to hang it on your towel rail or shower rod.

Skip Hop Moby bath Spout Cover hanging by tail on towel rail

And best of all, they have an entire matching range of products to go with it, from whale drain stoppers to baby rinsers. I am guilty of buying a whole matching set. If all you want is a great spout cover to protect your baby’s noggin then you really can’t go past the Moby Spout Cover by Skip Hop. Highly recommended.

Other bathtub spout cover reviews

Munchkin Bubble Beak Bath Spout Cover – Another strong performing spout cover in the shape of a cute yellow duck. You can even add bubble bath mixture to the beak to dispense it through the bath. Also highly recommended.

Boon Bath Spout Cover – I ordinarily love Boon products, in particular, their bottle drying rack but their spout cover fell short. The soap dispenser proved to be a gimmick and the spout cover was easily removed by my little one.

Puj Snug Elephant Bath Spout Cover – The Puj flex fit allows the bath spout cover to slide on as easy as it slides off. My little one had the elephant-shaped spout cover off in seconds. I wouldn't recommend this one.

Nuby Hippo Spout Guard – One of the cutest spout covers I have come across. When installed it looks like water is flowing out of the hippo’s mouth or nose. But again, it was too easy to remove and I found that water also leaked out the backside. Does not allow access to your shower diverter. I would not recommend.

Do you use a spout cover to keep your baby safe in the tub? Let me know in the comments below!

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