7 Family Travel Packages for You: Time to Plan Your 2021 Trip!

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April 16, 2023

The time has come to shake off the remains of pandemic-related isolation and rejoin the world. It is often a challenge to coordinate travel and hotel with so many places to visit while ensuring you have time to visit your favorite cities with your family. Therefore, you need family travel packages.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options for tours that allow you and your family to get out of your house and on the road.

Plus, these tour packages take the guesswork out of your summer travel plans.

National Treasures

Kids enjoying one of many family travel packages at the Grand Canyon

If you plan to travel with small children of various ages, consider the outdoor adventures of National Parks. The Grand Canyon and More Tour is for those who want an in-depth experience without all the planning.

The tour starts in Las Vegas. However, there are family-friendly events on the Strip and surrounding area.

For instance, Vegas has indoor go-cart racing, a family-friendly comedy theater at Planet Hollywood, and museums.

Also, there is an Aventuredome Theme park behind Circus Circus that is sure to please the whole crowd, no matter their age.

Your next stop is Zion National Park for the day before stopping for the night. Zion National Park includes sandstone cliffs and narrow canyons. It is a fantastic place to visit if you like hiking and climbing.

The next day includes visiting canyons, valleys, and a visit to the Navajo land.

After traveling through the Painted Desert, you end at the Grand Canyon for a helicopter ride before heading back to Las Vegas.

Family Travel Packages: Heading South for the Summer

Tour busses in New Orleans

If your family is in the mood for southern charm, food, and jazz music, the Southern Stars family travel package is for you.

You might consider this trip for older children and teens.

However, having traveled ourselves to these cities with small children, we can assure you it is possible.

The journey begins in New Orleans, where all southern tours should. You arrive and have a fantastic creole meal and drink in the charm and oozing hospitality that is New Orleans.

Next, you spend two nights here, and the second day includes a walking tour of the French Quarter.

You have free time on this second day, and we advise you to take in a local walking tour or two. The tour guides in the city are licensed experts in New Orleans lore, and we can confirm every tour we have ever been on was a delight.

Leaving New Orleans means you are heading to Memphis next, and you will not be disappointed with the food, music, and other possibilities Memphis has to offer.

Your time in Memphis includes some solo time, if you can fit it in between the downtown area, the zoo, museums, and anything else you want to squeeze in for you and your family.

Part of your tour includes a stop to Graceland and a visit to the Civil Rights Museum.

Your next stop after leaving Memphis is Lynchburg to visit the Jack Daniel’s Distillery before settling in the Great Smokey Mountains for the night.

The next day is free for you to individualize your trip with family adventures. Between the natural beauty of the area and all the outdoor adventures, it has to offer. Consider ziplining, hiking, or even horseback riding.

The last leg of your Southern Stars tour is in Atlanta, Georgia, where the tour ends.

However, the tour ending does not mean your family trip has to. Consider spending the day prowling all Atlanta has to offer.

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Family Travel Packages: Surf's Up

The Golden Gate Bridge

If visiting California is on your family's vacation bucket list, then the eight-day California Dreaming family travel package is sure to meet the needs of your entire family. Ideally, though, this trip might prove suitable for older children and teens.

The trip begins in San Francisco before moving on to visit ancient redwood trees.

Next, the tour takes you to Sonoma for some wine tasting. Because of this, you might consider going if and when your children are more self-sufficient so adults can focus on all the wine tours.

That night is spent in the area surrounded by redwoods.

The following leg of your journey includes Bass Lake near Yosemite National Park. There is a tremendous array of outdoor activities, so if you and your family members are the outdoor adventure types, you will be in heaven.

You do have an opportunity to explore Yosemite on this trip. If you get a chance, make hiking up to Yosemite Falls on the top of your to-do list.

If you can pry yourself away from Half-Dome, your next stop is Palm Springs. The local lodging includes a lot of pool time and sunshine, as well as pool parties.

The last part of the trip has you in Santa Monika, where you can spend the day at the beach or soaking up everything else Santa Monica has to offer.

Before the trip ends, tour members meet for dinner.

San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle, Oh, My!

The Seattle skyline, which you can see with various family travel packages

While this eight-day tour does not visit many places, it sure gives you time to invest in three different cities.

This tour is suitable for all ages, and with so much to do, everyone will find something special about this option of the family travel packages.

You begin the tour in San Francisco at the Mission District to take in some local art. The rest of your day is free to invest in your family's interests.

Keep in mind, San Francisco is very hilly, so if you plan to travel with small children or those with mobility issues, consider planning for transportation. There is public transportation as well as several options for ordering rides.

After two nights in San Francisco, you head to Portland, Oregon. While visiting, you can expect a tour of the city as well as stops for snacks. The next day includes a beach and coast experience, as well as a night out by yourself. Portland is very laid back, so expect time to relax.

Next on your list is a trip to Seattle, Washington by train to experience the Emerald City as authentically as possible. Make sure you take time to visit Pikes Place Market and the Puget Sound during your visit before the tour ends!

The Big Apple

The Empire State Building, which you can see in many of the family travel packages available in New York

If you need a one-stop destination with plenty to do, consider a trip to New York and putting together travel packages and tours that suit your style and family needs.

There is enough to do in New York that your whole family can keep busy. However, planning ahead for some tours will help with navigating the area.

For instance, consider a hop on and hop off tour bus. There are several from which to choose.

For instance, the All-Around Tour includes 48 stops and covers both up and downtown and Brooklyn. The buses are double-decker style and have open tops for maximum viewing.

This type of service takes the pain out of traveling with small children who do not appreciate hours of walking.

If you are staying in Manhattan, some tours offer a several-hour tour as well as a Skyline tour. This tour is a fantastic way to get the lay of the land so you can prioritize your exploring afterward.

Furthermore, Worldwide City Sightseeing offers site-specific tours, including the Empire State Building, the Wax Museum, and Ferry Cruises.

However, if you want a New York family travel experience and wish not to plan, consider the New York Uncovered Trip for all or part of your trip.

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Simply the Best

A Volkeswagon van on a cross country road trip

If you cannot decide which coast to visit for your family tour package, consider the Best of the USA so you can hop, skip, and jump around the country.

This tour might be ideal for older children unless your younger kids are great about flying and adjusting to multiple hotels and cities.

This tour begins in Los Angeles. After a tour of the city and beaches and dinner, you spend the night locally before having a day to plan for you and your family.

From Los Angeles, you head to Las Vegas. You have VIP club access, but if you travel with younger kids, consider finding alternative events. We mention options for Las Vegas above.

You do spend two additional days in Vegas, where you can take your family to the many museums the city has to offer. Also, consider a side trip to the Grand Canyon. There are helicopter tours of the Grand Canyon out of Vegas.

The next stop is Miami, where you can bring the kids to the beach and tour the area. You spend three days in Miami with a mix of free time and planned guided tours.

When you leave Miami, you head to New York City for a few days. The New York stop is also a mix of guided tours and free time.

Don't worry about transportation because the Big Apple has a wide variety of public and private transportation. Plus, the city is remarkably walkable.

Family Travel Packages: You Can Do It

The city of Philadelphia

If you want to plan your trip partially but still want the benefit of family travel packages, consider piecing together more than one package.

For instance, if you would like to visit Philadelphia and New York, this DIY setup handles everything while still leaving you wiggle room.

Having some wiggle room in your planning gives you the opportunity to make plans tailored to the ages, needs, and wants of your children. This option is especially helpful when you have a variety of ages to which to cater.


In this package deal, you first need lodging in Philadelphia, assuming this is where you wish to begin. If you prefer to start in Washington DC, use the links below.

It is essential to review the hotel listings to ensure you have access to public transportation. Also, you want to ensure the hotel is near the events or monuments you desire to make a part of your vacation.

While in Philadelphia, consider some local tour packages. For instance, the Hop-On Hop-Off Philadelphia tour gives you 28 different stops around the city.

With this pass, you can visit places such as Chinatown, the Liberty Bell, and several museums and memorials. What is fantastic is you can hop off whenever you get close to a place you would prefer to visit. When you finish, you just hop right back on again to head to the next place.

You might also consider Franklin's Footsteps Walking Tour or even a  guided tour at the Philadelphia Zoo.

Washington D.C

Once your family takes in all the sites local in Philadelphia, it is time to hop on the train to Washington DC. The trains take less than two hours, and the one-way ticket is typically quite affordable.

Once you arrive, you can head to your accommodations. Again, ideally, choose a hotel that keeps you close to the local sites and has access to public transportation.

While in Washington DC, you can build your package to include tours suited to your family.

For instance, consider the Hop-On Hop-Off service that includes a wide variety of stops throughout the area.

You might consider evening tours of the city or monuments or a Mount Vernon Cruise, which includes George Washington's home.

There is so much to do and see in DC, but don't forget to take in some downtime to relax.

Family Travel Packages: And Away We Go

Because of COVID and pandemic-related distancing, this summer is looking like a fantastic time to head out on an adventure with the family.

However, many people wish to take their trip without having to do all the work of planning the trip.

Fortunately, several family travel packages meet the needs of families.

However, there are also options for those who want some leeway on where they go and stay but still want some relief from planning all the small details. Well, there are family travel packages for you, as well.

Where did you travel with your family this summer? Answer in the comments.

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