Chicco Bravo Stroller Review and Specifications

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April 4, 2023

The Chicco brand name remains a popular choice for many parents searching for a good lower to middle-tier baby stroller. The brand is known for the affordability and portability of their product. But how do their products hold up under scrutiny? Specifically, the Bravo model stroller?

The simplistic, but the streamlined design of the product seem good enough. But can we trust the reviews of enthusiastic buyers? We need a Chicco Bravo stroller review that will take an objective look at the product without any outside influences. Luckily, in this review, we will do just that.

In this Chicco Bravo stroller review, we will take a close look at the features the separate this product from other popular brands on the market. We will also compare it with some other best-selling strollers and provide a comprehensive pro and cons list. Let us get started!

What Are Chicco Bravo Strollers?

In terms of baby transportation devices, we believe that the Chicco Bravo stroller is comparable to a convertible crib in that it can adapt to your child as they grow. Unlike luxury brands like Bugaboo, which only caters to infants and toddlers, this brand called also supports growing children.

You can use either a car seat or a regular seat on the Chicco Bravo. Car seats buckle right from the car into the frame of the Chicco Bravo. Alternatively, you can use the seat version. When you finish with the device, then you remove the car seat and fold it into a portable, light version.

There are four different versions of the Chicco Bravo stroller, all with slightly different features. First, there is the original Chicco Bravo, then there is the Chicco Bravo Air, which comes with a breathable backrest made of smooth mesh material.

After the Air version, there is the Chicco Bravo LE stroller. If your child suffers from frequent sunburn, then this version is a good option since it comes with an extended visor on the canopy. It also features additional mesh padding and more storage space for parents.

Alternatively, if you want the luxury version of the stroller, then you can go with Bravo Primo. This version of the product features excellent treaded tires, as well as material made from beautiful Italian fabric. However, keep in mind that it does cost quite a bit more.

These strollers feature a seat with multiple reclining positions and a five-point lock harness system. Alternatively, you can remove the rear which allows a frame that will support car seats. This way you can transport newborn infants on the device, all the way up to older kids who weigh fifty pounds.

It also features a handlebar lock that can adjust into three different positions depending on the height of the person using it. On top of the handlebar is a tray that can hold two bottles and a phone or other small object.

Chicco Bravo Stroller Product Specifications

walk grandma adelka baby girl

The Chicco Bravo stroller weighs twenty-one pounds and comes with a dimension of fifteen inches by twenty-nine inches by thirty-six inches. It can hold up to fifty pounds, which means it can support small children, not just toddlers, and infants.

While every child grows at a different rate, this weight limit usually is around the five-year mark for most kids. So, around this age mark, you should begin weighing your child more frequently, so you know when they are too heavy for the stroller.

In terms of fabric material, the Chicco Bravo utilizes a cotton jacquard fabric that breathes well during hot weather. Speaking of warm weather, the stroller model also comes with a well-covered canopy that offers excellent UPF protection. Unfortunately, you do not get many options in terms of colors, or things like that.

How Much Do Chicco Bravo Strollers Cost?

As we mentioned, there are four different types of Bravo model Chicco strollers you can get, each with its own added features. The original Chicco Bravo and the Chicco Bravo Air costs two hundred and thirty dollars at retail value.

Alternatively, you can spend a little extra on the Chicco Bravo LE which costs two hundred and fifty dollars. If you feel like spending a lot of money on the top version of the Bravo, then you can look at the Chicco Bravo Primo which costs three hundred and fifty dollars.

How Chicco Bravo Strollers Compare With Other Brands

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In this section, we will compare the Chicco Bravo stroller with two other favorite best sellers. Accurately, we will examine the brand with the Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller and the BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller.

We make these comparisons so that we can determine both the strengths and weaknesses behind a stroller like the Chicco Bravo. We also make them, so you have some different buying options if you want to spend more or less on a stroller.

Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller

Messing with low-priced strollers can turn dangerous if you choose a cheap enough product. Luckily, there are still some great options out there. The Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller is our selection for a tremendous low-tier price option for families on a budget.

Ease of Use

Overall, people seem quite satisfied with how the Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience stroller handles. Customers report that it can feel steep terrains like cobblestones and dirt roads. Opening and closing the product for storage is also incredibly easy compared to some products which snap your fingers.

Build Quality

However, some people complain that the stroller falls too low to the ground. As such, taller individuals might not like it as much. It also comes with some quality control issues. While most people seemed satisfied with their purchase, some reported incidents like wheels falling off the stroller.

People also said that the customer service representative was impossible to deal with, so do not expect any returns on a busted product.


Unfortunately, the Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller does not come with a warranty.

BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller

We selected the  BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller as our luxury brand stroller since it costs more than the other two — but not by too much. It also features some excellent performance and reliability with a price tag that will not make your jaw hit the floor.

Ease of Use

As you can expect from the increased price tag, BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller offers an incredible amount of maneuverability when navigating paths, roads, or sidewalks. It feels almost effortless when you push it along, and on smooth services, it just glides. We love how this thing handles!

Packing the device up is also a piece of cake. Like the Chicco Bravo, it folds in on itself which saves a lot of space when you transport it from location to location.

Build Quality

The build quality of the BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller is also superior to a lot of product out there. The three included tires are all top quality. The only problem with the product is it does not come with handbrake.

Considering the company made this product for runners (and it can quickly gain speed if you are not careful), we believe they should have this feature standard on every stroller model.


Unfortunately, the BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller does not come with a warranty.

Chicco Bravo Strollers Pros and Cons

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One of the best aspects of the Chicco Bravo strollers is the portability of the devices. First off, the strollers can fold into themselves reducing their space in half. Second, the extremely lightweight nature of the product makes it ideal for vacations that might involve lugging it around for a while.

When you drag it in and out of the car, you also do not need to worry about wrapping your arms around it. The product comes with a convenient handle that pops right out of the seat. Another pro on our list is the maneuverability of the product. The stroller can handle tight corners and turns with ease.

We also really like the adjustable handlebars, which can quickly snap it a different position depending on the height of the person. There is nothing worse than when two parents switch roles pushing, and they need to struggle to adjust the size.

The affordable price of the stroller is another big plus. There are plenty of strollers that cost over twice as much as the Chicco Bravo and perform only half as well. However, the product’s price is not low for us to wonder whether or not the quality is questionable.

Unfortunately, the product is not perfect. One big issue that some customers experienced is a malfunctioning safety lock. The safety lock, which keeps the stroller from closing in on itself, will sometimes come undone during the use of the product.

When this situation occurs, the baby in the stroller can become trapped or injured by the snapping mechanism. While it is important to note that these seem like isolated incidents, it occurred enough for us to question the quality of the material used by the company.

As such if you notice any wiggliness at all when you clamp down on the safety device, then you should return your product immediately. Otherwise, the device could hurt your child. Also, another minor con is that sometimes the wheels on the Chicco Bravo strollers squeak after use.

Other people complain that the product does not provide children with enough comfort during transit. The straps used to secure children can be difficult getting on fidgeting kids. Also when a child falls asleep, they can hit their head on a metal bar which wakes them up.


  • Affordable price
  • Nice adjustable handlebars
  • Great maneuverability
  • Incredibly portable
  • Lightweight


  • Faulty locking mechanism
  • Cheap material
  • Hard to use straps
  • Uncomfortable for some children


Altogether, we do think the Chicco Bravo stroller is a reliable product. An overwhelming amount of customers express support of the stroller as a compromise between value and performance. However, we do think there are some warning signs people should know about before they commit themselves to buy it.

Clumsy individuals should steer clear of this product, or the sudden locking mechanism might pinch your finger hard. Also, parents with fussy children will likely get frustrated by the rough material or the delicate straps.

But, if you can forgive these flaws, then we think you will be satisfied with the product. We would recommend this product over plenty of cheaper models. We hope the Chicco Bravo stroller review helped you during your shopping process. Selecting a good stroller for your kid is no easy task. Often you must choose between a reasonable price or excellent performance. But, with this stroller, you do not need to choose. In our opinion, it combines the best of both worlds. Good luck shopping!

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