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March 28, 2023

Congratulations! You’ve come so far in your pregnancy since the early days of the first trimester.  No doubt you have been taking good care of your growing baby, and making sure everything is completely ready for your bundle of joy.  You are in the home stretch as you prepare for birth. It won’t be long until you hold that little one in your arms and your entire world changes.

However, to get there, you must first go through delivery and birth.  We know from experience that this feels like a gigantic unknown if you are a first time mama. While you simply can’t control how birth will happen or when, preparing is key.

We’ve got ya covered on how we prepared our own birth toolboxes, the best birth classes for each type of birth you want, how to recover during postpartum, and more!

We also included a work from home section here because we both changed careers after giving birth to our first babies. But you don’t need to wait, start looking into it now as you prepare to become a mother.  Set yourself up for a possible career change or side opportunity during your maternity leave (and beyond!)


This is the big moment! You welcome your baby into the world and become a mother. If you are a first time mom, it can seem like a lot to get ready for. While you can only truly choose birthday ‘wishes’ since birth is unpredictable and unique, these wishes will help guide you and your team to having birth progress as close to you envisioned it as possible.

How To Start?

The one thing that built our confidence most as we prepared for birth most were undoubtedly childbirth classes. Therefore, we have continued to learn about and research childbirth class options so you can utilize our reviews to find the perfect one for you.

You will also want to make sure to build a birth toolbox, have a birth plan and know how to get the most out of your hospital stay.

Online Childbirth Classes to Prepare for your Baby’s Birth
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Giving birth isn’t known as labor because it’s a walk in the park. It is actual work. Knowing what you can do to recover from birth is key. You want to care for your baby and feel good again ASAP.

Here you will find guides to recovering from birth during the first few weeks, how to get your body back, and other tips to transition from birth through the postpartum period into motherhood.

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Postpartum Recovery after Vaginal Birth
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For both of us, maternity leave never had to end because we were able to find amazing work from home opportunities.

Here we want to share these opportunities with you, mama! We both made it work in different ways and want to help other mamas find ways to earn money from home, just like we do.

The thing is, getting a start on this while you are nesting will have you earning money even faster.  Getting started on this while you have the extra time will give you such an advantage.

Imagine having a work at home gig streamlined and bringing in money before baby arrives to make that transition into mom life even easier.

We encourage you to get your wheels turning by learning about and considering some options as you approach baby’s due date.  This is especially important if finding a way to stay at home with baby longer than the typical maternity leave is important to you.

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