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February 18, 2023

Routine routine routine

Babies, like most people, like the expected. They like knowing what comes next. Get into a habit of feeding and bathing your baby at the same time each day. Schedule the babies naps so they are at the same period each day. Finally always put your baby to bed at the same time.

Developing a routine will help your baby learn when it is time for a full nights rest. You will need to be vigorous with this routine in order for it to become habit. It isn't easy and may require some sacrifice on your part but stay strong your baby sleeping for an eight hour block will be worth it.

Remember, the structure of the routine is what needs to stay the same. The pieces can change as you see fit as long as they are related. For example, if you read to your baby before bed then you can replace this with singing, cuddling or any other activity that promotes winding down to sleep.

Working mom routine

I'll be realistic, it isn't 1955 any more. Not every one who has a baby is a stay at home mom. People need to work to provide for the baby. For many the a strictly enforced routine simply is not practical.You can, however develop a routine during the limited time you do have.

Associate Director of Sleep Studies at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Jodi Mindell says "A bedtime routine can make a world of difference for both mother and child". She found that babies will sleep better with a simple routine before bed: a bath, a massage and some quiet bonding time". The process is as follows and will be elaborated on in later points.

  1. Give your baby a warm bath for a least five minutes
  2. Gently massage your baby for at least three minutes.
  3. Quiet time, cuddle or read to your baby
  4. Put your baby to bed no later than half an hour after the bath.

Moms who completed this routine over three weeks stated that their babies not only went to sleep quicker but also woke up less often during the night. Not bad for just 30 minutes of routine a day. As a working mother if you can have little wins like this with developing a routine then you will be much better off.

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