101 Ways To Promote Your Mommy Blog

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May 16, 2024

Mommy blogs are more popular than ever. That makes sense because most moms have a unique perspective to share about raising children. Whether you want to offer parenting tips, promote baby products or just hone your writing skills, you may be thinking about starting a mommy blog. Perhaps you already have one and are looking to reach a larger audience. Either way, you may need a bit of advice on how to promote your blog.

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Content-Related Tips

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1. Write What You Know

Mommy blogs are supposed to be educational and fun. Because you have your own experiences and a unique child, you have an individual point of view. Use it.

2. Write Often

When you tell others you are a writer, they may laugh. You don’t have to be Hemmingway to be a writer. Still, you must write to be a writer. So, write often.

3. Make an Infographic

Reading long blocks of content can be exhausting. With an infographic, you convey a large amount of information in an easy to digest way.

4. Produce a Video

Like infographics, videos can help break up content and make it more interesting. Consider turning some of your blog into a video. Alternatively, produce small videos to imbed into existing content.

5. Reduce Content To a Slideshow

Readers love pictures. By pulling out a few key points from your narrative and putting them into a slideshow, you keep readers interested and engaged.

6. Get Content Ideas

If you are having trouble brainstorming new content, visit a content-generating site. These services offer lists of blog-specific ideas.

7. Read Other Blogs

If you want your readers to love your content, you need to understand the competition.

8. Update Previous Posts

Most mommy blogs talk about products that are constantly changing, so you should think about updating previous posts.

9. Admit When You Are Wrong

Readers love when mommy bloggers change their opinions. Use a new opinion to market your blog.

10. Publish a Poll

To reach readers, you must write what readers want to read. By placing a poll on your mommy blog, you seek input. Use polling results to determine which topics your blog covers.

11. Work With Other Mommy Bloggers

One-sided articles are okay, but they aren’t as interesting as full-fledged discussions.

12. Avoid Controversial Subjects

Staying away from touchy subjects like politics or religions increases your odds of not turning off readers.

13. Take a Stand

Many moms are looking for advice about a product or parenting process.

14. Ask Your Friends

If you are friends with other moms, you have a ready resource for creating new content.

Social-Sharing Tips

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15. Make Sure Your Google+ Is Updated

Google+ provides accurate information about individuals. Make sure yours says you are a mommy blogger.

16. Join LinkedIn

Your professional colleagues should know you write a blog. Start a LinkedIn account for free publicity.

17. Start an Instagram Account

A picture is worth a thousand words. Start an Instagram account, post photos and publicize your mommy blog.

18. Tweet

A few characters can drum up interest for your blog.

19. Post on Facebook

Reduce your mommy blog posts to key points and post them on Facebook. Then, link to the longer post to guide readers to your site.

20.  Take Advantage of Pinterest

Use catchy pictures posted on Pinterest to encourage readers to visit your blog.

21. Find Younger Readers With Tumblr

Even though Tumblr has been around for years, it remains a forum for young readers. Interact with them by creating a Tumblr site.

22. Snapchat Regularly

Snapchat is a fast and effective way to stay in touch with your audience.

23. Get a Vine Account

Vine lets you make short videos. Keep content relevant to your blog to encourage new readers to explore your content.

24. Watch for the Next Best Thing

New social media sites pop up all the time. Join early and contribute often.

Book-Marketing Tips

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25. Pursue a Book Deal

If you are a published author, your mommy blog has immediate credibility.

26. Become a Redditor

Because Reddit is a tightknit community, you reach new followers when you participate on the site.

27. Use Flipboard

Flipboard is a good tool for turning your blog into an online magazine.

28. Contribute

If you know what you are talking about, authors may ask you to write a forward or other section of their books.

29. Ask Your Alma Mater

Your college or university may have resources for getting your content published.

30. Edit

You don’t have to write your own content. If you edit other bloggers’ words, you may be listed as a contributor.

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31. Work With GrowthHackers

GrowthHackers primary goal is to get you more followers or readers.

32. Join Inbound

Inbound is a community that helps promote other users’ blogs.

33. Collaborate With HackersNews

HackersNews boosts blogs.

34. Buy a Banner

A banner at the top of a related website or another blog can drive traffic directly to your site’s landing page.

35. Promote Your Tweets

If you are diligent, you spend time composing tweets. Paying to promote tweets gets them seen.

36. Boost Your Facebook Posts

Facebook posts easily get lost in the tremendous amount of information on the site. By paying a few bucks to boost posts, you increase the likelihood of users seeing your post.

37. Consider Using StumbleUpon

If you want users to click onto your blog from other sites, StumbeUpon can make that happen.

38. Get a Quote From Taboola

Taboola promotes your blog by recommending it to readers who are looking at similar blogs.

39. Use Outbrain

Outbrain recommends related articles to readers.

40. Promote With Reddit

Reddit is a ready-made community. If you can get your content upvoted, you are likely to see an increase in readership.

Network-Marketing Tips

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41. Contract With a Promoter

Promoters know how to reach a new audience. They also know how to get your blog posts to the top industry sites.

42. Rely on an Influencer

Product and lifestyle influencers have a large number of followers. If they give your blog a shout-out, you may get new readers.

43. Collaborate With Other Bloggers

Other bloggers have followers that you don’t. By cross-posting content, you encourage new readers to check out your blog.

44. Employ Guest Contributors

You may have to pay for expert content. That said, employing guest contributors often gets you a plug on their sites.

45. Speak at Conferences

Conference attendees often look up the blogs of speakers.

46. Join a Group

By becoming part of a parenting group or other organization, you tap into relevant content. You also establish yourself as an authority in the field.

47. Get a Mentor

Long-time bloggers know things about blogging that you don’t. Ask an established blogger to mentor you.

48. Sponsor a New Blogger

New bloggers have trouble getting started. By sponsoring one, you share your expertise and reach a new group of readers.

Media-Related Tips

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49. Become an Expert

Your readers want you to write reliable content. Before you publish a post, make sure you know enough about it to be a subject-matter authority.

50. Look for Content Sharers

Content sharers do the work for you.

51. Ask Commenters To Write Posts

If you read a good comment to one of your posts, ask the author to write a full-length post to publish on your blog.

52. Respond to Commenter Comments

Comments sections can be ugly places. They can also be a terrific place to interact with those who read your blog. While you don’t have to respond to all comments, responding to some makes you look responsible and receptive.

53. Answer Questions

Your readers want to interact with you. Write posts directly answering the questions you receive.

54. Develop a Member’s Section

If you have a member’s section on your blog, you drive up interest.

55. Be Part of a Newsletter

Become a contributor to a parenting organization’s newsletter.

56. Write Your Own Newsletter

In addition to your blog, you can stay connected by publishing your own newsletter. Recycle content from your blog and deliver it directly to your readers.

57. Guest Blog on Influential Sites

In the modern era, a variety of websites serve as clearinghouses for interesting articles. If you can guest blog on these sites, you reach readers outside of your typical base.

58. Work the Media

Introduce yourself to reporters in your area who report on subjects you know about.

59. Become a Member of HARO

HARO is a site that connects reporters with subject-matter expects. Join it.

60. Write a Press Release

You may know everything there is to know about a subject. By writing a press release, you boost interest in your opinion.

61. Create a Press Kit

Reporters want to credit you for information. Have a press kit with a photo, credentials, contact information and other details ready to e-mail to members of the media.

62. Comment on Current Events

Usually, readers want to know your opinion on current happenings in the parenting world. Don’t miss out on an important opportunity to reach new readers by avoiding current events.

Internal-Promotion Tips

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63. Link Other Posts

Other bloggers have things to say. Link their posts on your site to encourage traffic.

64. Hone SEO

Search engine optimization makes your blog easier to find. Since SEO can be hard to achieve, you may want to employ an SEO firm to increase readership.

65. Create Compelling Headlines

To know whether to read or skip an article, your audience looks at headlines. If yours aren’t snappy, you can’t expect your readers to scroll down.

66. Use Subtitles

Subtitles in blog posts make content easier to read.

67. Keep Content Short and Relevant

Short content is appropriate when longer content gets tiresome. Be relevant.

68. Write in Series

Readers love reading articles written in a series. Try to group concepts together or market your posts as part of a grouping.

69. Write Long Posts When Appropriate

Google’s algorithm loves long articles. That is, you get better SEO with 2000-plus word articles. Don’t be afraid of long posts, provided they are organized and informational.

70. Post on Landing Pages

When your readers visit your mommy blog, they land on the main page. Instead of burying contents on linked sites, put your best foot forward by displaying articles directly on the landing page.

71. Link to Relevant Content

When you write a blog post, imbed hyperlinks to content that provides additional information.

72. Stay on Top of Microsites

Microsites give you access to a targeted audience. You don’t want them to get sloppy though. Be sure the microsites on your blog are well-organized.

73. Add Color

Black-and-white blogs are usually boring. Spice up your page by adding panes of color.

74. Avoid Overload

It can be tempting to fill your blog with a tremendous amount of content. If you don’t want to overwhelm your readers, though, you need to display some whitespace too.

75. Subscribe to a Template Service

Blog templates are a ready-made way to give your blog a polished look.

76. Ask for Professional Design Help

If your mommy blog looks bad, readers may be turned off. If you aren’t good at page design, ask for professional design help.

77. Display Content by Relevance

If you can, organize your blog into sections. Then, rank content by relevance.

78. Display Content by Date

Often, parents want the latest information about a specific topic. By organizing your blog by date, you invite your readers to view current content.

79. Use Bylines

If you aren’t the only author of blog posts, your readers need to know who wrote them. With all posts include a byline.

80. Publish a Selfie

Your readers want to know what you look like. If you don’t have a photo on your blog, put one there.

Niche-Networking Tips

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81. Create Facebook Groups

You don’t have to blast content to all your Facebook followers. Rather, create targeted groups to reach only readers who are interested in specific topics.

82. Advertise in Mommy Magazines

Mommy magazines are designed to reach moms. Promote yourself and your blog in the back pages of a good magazine.

83. Review Baby Products

Often, parents find baby products by reading blogs. In addition to other content, review some of the products your family uses most frequently.

84. Stay Active on Subreddits

Subreddits are already targeted to an interested audience. Participate in one for moms to establish yourself as an expert.

85. Work on Credibility

Readers don’t usually like to read fluff. Instead, they want to read competent content. By researching your posts before you publish them, you boost your credibility.

Conventional Marketing Tips

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86. Sell Merchandise

Sell branded merchandise on your site for another way to get your blog’s name and content to a larger audience.

87. Be a Leader

To succeed as a mommy blogger, you can’t be part of the pack. Instead, you must demonstrate a willingness to lead.

88. Do a Giveaway Promotion

Readers love promotions. If you give away parenting products, you are apt to draw additional readers to your blog.

89. Update E-Mail Signature

Your e-mail signature should indicate that you are the author or owner of your blog.

90. Have Available Contact Information

Your readers want to interact with you. By having available contact information, you encourage reader engagement.

91. Return Phone Calls and E-Mails

No one wants to feel brushed aside. By timely responding to e-mails, phone calls and other communications, you demonstrate engagement.

92. Read Marketing Books

Reading marketing books is a great DIY strategy for expanding your readership base.

93. Schedule E-Mail Blasts

E-mail blasts are a good way to keep your audience engaged.

94. Hire a Marketing Specialist

Marketing specialists know how to reach new readers. While marketers can be expensive, they usually get results.

95. Use Direct Mail

Just because your blog is online doesn’t mean you can’t send direct mail. If you have a list of addresses, send reminders through the mail to keep in contact with your readers.

96. Send Handwritten Notes

Traditional pleasantries like handwritten notes can have a tremendous impact on your readership.

97. Conduct Research

You only know if outreach works if you measure it. Watch metrics to see which of your efforts are successful and which are a waste of time.

98. Manage Crises

It probably won’t always be smooth sailing with your mommy blog. When there is a problem, you must have a strategy for addressing it.

99. Update Software

No reader wants to navigate a buggy blog. Be sure you stay current with software updates. This is specifically important when it comes to cybersecurity.

100. Watch for New Platforms

Platforms change all the time. If you don’t keep up with new technology, your readers may view your blog as old-fashioned and irrelevant.

101. Listen to Your Audience

Your readers know what they want. They also know how which types of marketing they like. Pay attention to the response you get from outreach.

Whether you want to make a living as a mommy blogger or are just looking to reach new readers, you must know how to promote your blog. By opening your mind to new possibilities, you can likely expand your readership significantly.

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