Cute Tutu Halloween Costumes for Girls

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Jess Miller
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March 31, 2023
baby wearing Halloween costumes

With Halloween looming ever closer it is time to start looking for a Halloween costume. There are many unique Halloween costume options available for your little girl made with tulle, the fabric that is most commonly found in tutus.

Everyone wants their little girl to look unique. The best way to achieve this is by creating a costume yourself. Now, if you are an uncoordinated mama like me then you will know that this simply is not an option.

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Every Halloween you will see the same store-bought costumes running around. There is nothing worse than running into someone who has the same costume as you. Unfortunately, this is highly likely when buying a Halloween costume from the store.

Fortunately, thanks to services like Etsy, you can now pay someone else to make a unique but gorgeous Halloween costume for your little girl. It's like making your little girls Halloween costume yourself but cheating.

Whether you want to call them tulle skirts or tutus, they form the basis of amazing Halloween costumes. I have gathered the best tutu Halloween costumes for girls and compiled them below. While uncoordinated mothers have the opportunity to buy these, the super crafty among you can simply use these costumes as inspiration.

Girls scarecrow Halloween costume

I simply had to put this costume first. Out of all the costumes, I believe it to be the cutest tutu Halloween costume for girls available.

An adorable little girl's scarecrow costume. This tutu costume is perfect for any little girl that wants to wander down the yellow brick road in search of adventure.

Queen Elsa from Frozen Halloween Costume

An aquamarine tutu forms the basis of an awesome Queen Elsa costume. The only problem with this costume is that it guarantees Frozen songs will be sung by your young one. If you are not sick of hearing them then this tutu costume will be perfect for your little girl.

Girls Little Red Riding Hood Halloween costume

"My, what a cute Halloween costume you have". Okay, so that's not exactly what the wolf said but your little girl will be hearing it a lot in this lovely Little Red Riding Hood Costume. Just be sure to steer clear of people dressed in wolf costumes.

girl wearing tutu and white shirt

Snow White Halloween Costume

A pale yellow tutu completes this Snow White costume perfectly. Just be sure to avoid any candy apples given to you by strangers. You can never be too careful.

Girls Ladybug Halloween costume

If your little girl has an infatuation with bugs then this Ladybug costume is the perfect costume for Halloween. Complete with love heart wings, a frilly red tutu, and adorable antennas.

Jack Skellington Halloween Costume

Finally, I hear you say, a spooky tutu Halloween costume. For those of you who believe Halloween means dressing up in spooky outfits then this is the costume for you.

Inspired by Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas, this Halloween costume will give your little girl a cute yet spooky look.

Super Woman Halloween Costume

baby crawling with costumes

It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's Superwoman! Tutu flapping in the breeze as she flies through the air, your little girl will be the cutest superhero in this Superwoman Halloween costume.

Thanksgiving turkey tutu Halloween costume

Thanksgiving comes early with this adorable Turkey Halloween costume Your little girl can wear it for Halloween and again at Thanksgiving. Talk about getting value out of a costume.

Robin Halloween Costume

Another superhero costume. Your little girl will agree, Robin looks better in a tutu. This Halloween costume makes crime-fighting cute.

walking baby wearing tutu

Queen of Hearts Halloween costume

The Queen of Hearts looks great with tulle collar and modified tutu just on its own. However, to get the full effect, you are going to need some white face powder or face paint, light blue eyeshadow, and a lot of hairspray.

That brings me to the end of my favorite tutu Halloween costumes for girls. Which costume did you think was the cutest? Let me know below.

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