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March 26, 2023
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There is nothing like the perfect fitting comfortable bra.

If you have ever been fit with the perfect bra then you will know that it feels like the heavens have opened up and the bra gods are shining their light on you. And only you.

I have a disturbing suspicion that my orgasm face vaguely resembles my comfortable bra face.

If you have never had this experience then my heart weeps for you. I strongly suggest you get yourself professionally fitted. The results will bring tears of joy to your eyes.

There are only two circumstances where I would ever let go of a comfortable fitting bra:

  1. If someone takes it from my cold dead hands (But dang, I would put up a good fight).
  2. It gets so old that it literally falls to tiny pieces and gets carried away with the wind (like a dandelion seed).


You calm down!

Deep breath....

Okay.. Okay..

You may be wondering exactly where I am going with this.

Comfortable bras are serious business.

It can be deeply depressing to think that you will have to have to give up your old bras when you fall pregnant.

And you will have to give them up eventually…

Your body is going to get bigger. And your boobs… Well, those are going to get big too.

Porn star big.

As you grow; your once comfortable bra is going to start squeezing you like an anaconda.

But I have good news for you!

When you start to feel your bra start to dig into your shoulders and upper torso form your new baby weight you can not only loosen the pressure but continue wearing the same bra as well.


Through the use of a bra extender

What is a bra extender?

Well, it’s this thing I am holding in my hand:

2 hook bra extender held between two fingers

Doesn’t look like much, does it?

To be honest, bra extenders are one of those things that are so simple you will wish you thought of it yourself.

Lets take a closer look..

the front of a 2 hook bra extender

A bra extender is essentially a piece of elastic with metal eyes sewn into it.

The back of a 2 hook bra extender

The rear of the bra extender has two hooks and stitching to hold the eyes in place

The elastic can provide an extra 1-3 inches to your bra closure, providing you with some much needed relief.

But how do you put a bra extender on?

The extender sits between your bras closure (the hook and the eyelet it attaches to) adding some extra length to .

If you have ever on a bra before then you will have no difficulty with a bra extender

doing up a two hook bra extender

Seems simple enough; right?

2 hook bra extender added to bra

Just like that….

A bra extender doesn’t just help with your old bras. It can help with your new ones too!

If you find your body expanding at an incredibly fast rate during pregnancy (and some of you will) then you will also find yourself outgrowing maternity bras at similar rate. That is one expensive hobby.

While you will still outgrow your maternity bra, a bra extender will see you get an extra couple of weeks use before you require the next save.

For how cheap a bra extender is, I consider it a pregnancy essential.

Where do you buy bra extenders from?

So you have decided you want to join the order of the bra extender?

One more step:

You will need to take a look at your existing bra and determine how many hooks it has. You want to buy a bra extender with the same number of hooks.

After this your best bet is to buy online. From experience maternity stores try to rob you blind over what little more than piece of elastic with metal hooks.

Right.. you have determined how many hooks your bra has?

Good… Now here’s where to get your matching bra extender. You will wish you got one sooner!

1 Hook bra Extender

2 Hook bra Extender

3 Hook bra Extender

4 Hook bra Extender

5 Hook bra Extender

You don’t have to be pregnant to use a bra extender

Seriously, while a bra extender is one of the best things that will happen to you while pregnant, there are other situations where you can benefit from them too:

  • You don’t fall within the standard bra sizing - All bodies are different. Simply buy the smaller of the bra sizes you are stuck between and use a bra suspender.
  • Your weight fluctuates - Whether it’s from yoyo dieting, medication side effect or you have a medical condition (no one’s judging), if your weight fluctuates your bra can fluctuate with it.
  • Your body retains fluid - If your premenstrual symptoms include swelling like a balloon simply use a bra extender for those two or three days of the month
  • Your drier shrinks your bras - If your drier is out to get you then you may save those shrunken bras by simply using a bra extender.
Three bra extenders
Image Source: Flickr

So buy a bra extender and put all your problems behind you. Get it? Bra.. behind your back.. Behind you!

Sigh… I think it’s time to wrap this article up.

What are your thoughts on bra extenders?

You know the drill guys. Leave me any questions, wisdom, love or hate in the comments section below. Stay awesome!

Featured Image Source: Flickr

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