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May 24, 2024
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While many people today tend to rely on their phones for keeping track of the time, watches are still a convenient way to do the same—especially when it comes to kids. Too much screen time is never a good thing for anyone, and younger children that are still growing can benefit from not being attached to a piece of technology.

Kid's watches can still help with time management skills, as well as learning how to tell time. Some models even have stopwatch features, which can add to the fun and teach other skills. With fun designs, a child's watch can also make it so that they always have a favorite character or TV on them, which can be just as exciting as getting that cool lunchbox they like.

A kid's watch likely won't be as complicated or intricately designed as one meant for adults, but some are still of better quality than others. We've compiled our buyer's guide to the best kids watches around to ensure that the time teller you pick out is the perfect fit.

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Best Watches for Kids

We know that your time is valuable, especially when it comes to shopping for your kids. That's why we prioritize accuracy when it comes to our buyer's guides, and we conduct thorough research into our recommended products, including checking out customer reviews to ensure that these watches hold up against real children.

With that in mind, let's get started on our guide to the best kids' watches!

Paw Patrol Digital Watch

Any Paw Patrol fan will adore this digital watch suited for kids age four and up. Characters from the show are on both the watch face and the band, and even the figure on the watch face is in 3D effects. The materials that go into this watch are non-toxic and non-hazardous, making it safe for children who even have sensitive skin, and the adjustable strap makes it comfortable to wear.

The digital display is easy to read, with large numbers making it simple for young kids to understand. Two buttons also make it simple to set the time, which adds another great learning experience for kids. The overall durability means that this watch should last for a while in regular playtimes.

While it's able to handle some bumps, this watch isn't waterproof. The watch band's supporting pin can also start to become lose if someone pulls on it.


  • 3D Paw Patrol character design
  • Adjustable strap for maximum comfort
  • Non-toxic and non-hazardous materials
  • Easy to read and set time


  • No waterproofing
  • Supporting pin can come loose

Timex Elastic Fabric-Strapped Analog Watches

For an analog option that's also a comfortable fit, Timex's elastic and fabric straps make their watches easy to fit. Timex itself is a well-known watchmaking company, so you can expect even their kids' products to be of high quality. There are various designs from bows to butterflies to sharks, providing fun options to match your child's design preferences and make them excited about wearing their watch.Though it's an analog watch, Timex has made it as easy to read for learners as possible. The hands both have "hour" and "minute" on them with different colors to tell them apart, and there are even extra numbers to help count the seconds. Water-resistant, these watches are best for kids between the ages of five and twelve years old.These watches can resist water, but they aren't able to stand being submerged in water for extended periods, so don't take them swimming.


  • Elastic and fabric straps
  • A clearly labeled hour and minute hands
  • Multiple designs available
  • Water-resistant


  • Not completely waterproof

Viliysun Multi-Functional Digital Watch

This watch has every function that you could want. While it does digitally tell the time, it also has an analog interface, which can help kids who still need a little practice with reading the hands of the clock. There's also a date and day of the week display on the side. Everything also lights up with an EL backlight, perfect for reading the time in the dark.You can also set alarms and use a stopwatch with this watch. Viliysun's offering also has a cool design, which makes it appealing and enjoyable for kids to wear. Similarly, the usability is high, making it easy to learn how to use. As for endurance, it has water resistance for up to fifty meters, making it a strong selection for when it comes to running the gambit.While this watch does have both the analog and digital displays, they do not automatically sync up together. The alarm feature also has some limits, only allowing for short snoozes.


  • Has analog, digital, weekday, and date displays
  • Stopwatch and alarm features
  • Appealing design
  • Water resistance for up to fifty meters


  • Digital and analog displays don't automatically connect
  • Alarm has limits

Azland Waterproof Swimming Digital Sports

The name of this watch says it all: this is the one you want if your kid spends a lot of time in the water. The watch model can stay waterproof up to one-hundred feet deep under the water. Because it's sports oriented, you can expect that this design will last, with a durable and comfortable soft rubber band, which can fit wrists between four and a half to seven inches.The overall design looks stylish, and there are multiple colors available. When it comes to the additional features, the instructions do an excellent job at explaining these easily navigable features. Aside from telling the time, your child can set a daily alarm, check the day and date, know when the hour hits thanks to a chime, and even feel comfortable in the dark thanks to the nightlight.While you can make use of the extensive features, the buttons will not operate when the watch is underwater.


  • Straightforward to learn how to use
  • Displays time, date, and day of the week
  • Allows you to set a daily alarm
  • Also has hourly charm and night light
  • Waterproof up to one-hundred feet


  • Buttons do not operate while suspended underwater

Flik Flak Space Dreamer Watch

For any kid that has an interest in outer space, this analog watch makes an excellent option. The nylon strap features a cute design with an astronaut, while the face has a planet in the center. The numbers are easy to read, with both the hours and minutes labeled and colored hands to help kids keep track of the numbers—perfect for making the transition to analog.The watch itself is BPA-free, and the nylon strap is easy to adjust to make the perfect fit. The design doesn't light up as a digital model would, but it instead can glow in the dark, which makes for an incredibly fun substitute that's sure to entertain as well as help teach.While an enjoyable watch overall, it isn't water-resistant. This lack of protection is rather odd since it's on the higher budget end of the kids' watch spectrum.


  • Shock-resistant design
  • BPA-free
  • Glow in the dark
  • Easy to read analog layout


  • Isn't water-resistant
  • More expensive than most other kids' watch models

Timex Indiglo Marathon Watch

Timex gets another timepiece on our list with this digital offering. As you'd expect out of a digital watch at this point, you'll find the time, the date, the day of the week, and even an AM and PM indicator. All the buttons have clear labels around the edge of the face, making it intuitive to switch the other modes, such as the stopwatch and alarm.The strap materials are plastic and resin, so they'll hold up to most situations. The watch itself has water resistance up to fifty meters, which gives it some good versatility. Overall, the sleek style of the Marathon watch makes it an excellent option for a kid who's on the older side and may not want something cartoony.While excellent from a design standpoint, this particular offering is only available in one color, pink, which won't appeal to all children.


  • Shock-resistant design
  • BPA-free
  • Glow in the dark
  • Easy to read analog layout


  • Only available in one color

AXSPT Sports Kid Watch

AXSPT brings out a digital watch that has plenty of style in its overall build and digital display. To help out with that appeal is that there are seven different colors available, helping find the perfect choice to go with your child's preferences. You have the usual digital features with easily swappable mode buttons with clear labeling around the edges.Some features that aren't as prevalent in other digital watches that AXSPT has brought to the table are the backlighting that matches the color of the watch design and a luminous pointer. Overall the design is both shock resistant and waterproof for extra durability. The size is also perfect for kids, including smaller wrists.While this watch has an hourly chime, you cannot turn this feature off.


  • Available in seven colors with matching backlights
  • Easy to switch between time, stopwatch, and alarm modes
  • Has a pointer feature
  • Shock resistant and waterproof


  • Unable to disable the hourly chime

Venhoo Silicone Watch

Another watch with a space style aesthetic comes from Venhoo, which provides a different look. The silicone design gives a 3D approach to the planets, stars, and more on the wristband with additional design available. Another excellent plus of this watch is that all materials are environmentally safe. Overall, this approach helps provide comfort along with the rest of the build.As an analog watch, this model benefits from a clear layout, both hour and minute indications, and differently colored hands. While it's safe enough for use for children ages three and up, it's better suited for older kids, since it does have an analog layout. There are shock-resistance and waterproofing to help protect the watch from the bumps of life.Though this watch does have water resistance, it can't handle being submerged underwater for long, so it's not suitable for swimming.


  • 3D silicone design
  • Environmentally safe materials
  • Clear analog layout
  • Suitable for children ages three and up
  • Shock resistance and waterproofing


  • Long submergence under water can affect battery life

Lego Buildable Watch

Another top kids' watch we want to recommend is this buildable option from Lego. The watch face is already in one piece, but, instead, your kid gets the chance to put together the strap however they like, along with a Lego figure. Some designs include well-known superheroes, such as Batman, giving some fun variety to the models which can appeal to different tastes.The watch itself is an analog one, with a matching design with the strap and clear hour indicators. The buildable strap makes it easy to get the correct size, and the watch is water resistant. The watch face is also scratch resistant, so it can start to take some beating over time.However, though it won't scratch easily, the Lego band won't be as durable as other options on the market. There also aren't minutes indicators, which can make it tricky to tell the time for kids still learning analog.


  • Fun, buildable design with multiple themes
  • Scratch and water resistant
  • Perfect for Lego lovers
  • Customizable fit


  • Straps can come apart
  • No minute numbers for learning time tellers

Lorus Children's Digital Watch

Lorus R2379HX9 Watch

Image source: US Total Watches

  • Red with digital display with date and timer functions
  • Black poly-carbonate case
  • Black silicone strap

Lorus's offering comes in the form of a large-screened digital watch that has all the features you'd expect. Aside from time telling, it also has an alarm feature. The stopwatch is another excellent feature that fits right in with the sporty origins of this watch, making it an excellent pick for any kid who enjoys any physical activity or is even on a sports team.The complete waterproofing makes this watch a good pick for swimmers or just any kid who loves spending time in the water. The base of the design is metal, with a silicone strap over the top. This design is excellent for staying in one piece thanks to its solid durability, no matter what activity happens. A high level of functionality makes this watch a winner.


  • Fun, buildable design with multiple themes
  • Scratch and water resistant
  • Perfect for Lego lovers
  • Customizable fit


  • None

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Things to Consider When Purchasing a Watch for Kids

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As you shop the best kids watches on the market, you'll want to put a little thought into your decision. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you pick out the best choice for your children's needs.

Analog vs. Digital

Digital time telling may be much more common in our technologically advanced world, but that doesn't mean analog has disappeared yet. Digital clockfaces may be more straightforward, but analog ones have added benefits of helping understand math concepts like fractions and counting, so don't rule one out entirely.Of course, kids who are still learning to tell time may struggle with the analog layout, so digital may be the way to go for younger children. Some kids' watches even have both analog and digital readouts to help with the learning process. Younger children will benefit from analog watches that have clear numbers all around the clock face, as well as easily distinguishable clock hands.On the other hand, digital watches have the benefit of being easier to read for children who can't quite grasp analog yet. A digital clock will sometimes have additional features, like stopwatches and alarms, which can help teach other time management skills. A large readout will help with reading, as can LED lights.


As a parent, you know that kids can and will get into anything, and that can sometimes lead to their belongings taking a beating. As such, durability is non-negotiable when it comes to purchasing a child's watch; it needs to be able to hold up to potentially rough conditions during playing. Both the watch casing itself and the strap should be durable.The majority of kids' watches that you'll find on the market are waterproof in some way or another. This feature not only prevents mishaps if a kid forgets to take off their watch before playing in the water or going swimming.Not only will durability prevent the need to buy a new watch, but it will avoid sadness if the model breaks.

Comfort and Size

No kid wants to wear anything that's uncomfortable, and watches are no exception. The sizing of a strap is part of ensuring comfort. While most kids' watches are in the right size range to fit onto a child's wrist, it can pay to double check that your chosen watch will fit your child. Like anything else you purchase for your kid, checking that there's room to grow will help.

Wrapping Up

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The process of finding the best kids watches doesn't have to be a challenge, and our guide has given you plenty of choices to consider. Every pick on our list will hold up to the test, so it's just a matter of finding one that your child can both read and enjoy the style. Rest easy knowing that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision!

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