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March 27, 2023
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Allowing your child to develop cognitive and motor skills at a young age is crucial. As a parent, you can find a variety of games that can help promote these skills in your child. Kids are naturally curious, and nothing will keep them busy like the best remote control cars and RC trucks.

You can now find a remote controlled car whether you have a child who’s just learning how to drive or a skillful driver.

Below is a detailed guide on what to look for in a remote control car, plus some top picks in 2019.

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How Do Remote Control Cars Work?

Remote controlled cars have two parts, mainly the toy car and controller. The car can come in different sizes, shapes, and styles. The vehicle may also have a receiver, responsible for getting the signals from the motor and controller.

The controller has directional buttons, arrows, and joysticks to ensure that it moves. Some cars have different buttons or a handheld panel, indicator lights, and a joystick. An advanced controller has different movements.

There’s a radio device in the controller, which sends radio signals to the toy car. The device can get the signals on the receiver that’s connected to the control circuitry. Also, the circuity interprets the signals, which moves the car to your desired area.

You’ll notice that the car responds immediately to the controller commands as the transmission occurs in seconds.

How We Chose Our Top Picks

We had a difficult time coming up with the best remote control cars and RC trucks due to the various models and designs on the market. However, we narrowed down the list by evaluating reviews by different buyers.

We looked at the pros and cons of each car to pick the best. Our list has RC trucks with the best reviews or high ratings from online users.

The research also checked the age suitability of each toy and considered the reputation of the remote control car manufacturers to make sure that everything on this list meets the recommended quality guidelines.

Top 11 Best Remote Control Cars and RC Trucks

Some of the top RC cars and trucks include:

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Dune Racer

Fisher-Price is a favorite for its quality kid’s toys and the Wheels Dune Racer doesn’t disappoint in regards to performance and build. Its system can handle wet grass and rough surfaces with ease.

Your child can drive the car on standard hard surfaces without it crashing. It has a 12-volt rechargeable battery, which gives you ample time for your child to enjoy. The vehicle works for children of all ages, and its chrome accents coupled with a sturdy steel frame makes it durable.

What’s more, the car comes with two speeds the power lock brake system and the reverse speed. Your child can travel forward at five miles per hour and two miles per hour in reverse.

Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor

The Peg Perego, Ground Force Tractor, has a detachable trailer, and it’s perfect for children from the age of two to seven. It features an adjustable seat with armrests and similar farm tractor wheels.

What’s more, you’ll find a reverse gear, automatic brakes, and two speeds. You can control the tractor’s speed with the second gear lockout. The inclusion of a charger with the 12-v battery makes it a must-have for your child.

Fisher-Price My Easy RC Vehicle

The Fisher-Price My Easy RC vehicle is ideal for children aged between three and six years. It’s an excellent car for your toddler to play with. Your child will love the F1 race car design, which makes him feel like he’s participating in the real motorsports.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about sharp edges injuring your child or your little one choking on the small components. It’s easy to use, thanks to the blue radios that help in direction.

Its design helps your child enhance his motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and spatial intelligence. What’s more, the variety of colors help in color recognition.

Redcat Racing Volcano

The Redcat racing Volcano is a perfect entry level RC truck guaranteed to ensure that your kids have lots of fun. Unlike other tracks, the Redcat allows you to upgrade the battery for top speeds. You can opt for the 4000Mah battery instead of the 2000 MAh battery.

It comes with a 2.4 GHz controller which provides an excellent range and instant response each time. You get better control at high speeds thanks to the steering which can be modified for less or more steering force.

RW Lamborghini Remote Control Car

The RW Lamborghini remote control sport racing car is affordable, and its design is approved and licensed by Lamborghini. It’s a perfect car to get your little one if they love fast Lamborghini cars.

With this car, you get a top speed of 8-10mph, but this depends on the friction. The powerful remote control allows you to adjust the car from 40 meters. Also, you can choose from two color options depending on your child’s preferences.

The car runs on double AA batteries that you have to purchase separately.

Rastar La Ferrari Radio Control Model Car

Like the real Ferrari, the Rasta La Ferrari features Similar Ferrari colors, butterfly doors, and working lights. It also boasts of a functional suspension system and spring system, which makes it easy to navigate the indoor and outdoor spaces.

You’ll find a radio controller that resembles a La Ferrari’s steering wheel. It has functional buttons that add more joy to your child’s driving experience. The car can reach speeds of 10mph, which will work for most children/

Nonetheless, you may find the 30ft remote control distance a disadvantage as most RC cars have an extended transmission range.

Click N’ Play Rock Crawler RC car

The Click N Play rock crawler works for indoor and outdoor usage. With six miles per hour speed, your kids will love the RC car as it’s easy to operate.

If your children love the rough terrain, you’ll love the rubber wheels that have anti-skid technology that works perfectly on sand or grass without any issues. You can drive it even when it’s raining outside.

Unfortunately, the car’s steering is not as responsive or precise as other vehicles, but you can move forward or backwards with the controller. Also, the fact that batteries do not come with the package is a disappointment.

Cartoon R/C Race Car for Toddlers

The Cartoon R/C race car is ideal for toddlers as it enhances their psychomotor and cognitive skills. Its two-channel capability makes it a favorite with most children as they can reverse left and move the car forward.

Other perfect features include the honking sounds, flashing headlights, and beautiful music to keep your child occupied. Its design also makes it durable. Unfortunately, some users find it too loud and the music can be annoying to some people.

Traxxas RTR Rustler

The RCI Traxxas boasts of excellent traction and quality tires that can handle any terrain. Your child can fully enjoy driving the remote control car for thirty minutes depending on his throttle input.

You can charge the battery in less than an hour. Moreover, you get speeds of 35mph at a reasonable budget. Being a four-wheeled drive means that you can drive it under different conditions. On the downside, it has a short battery life, which may be limiting.

Buyer’s Guide

When buying an RC car, you’ll have plenty of options from various brands to consider. You may find the process complicated and tedious if it’s your first time shopping. However, we’ve made your work easier by giving you some helpful tips to help you make an informed decision.

Consider the Power Source

You can either opt for the nitro-fueled or electric car. The former is expensive, but they are sturdy and fast. Also, nitro-fueled vehicles require more maintenance and are ideal for enthusiasts.

Older children may find nitro-fueled RC trucks fun to play with due to their power and noise. However, you may have a lot more work with them.

Electric cars have rechargeable battery packs. They are cheaper, although grown up children may find them less powerful and slow. These cars are perfect for young children who are excited by having the car move in their desired direction.

Determine the Appropriate Size

Choosing a car based on your child’s age is essential. For example, RC trucks come in various sizes from 1/5 to 1/16. You can find large models that have replaceable parts, not to forget easy to repair.

The size will also determine how much you’re willing to spend as well as where you’ll store the car. Check the car’s packaging for the recommended age to settle for the best RC car.

Don’t Forget to Check the Quality

You don’t want to buy a remote control car that will crash in a few days. Always ensure that the quality and build of the car meets your needs. You’ll find that durable RC cars are more expensive, but could last you a long time.

Although plastic may be cheaper, it could break down in a few months if your kids are rough.

Battery Life

You’ll notice that some cars have longer drive times because of their battery capacity. Other cars take more time to charge than the time you spend using them. Find a car with a battery that allows your children to ride longer and takes less time to recharge.

Upgrade or Modification Options

Manufacturers have now come up with cars that allow you to modify them to suit your preferences. Also, always find a car that’s repairable in case it breaks down instead of a car that you can’t repair if it breaks down.

Safety Guidelines When Playing With Remote Control Cars and RC Trucks

Although most manufacturers emphasize safety when creating remote control cars, you also need to take some safety measures when allowing your children to play with the best remote control cars and RC trucks.

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These cars have sharp edges and small parts that can injure a young child. You also need to be careful when older children are handling remote control cars. Some of the tips to understand in the safe operation of remote control cars and trucks include:

Choose Age Appropriate Toys

The remote control cars and trucks should be age appropriate. Some toys have complex controls and are ideal for older kids. Always choose a toy that fits your child’s age to avoid injuries.

Read the Instruction Manual

You need to read and understand the instruction manual before you assemble, operate, and recharge the remote control car. Although this may be time-consuming and boring, a critical step will ensure that you’re following the instructions as recommended.

Check the car’s range of movements, power capabilities, battery recharging, and radio transmission range when assembling the RC truck.

Avoid Playing With RC Cars on Driveways, Paths, and Roads with High Traffic

You risk injury when you have your child play with an RC truck on roads or driveways with high vehicle traffic. Specific areas restrict the operation of RC trucks in high-traffic places. You can operate the cars in the front or backyard. Alternatively, you can have your child play inside.

What’s more, you need to avoid using RC trucks in wet environments particularly if they’re not water resistant. Some unsealed toys may deliver electric shocks when wet.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this article gives you an idea of what to look for in the best remote control cars and RC trucks. Our list above has a variety of RC cars ideal for children of different age groups. Read our detailed guide to understand the features an RC car should have when shopping.

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Remote Control Cars FAQ

We realize that some questions may still be pertinent to parents looking to buy the best remote control cars and RC trucks for their kids.

Below are some common FAQs on remote control cars for kids.

Is there anything I can do to Extend Battery Life?

You can extend the RC car’s battery life by reducing the speed at which your child drives the car. A speed of 2.5mph gives your child more driving time, and fewer hours to recharge. Don’t forget to ensure the batteries fully drain before recharging

Topping up the battery, every time reduces its performance. Alternatively, you can opt to buy an extra battery to make sure that your child enjoys the uninterrupted driving time.

Do Electric Cars Have a Maximum Speed?

Electric cars have a maximum speed of 6mph. These cars have a 24-Volt motor that helps the, achieve this speed. Some cars promise to get up to 10mph, but this may drain the battery.

Where Can My Child Drive the RC Car?

You can drive the RC car on the driveway, backyard, or the living room. You have lots of options on where to drive these cars. The only caveat is that you need to choose a flat area to avoid damaging the vehicle.

How Long Will It Take to Charge the Battery?

The time depends on the battery capacity. However, it takes an hour or two to charge the battery.

Should I Pay Attention to the Tires in the Car?

You need to check the tires on the RC as different tires work well on different areas. For example, ribbed tires work well on off-road surfaces as they have the best grip to handle these areas.

Paddle tires are durable and robust, not to forget their excellent traction. Grooved tires provide high side-to-side traction, although they may not work well on the sand.

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