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Finding the best push up bra for you often takes trial and error. There are so many design features and fits available, and every bra seems to target something different. Some are made to help smaller chests grow a few cup sizes in moments while others focus on lifting larger breasts and allowing them to go strapless without sacrificing support. The best bra, no matter your needs, will fit seamlessly and help you feel great every day.

Push Up Bra Buying Tips for the Right Size

It’s very important to find the right size with a push-up bra because you don’t want the cups to gap or your cleavage to look too over the top. Experts recommended being fitted every 3 years or so to ensure you buy the right size, but you can also measure your bust at home using a measuring tape. Find your band size by running the measuring tape around your chest beneath the breasts, and again near the fullest part of your breasts. Then, subtract the band from your bust measurement to find your cup size. The right fit will ensure the bra enhances your natural form while providing the support you need from any bra.

Types of Push Up Bras

Unlike a regular bra, a push up comes with padding near the bottom of each cup to create lift and push the girls near the center for added cleavage. There are many different types of bras, and push-ups are no different. Some will have removable padding, while most use foam, silicone, or gel to provide comfort and make your breasts look great. An underwire often adds support, however, isn’t always comfortable.

Other bras will offer features like extra lift padding to add another cup size. Although some designs like this are created with smaller breasts in mind, any size chest is perfect for a push-up bra. Some designs are right for larger breasts because they’re designed to firm and support the added weight. With so many inventive designs and features, there is something out there for everyone, no matter your proportions and requirements.

The best type of push up for you will be comfortable and fit well. Adjustable straps are always nice if you want to use the bra for multiple occasions, and make sure the bra is machine washable if you don’t want to take the time to hand wash your undies in the sink. Just make sure the bra you select doesn’t feel lumpy or have a gap between your skin and the cup. You want padding that enhances your natural shape and creates natural appearing cleavage.

The fit is the most important thing to consider in selecting a bra, while comfort and practicality come second. Of course, you’ll want to love the look of the bra too. Consider the following options you may see to find the right push up bra for you:


The most common type of push up, a molded bra adds lift and shapes your breasts to create a rounded cleavage. It’s commonly worn with t-shirts, dresses, and even sweaters because it helps define and shape the breasts.


A non-molded cup isn’t as common in a push-up bra, as the softer cup uses a thinner material that doesn’t provide the same amount of support or shaping abilities. But they are much more comfortable because they don’t attempt to mold your breasts into a round shape. With this type of bra, it’s important to make sure the size is perfect. Otherwise, your girls may not sit flush with the cup, leaving bra lines or a visible bulge between the cup and your skin.

Adjustable Cleavage

This type of bra will come with special clips or strings that allow you to manually adjust the cups to change the lift or amount of cleavage you show. Customizing the bra allows you to wear it with any type of outfit, from a revealing dress to a professional blouse.


Created for smaller women typically with A cups, a petite bra will support and provide lift while boosting the amount of padding to make the breasts appear larger.

Full Size

Created for large breasts, this type of bra accommodates a C cup or larger chests' needs. It will support and lift heavier breasts and enhance the appearance of fullness.


All wire-free bras come without the uncomfortable underwire, which means they do offer less lift or support than a wired bra can achieve. But this bra is more comfortable, and they can come in non-molded or molded forms.

Removable Padding

A push-up bra with removable padding allows you more versatility, as you can create a regular bra or add multiple layers of padding to boost the lift. This type of bra is very customizable, which makes them great for many different types of events or for women who experience bust sizes that frequently fluctuate due to their menstrual cycle.

Double Padded

Designed to boost your cup size by one or two sizes, the padding of this push-up bra is doubled in this type of bra to create a more full-chested appearance. Women with small breasts tend to use this choice to help fill out a top or dress, while larger chested women tend to avoid adding more padding.

Demi Cup

This type of bra offers a cup that covers 2/3 of your breast instead of ¾, and it pushes the breasts slightly inward and up to center the cleavage. Women who don’t like underwire tend to select this more comfortable option because the underwire is shorter and less likely to become uncomfortable.

Sports Bras

Created to provide lift while firmly holding and support the breasts, this type of sports bra won’t make your chest appear pushed down or like you have one long boob across your chest. They are perfect for the gym or other outdoor activities, but they won’t hide your form.

Deep Plunge

Pair this bra with a dress or top that has a deep plunging neckline, without sacrificing the support and lift you need. The bra seamlessly blends in so no one even knows it’s there.


A strapless bra is designed to support and lift the breasts typical of the push-up style, without relying on the strap to keep the bra in place. Some come in a balcony cut, which is perfect for petite women. Others offer designs for fuller breasts. They may also come with adjustable and removable straps you can slide into place for more versatility, while most strapless options also offer a material that won’t slide to help the bra stay in place. This may include a sticky feel on the inside of the band, which is a design to keep the fabric from moving on your skin.

How We Chose Our Favorites

Woman is looking at her abs and she is wearing a pink push up bra and leggings

To create honest and accurate opinions, we scour through the best push up bra options on the market women love. We looked at what makes a bra comfortable, and which push-up offers the lift and support expected from the bra type without sacrificing quality and comfort. You can wear them for a range of occasions, and the material will hold up over time. The best bra options on our list work for any woman, no matter her chest size or clothing choices.

Top 8 Best Push Up Bras

The best push up bra for you will look and feel great, and the following top 8 options are loved by women everywhere for the unique features they offer. These are the bras women don’t want to take off the moment they get home, the comfortable options that perform well under pressure, and the top sellers that are built to last.

​Natori Women Feathers Contour Plunge Bra

Natori is a company that has been all over social media lately, and they’re receiving rave reviews by women worldwide because they offer comfortable memory foam cups and the perfect fit with their online fit finder quiz. The straps are designed to never slip, and the bras come in half sizes as well. The Contour bra hugs your curves to decrease the possibility or cup gap. The padding is removable as well, so you can create an everyday look or wear it as a push up with a plunge-style top.

Calvin Klein Naked Gla​​mour Convertible Strapless

A push up that offers convertible straps, you can wear this versatile bra as a strapless option or cross the strap for a racerback top. It comes with a sweetheart neckline to make the bra feel less like an uncomfortable push-up and more like a demi, and it offers lift with molded padding. If you didn’t have to handwash this bra, it may have been our top pick thanks to its versatility and comfort alone. However, reviewers also say to order this bra in a size up to find the right band fit for you.

Maidenform Love the Lift Push Up Bra

Women love this push-up bra because it adds a full cup size to your chest while remaining comfortable and the bra provides a natural lift that’s not too over the top. The lace details are sexy and feel soft to the touch, and the adjustable straps allow you to pair it with any clothing. This bra will stay in place, while the padding will provide shape and sturdy support. With the smoothing side wings, you’ll feel confident and comfortable at all times.

Warner’s Back to Smooth Wire-Free Lift Bra

A full coverage push-up bra with no underwire, this option is so comfortable! The best part about this bra, however, is the back-smoothing fabric design, made to smooth out any bulges to make back fat the last things on your mind. The straps are not adjustable though, which would have made this bra rank higher. No matter how tight your t-shirt, this bra will provide natural lift and lie flat so as not to show under your clothing.

On Gossamer Bump It Up Underwire Push Up Bra

Add a full cup size with this push up from On Gossamer, which is an extra-padded option with adjustable straps. It’s created using a mesh nylon material to lay seamlessly. However, the bra must be hand washed using cold water and air dried for lasting results. The feature that makes this bra stand out is the versatility, as it’s designed to allow you to twist it at the center to boost the girls.

Lily of France Women’s Gel Touch Strapless Push Up

A completely strapless push up that offers support, this bra is convertible and comfy. Women with large breasts tend to have trouble finding a strapless option that can stand the challenge, but this bra stays in place. It also comes with clear straps you can adjust or remove, and it’s designed to sit smoothly under your clothing. The demi cups have less underwire to worry about, and the gel pads boost up your comfort level and enhance your cleavage. However, you will need to handwash this bra.

ToVii Push Up Bras for Women

This push up bra fits exactly how expected, and it comes with wide straps to support larger cups sizes and plus sized women. Available from C to DD cups, women love this option because the lacy fabric and boosted cleavage is sexy enough for a night on the town while the fabric is breathable and comfort is great for everyday wear. It has underwire to support the breasts, adjustable straps, lightweight padding, and a smoothing u-shape design. Plus, it’s easy to wash and provides amazing cleavage.

Smart & Sexy Women's Maximum Cleavage Underwire Push up Bra

Comfortable is the first and most important word people say about the Smart & Sexy bra, regardless of the extreme plunge design. The stretchy fabric blends in with your skin to minimize lines under your clothing, the straps are adjustable, and the underwire provides the support you need. Wear this bra with a low neckline for a night out or under a t-shirt on a normal day. The padding level is perfect for everyday wear, and the 2-row back closure offers more support for any size chest.

Buyer’s Guide

Woman is doing some push up at the gym and she is wearing a short and the best push up bra

Created for women of all shapes and sizes, this type of bra can create the illusion of added cleavage or cover and support the girls. Some offer more than one function, making them suitable for various outings and frames. They can enhance small or saggy breasts just as well as large and perky ones, and the various types will offer features like strapless or no underwire. Push up bras were designed to:

  • Provide added support or lift
  • Appear sexy and stylish for nights out
  • Add a cup size and boost cleavage
  • Show off the breasts in low-cut tops or formalwear
  • Provide normal shape with sportswear

Push up bras are also perfect to pair with certain clothing. If it’s strapless as well, you may be able to wear the bra with strapless tops. Overall, they’re often worn under:

  • Deep v-neck shirts
  • Plunge tops
  • Formalwear and strapless dresses

However, you can wear a push up under a sweater or turtleneck as well. Their goal is to lift, support, and amplify the breasts. The bra should allow you to feel great no matter what you’re wearing on top.

Women have also been scientifically proven to have more confidence while wearing push-ups. A study by the University of Manchester showed that women were 73% more likely to smile while wearing a push-up, while eye contact increased, and self-comforting movements decreased. This information shows that women feel more confident when they wear this type of bra.

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