32 Weeks Pregnant Baby Bump Update

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Jess Miller
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March 15, 2023

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32 Weeks Pregnant Update

Baby is a: Jicama

Weight gained: 2 lbs

Total Weight gained: 40 lbs

32 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms:  Summer is here and I am super sensitive to the sun. Already, I have a sun burn. Extra sensitivity to the sun is very common in pregnancy and if you aren’t careful, you could do some real damage to your skin. I need to start making a point to put on sunblock in the morning and wear protective clothing throughout the day. I also have sensitive gums. I didn’t have this last time but know a lot of women get this. Hopefully, it will not stick around for long.

Cravings: Bread. I am really into plain high carb items.

Aversions: While nothing makes me sick, I am not a fan of meals that have too many flavors. I want simple breakfast-like items for most meals.

Sleep: As long as I get to bed at a reasonable time, I am not fatigued all day. I can’t really nap because it takes me awhile to get comfy and I need to be very tired to sleep.

Excited for: Going home. We went to Oregon last week to go on a “babymoon” and see family and old friends. Our toddler, L, is ready to go home and get back into her normal routine. While our trip was fun, it is always nice to go home at the end of any long getaway.

Missing: With the amount of traveling we are doing this week by both car and plane, I really miss not being pregnant. Not only am I very uncomfortable sitting for a long time but also have to pee so often. I am very much looking forward to being my pre-pregnant size again. Last time, I was able to get there while still breastfeeding with healthy freezer meals. I will definitely be doing that again.

Movement: Stronger kicks and a lot in the ribs.

Dr. Update: No appointment this week but have one next week.

Exercise: No

Stretch Marks: No

Swelling: No

Maternity Clothing: I am wearing all maternity. As I approach my due date (yay!), I am getting ready to put in a Stitch Fix request for summer post-partum items that work with nursing. I absolutely love their stylists’ ability to find items that look good on your ever changing postpartum body and work with nursing.

Labor Signs: No

Wedding Rings On: No. They are off for good until post-partum.

Belly Button In or Out: OUT!

How I’m Preparing: As we were on vacation this week, we didn’t purposely prepare. We did go and buy some cute baby outfits to fill in the size gaps we were missing. If you are buying clothing, remember the smaller the size, the less you need. They grow so fast, you will get so much more use out of it if it’s a bigger size. A pro mom tip is to leave the tags on and if you don’t go through everything in a size, then exchange it for a bigger one. If you think you have too much in newborn or 3 months, definitely exchange them for bigger sizes.

Best Moment of the Week:  This week was full of so many fun activities that I don’t think there was one best moment. We got to catch up with old friends. We brought our toddler to our old college campus. Her favorite part of course was the campus shuttle and the gift store. We also saw family and L got to spend some time with her cousins. Her little cousin is 10 months so it was good to see how L handled having another little one around.

When L meets her little sister, we want her to not feel threatened so I will not be holding the baby. Instead the baby will be in the hospital crib in our room. I can then let L first say hi to me and be ready to meet the baby on her own terms. We also plan on having a new baby doll for L from her baby sister. This way she can also bring a baby home from the hospital.

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