30 Weeks Pregnant Baby Bump Update

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Jess Miller
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March 6, 2023
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30 Weeks Pregnant Update

Baby is a: Cabbage

Weight gained: 2 lbs

Total Weight gained: 37 lbs

30 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms:  Nesting. However, this time around I am trying to be more practical about it. Decluttering, organizing, cleaning and meal prep are my top priorities while last time, my top priority was nursery decoration. While cute and fun, it didn’t help me much when I had a newborn. I am also really trying to design the nursery based on functionality. Alli has a fantastic nursery post on how to accomplish this.

Take our Free Nesting Course if you want to make sure you get it right the first time.

Cravings: Nothing. I am starting to not have an appetite all the time. I had the same thing happen when I was pregnant with L. Supposedly this is common in your third trimester. As baby starts to take up more room, your stomach is squished.

Aversions: No aversions.

Sleep: Going well. I still have to pee at least three times before I fall asleep and if I wake in the night. However, I am able to sleep, which I see as a win. Before I had L, I did not prioritize resting. During this third trimester, I want to prioritize resting, so I will have energy to handle a newborn and toddler.

Excited for: Our trip to Oregon. While I could definitely go without the cross-country flight, it will be nice for L to see her extended family. We also are excited to catch up with some college friends while out that way.

I will be sure to update how well entertaining a toddler on a long flight goes!

Missing: No.

Movement: She has been super active. I am starting to get very use to it. I remember after L was born, I still felt like I could feel kicks randomly. I think you get so use to it that when it’s gone it’s weird.

Dr. Update: No but I have an appointment next week!

Exercise: No

Stretch Marks: No

Swelling: No

Maternity Clothing: Finally got some new maternity underwear. Absolutely love these from Maternity Motherhood. Most maternity underwear sucks. It is hard to find a good pair. You can not go wrong with these.

Labor Signs: No

Wedding Rings On: No. They are off for good until post-partum.

Belly Button In or Out: OUT!

How I’m Preparing: I am booking a hospital tour. I had no idea what to look for or ask during a hospital tour. This time, I am prepared. If you haven’t read all about picking a hospital and what to look for on a tour, this is a must. For example, always check the level of NICU. If it’s lower than a level 3 and something goes wrong, there is a good chance you and baby will get separated for a period of time.

I am also emailing out photographers to book the newborn photoshoot. I am very excited to get sibling photos. Even if you don’t book a photographer, make sure someone who visits you at the hospital gets shots of your new family in those first few days. <3

Best Moment of the Week: Mother’s Day. We spent the whole day outside since the weather was wonderful. We went on our favorite hike. L insisted she was cold, so she wore mom’s jacket. I also started constructing baby’s blanket by cutting the fabric. I made L a baby blanket and this is one thing that I really wanted to do again. Not practical but to me, it is important.

I also got to sleep in on Mother’s Day, which before becoming a mom, I never truly valued as much as I should have.

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