What Size Mattress Do I Need for a Toddler Bed

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March 6, 2023
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If your little angel is starting to scale the crib like a contestant on "American Ninja Warrior," then it's time to transition from a crib to a toddler bed. While you can find plenty of "toddler beds," I've never seen a "toddler mattress." This has many new parents wondering what size mattress for a toddler bed is right.

What Size Mattress for a Toddler Bed: Consider This

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Several cribs on the market transition into a toddler bed so you can continue using the same mattress without worrying about the fit. If your crib does not transition, and you want to purchase a toddler bed, no problem.

Thankfully, my crib mattress fit her toddler bed perfectly. Typically, the standard crib mattress size is 28 inches by 52 inches, which is also the same size as most toddler mattresses. That said, there's more to consider than what size mattress is best for a toddler bed, such as comfort.


Just like our mattresses, your child's bed also has different levels of firmness. When it comes to your infant, a firm mattress is best. A firm mattress helps decrease your little one's risk of SIDS for infants. However, your toddler may find it less comfortable and not get a good night's rest.

Milliard Crib Mattress, Dual Comfort System

Since your infant will most likely need to go from a firm mattress to a softer one, plan ahead. Instead of buying a firm mattress now and a softer mattress later, invest in a dual-side crib mattress. These mattresses have a firm side and soft side, perfect for both infant and toddler.

If you decide to try out your existing crib mattress first, no worries, observe your toddler. If you see signs that he or she is uncomfortable, you may want to consider a softer mattress. This may decrease the chances of your little one ending up in your bed at some point in the night.

Safety First

When determining what size mattress for a toddler bed is best, safety should be a priority. Since you can use your crib mattress for your toddler bed, it's essential to still check the fit. Even though there's a standard size for crib mattresses, some vary a bit in length, width, and even height.

These differences can increase the likelihood that your little one falls out of the bed or gets a limb stuck in a slot. Regardless of how minor the incident may seem, it's scary for the toddler and the parent. To help ensure the best fit, check the manufacturer guide for the bed as well as the crib mattress.

Ensuring a Safe Slumber

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Toddler moms worry way too much about injuries while they're awake to have to worry while they're asleep. Thankfully, purchasing a mattress with the right dimensions for your toddler bed should give you peace of mind. Remember, while it's reasonable to find this transition slightly nerve-wracking, it's also really exciting.

Did your little one use a toddler bed? Tell us about your experience below.

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