The 8 Best Toddler Bed Options of This Year

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March 4, 2023
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Question: what does a parent love more than a restful night in their own bed? Answer: a night their little one stays out your bed and spends in the best toddler bed, of course.

As adults, we long for time in our beds. But for a lot of toddlers (and therefore adults), naptime and bedtime are a constant struggle.

One way you can help prepare your child for a restful night of sleep is with the best toddler bed. Luckily, there are a ton of affordable options this year. Be sure to do your homework to transition your toddler out of their crib and into their own, perfectly-sized toddler bed.

Pillow Talk: FAQs About the Best Toddler Bed Options

One detail I took for granted as a parent is just how many questions surround where my little one sleeps. Now that she just celebrated her second birthday, it’s appropriate for me to start thinking of the best toddler bed for her.

Now is the perfect time to ask and answer the most commonly-asked questions.

How is the best toddler bed different from our current crib?

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A common misconception with toddler beds is that they are the same as either a crib or a twin bed. The truth is, the best toddler bed differs from other bedding types.

Toddler beds resemble the same shape and size as a crib. Conveniently, you can most often use the same crib mattress on your toddler’s bed. Oftentimes, they sit low to the ground and offer guardrails for safety.

Finally, you may even luck out with some cribs, which conveniently convert into a toddler bed. You can do a little happy dance with such a cost-savvy purchase.

Ideally, you choose a toddler bed when you feel your little one is ready.

What is the best time to transition to a toddler bed?

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First and foremost, realize that you know your child better than anyone else. So ultimately the decision of when to transition to a toddler bed is your call.

Truthfully, there is no set time for when to officially transition your child from their crib to the best toddler bed. But a suggested age typically begins at 36 months. By this time, many children are mature enough to make the switch.

Additionally, you may know it’s time to transition to the best toddler bed if you have the next American Ninja Warrior on your hands. Basically, if you worry your child may climb out of their crib and injure themselves, it may be the ideal time to transition to the best toddler bed.

Lastly, you may need to make a change because you have a little one on the way. Congratulations and make the shift soon enough so as not to shock your elder child.

When it’s time, you’ll know. There are also some helpful tips and tricks to help ease the transition.

What tips and tricks help transition my child to the best toddler bed?

With a new bed comes a mixed bag of emotions: enthusiasm, fear, and even frustration. Fortunately, you can incorporate small habits to help your little one with their new bed.

First, feel free to hype up the change in sleep. Point out other people (like role models or older siblings) who also have a “big girl” or “big boy” bed.

Also, when you do make the change to the best toddler bed, consider its location. Oftentimes, putting the new bed in the old crib’s location can ease the change.

Most importantly, don’t give up or give in.

How We Reviewed the Best Toddler Bed Options of This Year

Admittedly, the timing of this review couldn’t have been more perfect. Not that long ago, my daughter celebrated her second birthday, which puts her in an appropriate age bracket for transitioning to a toddler bed. So the search for the best toddler bed options out there is both timely and personal.

First, we dove into reviews of the best toddler bed options of this year. Once we solidified a firm understanding of products, much time went into researching critical safety components, such as materials and federal safety standards.

In the end, we were left with a list of the top six best toddler bed options for you and your little one.

The 8 Best Toddler Bed Options for You and Your Little One

During our research, we found some integral commonalities among the best toddler bed products. You should seriously weigh several factors when choosing a bed.

First, the overall aesthetic and materials matter. You want something to coordinate with your child’s current bedroom. And you want materials that prove durable and safe.

Along those same lines, assembly plays a role. You probably want something that assembles easily and doesn’t end up being thrown out the window.

Finally, we explored warranties and other exceptional features with each of the following top models.

1. Big Oshi Contemporary Stylish Design Toddler Day Bed

First, the Big Oshi Contemporary Stylish Design Toddler Day Bed features a modern aesthetic perfect for a variety of contemporary bedrooms. Overall, its gender-neutral palette and sleek straight slats in four finishes work perfectly in either a little boy’s or girl’s bedroom.

Next, its materials hold up thanks to sturdy pine wood. The Big Oshi can safely hold children up to 60 pounds.

Also, great news for your includes the easy assembly of this toddler bed. Even better: all tools required to assemble come included with your purchase.

Furthermore, the Big Oshi prioritizes your child’s safety. It features two safety rails to help keep your child in bed. And if your little one does happen to escape, the bed, smartly, is low to the ground. Additionally, this bed meets or exceeds all ASTM safety standards. And it’s JPMA-certified so you can trust its safety measures.

Finally, the Big Oshi business model shines in its business model. For over 20 years, moms, dads, aunts, and uncles have run this company, so you can trust its intentions.

2. Regalo My Cot Portable Toddler Bed

Shifting gears a bit, the Regalo My Cot Portable Toddler Bed differs from most other toddler beds in this review. But its smart design and unlimited potential warrant its inclusion.

Unlike a standalone bed, this toddler bed option folds and unfolds. Strong canvas stretches over its frame and blue coloring dominates its overall aesthetic.

The Regalo features sturdy waterproof nylon stretched over a steel frame. The entire cot weighs only 4 pounds and easily packs away into a standard-size suitcase. So you can tote your Regalo just about anywhere.

Additionally, the Regalo requires no assembly. You can fold and unfold it in one effortless motion.

And the Regalo keeps safety in mind with its JPMA certification and ASTM standards. Children up to 75 pounds can relax comfortably on the Regalo.

Lastly, it comes with a 90-day limited warranty and fitted sheet to stretch over its mess-free fabric!

3. Delta Children Nick Jr. Paw Patrol Plastic Toddler Bed

A wonderful way to ease your toddler into a new bed is snoozing with their beloved buddies. I'll keep this in mind with my daughter who has turned into quite a Paw Patrol addict!

The Delta Children Nick Jr. Paw Patrol Plastic Toddler Bed is one such bed. Decorating its red and blue frame are decals of pups like Chase, Rubble, and Sky. The Paw Patrol bed features a steel frame and plastic construction, namely of the headboard and footboard.

Next, its assembly is a breeze. You can even preview its instructions on the website.

Additionally, its low-to-the-ground height promotes safety and independence as your little one scurries into bed. Its 2 attached guardrails and 50-pound capacity also support its safety features. Lastly, the Delta comes with JPMA certification and meets ASTM and CPSC standards.

Though a warranty requires an upcharge, you can rest assured with Delta’s 50 years of business. And if Paw Patrol isn’t your style, you can choose from a dozen or so other characters!

4. Storkcraft Mission Ridge Toddler Bed

Aesthetically, the Storkcraft Mission Ridge Toddler Bed features a sleek modern design with a traditional flair. You can choose from a variety of colors including white, gray, espresso, and black.

Next, you can rest assured your little one is safe with its New Zealand pine and composition makeup. Also, this bed meets or exceeds all ASTM and CPSC safety standards. Additionally, its 2 guardrails protect your child as they grow to be up to 50 pounds.

Finally, its 2018 Women's Choice Award as America's Most Recommended Baby Furniture is a selling point.

5. Dream on Me Emma 3-in-1 Convertible Toddler Bed

Shifting gears a bit, the Dream on Me Emma 3-in-1 Convertible Toddler Bed returns to a more traditional aesthetic. Its multiple color options are sure to complement any toddler’s bedroom design. The headboard and footboard, unlike other beds so far, are similar in height. Also, the Dream on Me includes narrower slats with gentle curves.

With no moving parts, assembly is a dream. Also, you can trust its sturdy New Zealand pine wood composition.

Next, the Dream on Me prioritizes safety. Unique from other beds out there, the Dream on Me stands out with its four safety guardrails instead of two. It also sits low to the ground and comes backed with ASTM and CPSC standards. Furthermore, its finishes are non-toxic, BPA-, latex-, and lead-free. Your child can sleep safely in this bed up to 50 pounds and its extra 2 center feet provide additional support.

Lastly, the Dream on Me stands out with its ability to convert into two kid-size couches and end table. Note that the conversion kit must be purchased separately.

6. KidKraft Toddler Houston Bed

Additionally, you'll love the KidKraft Toddler Houston Bed, which features skinnier slats and a boxier headboard. It comes in natural, white, espresso, and honey colors.

Also, the KidKraft holds up thanks to medium density fiberboard. The result is stability, strength, and style.

Assembly is easy and safety is a must with KidKraft. Your child, up to 50 pounds, will sleep safely thanks to bed rails, its low height, and its center feet for more stability.

Finally, the 90-day limited warranty helps set the KidKraft apart from other toddler beds.

7. DaVinci Modena Toddler Bed

Keeping with the sleigh design, the DaVinci Modena Toddler Bed makes for a safe, stylish toddler bed option. You’ll love its contemporary, chic design characterized by its thinnish slats and square headboard. Also, you can choose between a soft gray or rich ebony color.

Next, the materials of the DaVinci feature the familiar New Zealand pine wood with a new TSCA-compliant MDF and plywood. The fusion of the two mean a secure bed for your little one.

Though some reviewers lament the assembly, you can check out its instructions ahead of time online.

Like other toddler beds, the DaVinci values safety for your child. Two guardrails help keep your child secure at night while a low-to-the-ground orientation helps soften falls. The DaVinci can support your child up to 50 pounds. Also, the materials of the DaVinci are proven safe. A non-toxic multi-step painting process and lead- and phthalate-free finish justify its ASTM and CPSC criteria.

You can return or exchange your DaVinci within 30 days if unhappy.

8. Little Seeds Monarch Hill Ivy Metal Toddler Bed

The final toddler bed in this review is unique from the rest. The Little Seeds Monarch Hill Ivy Metal Toddler Bed gets its inspiration from classic wrought-iron furniture. Aesthetically, the Little Seeds bed features a rounded and more feminine design. You can choose from gold, bronze, gray, or pink powder-coated metal frame. In fact, its additional metal mattress support helps prevent sagging.

Little Seeds recommends two adults assemble the bed. And when you do, you’ll be pleased to find how safe this product is. Its two guardrails help protect your little one while sleeping. And they’ll continue to do so as your child grows to be up to 50 pounds. Also, its non-toxic metal and CPSIA Juvenile testing compliance mean you’ll sleep better at night just like your child.

Furthermore, the Little Seeds comes with a one-year warranty.

Lastly, Little Seeds stands out among the rest with its environmental conscientiousness. This company partners with the National Wildlife Foundation’s Garden for Wildlife program to save monarch butterflies.

Don’t Sleep on It: Share With Us the Best Toddler Bed for You and Your Little One

In sum, you’ve been presented with several strong contenders when it comes to choosing the best toddler bed for your little one.

No matter what your design aesthetic, child’s current fascination (like my daughter’s obsession with Paw Patrol!) or stringent safety expectations, you are sure to find something you love.

So don’t sleep on it -- share with us which is your top choice. Comment below to tell us about your favorite toddler bed!

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