Snuggle Me Organic: Everything Parents Need to Know

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March 22, 2023
A sleeping baby that needs a Snuggle me organic lounger

When you welcome a new little bundle of joy into the world, we know how much you love them and want to give them the best -- that's why you chose the Snuggle Me Organic.

This adorable little lounger is great for when mom and dad need a rest. But we know that you want to make sure it's just right for your baby.

Just in case you're unfamiliar, we'll introduce you to the Snuggle Me Organic before we dive into if it's right for your munchkin!

What Is the Snuggle Me Organic?

The Snuggle Me Organic is a lounger specifically for infants nine months and under.

A lounger is a soft pad, sort of like a pillow, that tucks inside of an equally soft case.

This lounger will snuggle your baby and make them feel safe. Think of it as a little blanket nest that won't fall apart!

Is the snuggle me organic truly organic?

The Snuggle Me Organic lives up to its name. It consists of GOTS certified organic cotton fabrics and hypoallergenic polyester fiber fill.

Every single cotton thread is grown here in the United States, as well as the rest of the Snuggle Me Organic.

If your baby has sensitive skin, you won't have to worry about irritation with the soft, organic covers that allow them to take naps in peace.

How to wash the Snuggle Me Organic

Every parent knows that babies are messy, and everything that comes into your home has to be easy to wash. Because you can't run to the dry-cleaner every time your baby spits up.

The Snuggle Me Organic is thankfully easy to wash and dry.

You'll want to wash your Snuggle Me Organic with cold water and a mild detergent, and then dry on a cooler setting in your dryer. You can also leave it to air-dry.

Make sure your Snuggle Me Organic is completely dry before you use it again!

How many covers should I have for my baby lounger?

Because babies will make a mess, you can expect that your baby lounger will get dirty. That's why it's important to have a few different covers.

The amount of covers you have depends on how many babies you have at one time.

You should have two covers for a single child, and three covers for two. Just make sure you have one more sheet than you have infants.

That way while one cover is in the wash (or air drying) you're still able to use your baby lounger without risking irritation to your baby's skin.

What is the warranty on the Snuggle Me Organic infant sleeper?

It's a good idea to know what the warranty is on everything you buy for your baby's care, just in case.

The warranty on the Snuggle Me Organic, when you purchase it directly from the Snuggle Me Organic website, is six months. Though there are some snags.

There are four issues with their products that their six-month warranty does not cover.

Those issues are if the fabric shrinks, discoloration occurs after washing, the fill becomes uneven after washing, and if the item is from their Imperfect Collection.

They do have a return portal that is open for the first 60 days after the initial purchase.

Is a baby lounger worth it?

You might be looking at the prices of modern baby loungers and wondering if a baby lounger is really worth it.

That honestly depends on your day-to-day life, and how busy you are.

Parents that work from home or choose to stay home to raise their children may get more use out of a baby lounger than other parents who have babysitters and nannies.

Because they're portable and can be moved around the house without a lot of fuss, they're better for parents who often work with their hands and need somewhere safe to keep their baby.

Because they're for very young babies, under a year old, it's important to consider how much you'll use your lounger in those nine months.

In short, lots of parents swear by having a baby lounger, but they are not an absolute necessity. Because in all honesty, babies don't really care, and even cardboard boxes can work just fine.

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What Competes with the Snuggle Me Organic?

If you're not sold on the Snuggle Me Organic but still need a quality baby lounger, don't worry -- there are plenty of competitors out there.

But do they truly measure up? Which ones are organic? And how do you choose one for your baby?

Let's dive right into our first competitor: the DockATot.


This first alternative with an adorable name is the DockATot -- and this seriously snuggly alternative comes in two sizes. The Deluxe+ and the Grand.

We'll begin with the Deluxe+, which is for babies eight months old and under.

Made out of 100 percent woven cotton, it's designed to mimic a womb so your baby feels as comfortable as possible. It's a fantastic lounger for busy moms and dads!

And as your baby grows, the DockATot grows, too! The bottom of this lounger opens up to allow them extra leg room.

The outer covers and inner sleeve are machine washable, but not dryer-safe. You also need to air-dry the inner sleeves and outer covers.

And the pad itself for the DockATot cannot be machine washed -- that needs to be hand washed in cold water and left to air dry.

Meanwhile, with the Grand, all of the care instructions as well as the ingredients are the same as the Deluxe+.

The only difference is that it is much bigger, as it is for older babies who are nine months to three years in age.

All in all, it's great if you have multiple covers or you have some help around the house -- like someone else to do your laundry for you.

So while it's a great runner-up, we think the Snuggle Me Organic comes out on top.

Abreeze baby bassinet

Our next alternative is called Abreeze. This baby bassinet is portable, making it great for moving around the house.

This lounger is for all babies from newborns to two-year-olds, and it consists of hypoallergenic materials so that your baby can rest on the best.

The fabrics are 100 percent organic cotton, and chock-full of breathable filler that won't irritate your baby's skin.

Another great feature is that it has so many uses. You can use it as a bed at home, while you travel, a changing station, a side sleeper, and it's a safe place to keep your newborn.

As for washing, you can thank your lucky stars that this is machine-washable, so accidents are no big deal.

And as a huge plus, the covers come in tons of adorable patterns.

So if you're looking for a more affordable lounger to have in place of the Snuggle Me Organic, this is it!

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CuddleNest Mighty

Another baby lounger with a name just as adorable as your little bundle of joy is the CuddleNest Mighty!

The CuddleNest Mighty comes from The LoLueMade company, and it's a lounger with a simple design that does exactly what it promises: keeps your baby comfy so they can sleep.

The CuddleNest Mighty is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, breathable, and most importantly, machine washable. It's even ultra-soft to ensure maximum comfort.

This lounger is for babies ages nine months to three years old, and it's nice and sturdy, so you don't have to worry about replacing it any time soon.

It's portable, and a great way to transition your growing baby from their crib to their bed.

Lulyboo bassinet to-go

We're happy to introduce you to the Lulyboo -- your miracle lounger if you're a busy parent who's always on the go.

This super lightweight lounger is especially unique because it transforms into a backpack for super easy travel.

It has a waterproof base, a removable canopy and activity bar, a machine washable cover, and even outer pockets for extra diapers and snacks!

This lounger is just what your baby needs to nap safely and comfortably. It's also great for playing and a quick diaper-changing station.

And you won't have to worry about carrying a ton of extra weight on your back when the bassinet is in its backpack form. It only weighs four pounds and is a serious lifesaver.

With this, you'll be able to take your older kids to the park without having to worry about finding a place to change your baby. No more worrying about waking them during naps!

We recommend pairing this with the Snuggle Me Organic. That way you have one lounger for staying at home, and another for outings.

Jhion baby lounger

This next lounger is the best for newborns, and it's great for first-time parents.

This lounger is made out of only the best. That includes materials that are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and breathable. It's even made out of 100 percent cotton fabric!

This baby lounger from Jhion is perfect for babies with sensitive skin, too. The design is meant to keep your baby calm and comfortable while they sleep.

It's even adjustable! The bottom of the lounger opens up so you can continue to use it as your baby grows.

We know what you're wondering. You want to know if it's easy to clean, and we're happy to inform you that yes, it is! The cover is removable and machine washable for easy clean-up.

It's even easy to dry, so you don't have to worry about any of that air-drying nonsense!

Mamibaby baby lounger

Another fantastic baby lounger that you have to consider is from Mamibaby -- and this baby lounger just might be your next favorite baby product.

This lounger is made out of breathable, hypoallergenic material, and is full of polyfill that will keep your baby comfortable while you get things done nearby, like taking pictures of their cute, sleepy face.

From setting your baby down for a quick nap to co-sleeping, this baby lounger can handle it all. It's even reversible!

But if messes happen, (which, let's be real, they will) it's not recommended that this is washed in a machine.

Mamibaby recommends hand washing this lounger with cold water and a mild detergent, then leaving it to air dry.

You can use a dryer if you're in a hurry, but be sure to watch it carefully. Dry it on a cool setting and make sure it's completely dry before using it again.

All in all, it's a very nice alternative to the Snuggle Me Organic if you have a less-than-messy baby.

Snug as a Bug

Now you know everything you need to about the Snuggle Me Organic, and you know whether or not it's right for your little angel.

We hope this cleared up all of your questions about the Snuggle Me Organic, and you find a comfy lounger for your baby. Best of luck to you, and here's to hoping your baby loves their lounger.

Do you have a Snuggle Me Organic? Do you recommend it to other parents?

Leave us a comment down below and let us know! We're always looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

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