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June 26, 2024
the best rolled and packed ultralight and lightweight sleeping bag

The best ultralight sleeping bag for backpacking or winter camping may contain down or use synthetic materials for warmth. These compact sleeping bags are designed to resemble a mummy's tomb. Some ultralight sleeping bags have hoods, full-length zippers, and storage bags. Most ultralight bags come in several sizes.

The best ultralight sleeping bag for backpacking and camping in cold or rugged conditions usually resembles a mummy’s tomb. The unique design keeps you warmer and safe from the elements when resting after outdoor adventures. Lightweight sleeping bags are primarily used by backpackers.

Comparison Table

Check out this comparison table with the basic information for the ten ultralight sleeping bags in our list. (All temperatures are Fahrenheit.)

Product FAQs

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Here are some answers to questions about ultalight sleeping bags.

What is a mummy sleeping bag?

A mummy sleeping bag is designed to wrap you up like a mummy to keep you warm when camping in the winter or autumn. The bags are usually constructed so that you can use them during warmer weather by unzipping it to use as a quilt or moving the down to a different location inside the bag through a "baffle" system.

What are the qualities of an ultralight sleeping bag?

An ultralight sleeping bag can be stored easily in a stuff sack or storage bag and fit into a backpack. Some ultralight bags weigh about two pounds when stored so you can transport them easily.

An ultralight bag is constructed for warmth during winter and fall hikes and may be filled with up to 950 fill power (FP) down. Other sleeping bags don't have down but substitute synthetic materials for warmth.

A backpacking or ultralight sleeping bag packs smaller and provides more warmth for the weight than a camping sleeping bag.

What mummy sleeping bag should I buy?

Consider when and where you’ll be camping or backpacking. Choose a 3 or 4 season bag if you camp a lot, including in the winter. Get a down-filled bag if you like to camp cold climates. Novice campers will do fine with an inexpensive sleeping bag with or without down.

How We Reviewed

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Ultralight sleeping bags may be crafted by a small company or produced by a familiar brand name, but all quality sleeping bags share some of the same features.

  • Can the bag be used as both a quilt and mummy bag?
  • Number of sizes available
  • Warmth rating/choices
  • Hooded or unhooded
  • Type of zipper
  • Budget
  • Warranty
  • Includes stuff sack and storage bag
  • Type of down used
  • Draft collar

Overall Budget of This Product

The most expensive sleeping bags are designed for experienced backpackers who explore in all types of weather, and some companies will customize mummy sleeping bags to include special features.

Product Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Lightweight Sleeping Bag

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Size and warmth should be your primary concerns. Will you be able to fit snugly into the sleeping bag, without it being too tight or too loose? You’ll also want to look at the temperature rating. Sleeping bags are sold with ratings of 20, 30, 40 or 50 degrees, but may go as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

Choose a 30+ sleeping bag for the summer season; 15 to 30 for three seasons, and 15 or below for the winter. Some bags can be adjusted so you can use them in the winter and the summer.

The insulation is synthetic or down. Down is usually warmer, but synthetic materials are less expensive. You'll also need to look at the zipper on the sleeping bag. Full-length zippers are easier to use, and you'll want one that won't catch on the outer shell fabric.

Some bags have special features, like storage compartments for valuables, built-in pillows, and storage bags.

Our Ten Top Ultralight and Lightweight Sleeping Bags

Check out our top ten choices for the best ultralight sleeping bag. We've included a variety of lightweight, or mummy, sleeping bags, from popular brand names you'll find at big-box stores to customizable bags from small camping gear companies.

Western Mountaineering Ultralite Mummy Sleeping Bag (6'6", Left Zipper)

Key Features

The Western Mountaineering Ultralite mummy sleeping bag works best in mild spring or fall weather, but you can use it year-round. The Ultralite contains 17 ounces of 850 plus fill power down to keep you warm in cold weather.

The continuous baffle design allows for movement of the down to the underside of the bag so you can offload excess heat on warm nights. The Ultralite hasn’t been assigned an EN rating, but it’s a warm, 3-season bag. The draft collar keeps more heat in the bag after you cinch it closed.

This mummy bag has an excellent loft, and you'll feel comfortable anywhere in this bag. The bag size is average, with a 59 inch/38 inch shoulder/foot girth. You can stay warm in temperatures as low as 20 degrees in this mummy bag. There's a full length. #5 YKK zipper.

The Ultralite is available in three sizes – up to five feet six inches, from five-six to six feet, and from six feet to six feet six inches


  • One of the warmest Ultralite bags on the market
  • 850 plus fill power down
  • Gentle loft
  • Horizontal baffle construction
  • Comes with a draft collar


  • No organizational pockets
  • Lacks venting zippers
  • Expensive

Flicker UL Wide Quilt Sleeping Bag

Best Ultralight Sleeping Bag Flicker Ul Wide Quilt

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Key Features

The Flicker combines versatility and warmth in a quilt that easily turns into a mummy sleeping bag. You can unzip it and use it as a quilt in the summer or zip it up as a mummy bag in the fall and winter. (There’s a full-length zipper in the middle of the Flicker.)

Use the drawcord to make a foot box for cold nights, and adjust the draft collar with two nearby drawcords. The baffle design lets you get more heat retention without the weight of a draft tube. The shell is made of a breathable, water-resistant material called Pertex® Endurance®.

This sleeping bag is available in wide and regular width, and we’re reviewing the UL wide here. (The regular sleeping bag has the same features.) You can choose from two sizes – Regular (up to six feet) and Long (up to six feet six inches), and two colors, azure or tangerine in both the wide and regular widths.

A cotton storage bag is included.


  • Filled with 950 plus goose down
  • Full-length zipper for total enclosure
  • Available in regular and wide versions
  • You can use as quilt or mummy bag
  • Offers 20F, 30F, and 40F options


  • No hood
  • Expensive
  • Not as warm as some other sleeping bags

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Revelation Ultralight Sleeping Bag

Best Ultralight Sleeping Bag Revelation

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Key Features

The Revelation ranks as one of the warmest quilts/ultralight sleeping bags available today. This bag has U-shaped baffles to keep down secure and keep you cozy. This mummy bag has a 20 degree Fahrenheit rating, and it will certainly keep you comfortable during cold winter nights.This sleeping bag has a straight strap and a loop strap. The straps help tuck you in properly to keep you snug. The cinch cords on each end help close up the bag, but the one on the bottom doesn't tie up as firmly as some more expensive brands. The Revelation is referred to as a sleeping bag, though it’s more of a quilt. It lacks a hood, so you’ll need to use a cap or other gear to keep your head and face warm at night. This quilt is great for spring, summer or fall, but you can use it in winter, too, since it has a 20 degree Fahrenheit rating.The only campers who won’t benefit from this quilt are folks who like to camp in extreme cold (under 20 degrees). You can customize your sleeping bag/quilt through the Enlightened Equipment website. Please note it may take a few weeks to receive custom orders.


  • Customizable
  • Can use as a mummy bag or quiltHigh warmth rating
  • U shaped baffle keeps down in place
  • 10D nylon fabric


  • Too many straps and buttons
  • Takes a long time to ship
  • Bottom of the bag may not seal well

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Coleman Mummy Sleeping Bag

Key Features

This sleeping bag fits people up to six feet, two inches tall. The semi-sculpted hood includes a drawstring to seal more heat in the face and head area. You can unzip the bottom of the bag for more ventilation or warmth.

There's a ThermoLock draft tube to keep heat in, and an insulated foot box to warm up freezing toes.

You can wash this sleeping back in a commercial washer and dryer at a Laundromat or home.

This Coleman Mummy Sleeping bag is appropriate for occasional campers who want to keep warm on a frosty night. Experienced winter campers should check out mummy sleeping bags from specialized camping manufacturers.

This bag weighs 5.2 pounds when stored, so it’s not one of the lightest bags on the market.


  • For camping in temperatures as low as zero degrees Fahrenheit Inexpensive
  • Has hood with drawstringInsulated foot box
  • Won’t snag fabric when you zip up the bag
  • Keeps you warm even in 20-degree weather


  • Zipper may break
  • Cheap materials
  • May cause allergic reactions in some people

Outdoorsman Lab Mummy Sleeping Bag for Adults & Kids

Key Features

The Outdoorsman Lab Mummy Sleeping Bag for Kids and Adults has a warmth and comfort rating of 38 to 42 degrees Fahrenheit. The lower temperature limit for the Outdoorsman lab is 29 to 32 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use an extra fleece layer if you need to sleep in temperatures as low as 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

There’s a drawstring hood to keep your face and head warm, and a diamond ripstop shell to keep you dry. The high loft filling and breathable lining ensure that you stay comfortable.

This mummy sleeping bag is large enough to fit anyone up to six-foot, three inches tall. You can stick your feet out of the zippered foot box if you need to, and there's a built-in pillow for added comfort. Other features include an inner pocket for your keys or valuables and a back strap to keep the sleeping pad secure.


  • Fits most people up to 6 feet 3 inches tall
  • Includes integrated pillowcase and back straps
  • Water-resistant shell
  • Easy to carry; weighs only three pounds
  • Has a drawstring hoodInexpensive


  • Zipper breaks easily
  • Has a bad chemical smell
  • Seams fray after a few months

Teton Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag

Key Features

This Amazon’s Choice mummy sleeping bag is available in two adult and two Scout (kid/teen) versions. You can stay warm in cold weather with this EN rated sleeping bag. The bag is made to let you sleep comfortably in weather as cold as 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can choose from a sleeping bag with a temperature rating of 20 degrees Fahrenheit or zero degrees Fahrenheit.  The Teton Ultralight has thermally enhanced construction and brushed poly-flannel lining to keep you warmer.


  • Comes with a compression bag for storage
  • Sleep comfortably in temperatures as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Has a foot box to keep your toes and feet warm
  • Three-piece hood
  • Excellent customer service
  • Double layer stitch construction


  • Zipper may break
  • Not for extreme cold
  • May have a chemical smell

Outdoor Vitals Ultralight Sleeping Bag

Key Features

This Outdoor Vitals bag has some extra down in the foot area to keep your toes and feet warm on cold winter nights. The bag has a premium 800 fill power. The down is wrapped in a baffled 20 denier ripstop shell to keep the filling secure.

The down and the shell fabric have been coated with VitalDry DWR to withstand rain and snow.

Select from three sizes – short (five feet to five feet six inches), regular ( five feet six inches to six feet) and long (six feet to six feet six inches). This ultralight sleeping bag is available in zero degrees, 20 degrees or 30 degrees Fahrenheit warmth rating. Choose from black, blue, green, or red.


  • Extra down near foot area for warmth
  • Includes compression bag
  • 800 plus fill power down
  • YKK zipper
  • 20D ripstop fabric
  • VitalDry DWR coating to repel moisture


  • Poor stitching
  • Chemical smell
  • Not warm enough for some users

Hyke & Byke Quandary Ultralight Sleeping Bag

Key Features

The Hyke and Byke Quandary Ultralight Sleeping Bag feature 650 FP duck down on top and Loftech Summit on the bottom of the bag. LofTech has been shown to perform almost like natural down for moisture resistance and compression.

This sleeping bag has waterproof fabrics and Hydrophobic Down insulation to create a loft that keeps you warm and dry. The temperature limits are 15 degrees Fahrenheit (extreme), 30 degrees (lower) and 50 degrees (comfort).

The Quandary comes in five colors – black, blue, maroon, light blue and red.

The bag comes in three sizes - Short (up to five feet six inches tall), regular (up to six feet tall), and tall (up to six feet six inches tall).

The lightweight Quandary weighs 2.56 pounds (short), 2.71 pounds (regular) and 2.89 (tall) when packed.

The Quandary comes in five colors – black, blue, maroon, light blue and red.


  • 400T 20D ripstop nylon liner
  • Hydrophobic Down insulation
  • 3rd party tested
  • Large foot box
  • Horizontal baffle
  • Comes in three sizes


  • Bad smell
  • Loses feathers with regular use
  • The zipper may be hard to use

The Verdict

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The Teton Sports LEEF Lightweight Mummy Sleeping Bag is inexpensive and comes with a three-piece hood, foot box, and full-length zipper. This mummy sleeping bag can be used in extreme cold (up to eight degrees below zero Fahrenheit. We recommend the Teton Sports LEEF as the best ultralight sleeping bag for backpackers.

Although the Teton LEEF has synthetic materials instead of down, it keeps you warm through all sorts of weather and is available in sizes for adults and kids/teens.

The 40D water-resistant ripstop shell and brushed poly-flannel lining keep you dry and warm without expensive goose down, and there's even an interior pocket for storage.

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