The Parent Guide Podcast Episode 5: Parenting Stigmas

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Jess Miller
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February 28, 2024

In our fifth episode of the Parent Guide Podcast, are joined with Jozlyn, a mom of 4. In this installment of our episodic podcast, we delve into stigmas about parenting.

Jozyln’s first kid was an unexpected one. She said that she never really enjoyed babysitting, and she never thought that she would love parenting. Her first child changed her mind about all that.

We often hear the common tropes and stigmas that “kids are so much draining and so hard to raise” or “you should only have one or two kids because that’s manageable.” It’s common to see memes about children on the internet, and most of them usually have a negative spin to them. Jozlyn wanted to come on to the podcast to specifically dispel these myths. She mentions that parenting is only a hardship if you make it that.

Jozlyn discussed her journey as a parent. She went from not being a fan of the “parenting lifestyle,” to only wanting to have two kids, to then having four kids and loving every second of it.

“I have said this to a bunch of people because they were like, ‘you are so young when you had these kids and you’ve never had these life experiences.’ I have said over and over again. I couldn’t look at my kids and say, ’I’d rather have a trip to anywhere than you. I just would not trade them for any of those experiences.”

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