Best Baby Shower Gifts For Mom: Top 16 Choices

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March 30, 2024

When you get the news that a friend or family member is having a baby, it’s time to start thinking about a baby shower gift; and if mom doesn’t have a baby shower, you should probably hop to it and plan one for her. Baby showers are a wonderful way for your community to get together and support a new mom-to-be. Whether it’s her first baby or her tenth, there are always things that she’ll need to get along and do the best she can for herself and her new addition.

But it can be difficult to pick a good baby gift, and not all baby showers come with convenient registries. That’s why we’ve put together this list of excellent baby shower gift ideas. No matter what your budget is or what the needs of the expectant mom are, you’ll find something here that she’ll love, use, and thank you for. No matter what your budget is, the best baby shower gifts come from the heart.

A “Mommy Kit”

This is definitely a great gift for the mom who has everything but might need to take time out for herself every once in a while. This kit is also a very good gift for those of you on a budget. Simply go out and purchase a variety of small items for mom and stick them in a decorated mason jar.

Ideas for the “Mommy Kit” can include things like lip balm, chocolate, basic medications, deodorant wipes, under-eye concealer, or anything else that’s small and useful. You can also consider gift cards to coffee shops, bubble tea shops or ice cream shops. This is a great kit to take to the hospital, and every mom will be glad to have one.

Cost: Depends on what you choose to put in your kit and how you package it

A Pacifier Clip

The clip is one of those gifts that isn’t fancy or expensive, but it is something that mom will get a lot of use out of. Constantly trying to find a pacifier that is getting thrown out of the stroller or lost in the crib can be exhausting and provoke unnecessary crying jags.

A pacifier clip like this one will ensure that the pacifier stays within easy reach. It also will ensure that the pacifier stays hygienic as it won’t be bouncing around the floor. It is useful and affordable.

Quick Change Crib Sheet

This crib sheet is an absolutely genius idea that mom will be thanking you for profusely when the baby has a blowout in the middle of the night. A crib sheet like this one is easier and faster to change as compared to a traditional sheet. This particular version also has three layers, which will help keep baby dry and snug. More than one is a must.

Forehead Thermometer

This thermometer is yet another lifesaver. If a baby potentially has a fever, mom is going to want to know right away. However, babies can’t use under-the-tongue thermometers, and rectal thermometers can be unpleasant.

Ear thermometers are more comfortable for baby and mom, but if baby is sleeping mom isn’t going to want to wake him or her up. This thermometer can be “hovered” over the forehead to detect a fever. Baby won’t know the difference, and mom will be grateful for the quick and painless process.

Gentle Nail Trimmer

Many people who don’t have kids may be unaware of how sharp a newborn baby’s nails can be. Thus, it’s very important to keep them trimmed, so they don’t accidentally scratch themselves and cause injury. However, almost no parent likes handling traditional nail clippers around their wiggly newborn!

That’s where this gentle nail trimmer comes in. It makes cutting baby’s nails a cinch, and there is no risk of the baby getting injured during the process. It’s a win-win for everybody.

A Baby Wrap

Baby-wearing is a big thing these days, and it’s easy to see why. Using a big comfy wrap is great because it keeps baby right where he or she wants to be, close to mom.

However, it’s also great for mom since she’ll still have the use of both her hands. Some people even choose baby-wearing over using a traditional stroller. Guaranteed, if you buy mom a Boba Wrap, she’ll be using it all the time and baby will be thrilled.

Memory Book

Hey, those newborns don’t stay newborn for very long. Pretty soon that baby is going to be walking and talking, and then graduating from college.

Help mom preserve the memories of baby’s first days by giving them an album where they can record and keep photos.

A Door Silencer

A door silencer is one of the most genius doodads ever created, and anybody who’s ever accidentally woken a baby by closing a door too hard knows how useful a few of these would be.

These slip around the doorknob and compress the latch of the door so that the door can close silently. A few of these will ensure that no matter what mom and dad are doing around the rest of the house, the baby will be sleeping soundly.

Newborn Diapers

Assuming that mom is choosing to go disposable with her diapering, she’s going to be using a tremendous number of these in just the first few months. And she’ll be using a lot of them in the next two years.

Diapers are expensive, and they’re one of the necessary supplies that she’ll be needing for a long while. A box of diapers is always a welcome gift for a new mom, and you definitely know you’ll be giving her a gift that she’ll use.

The Baby Basics Gift Set

This is another gift that will certainly be used. The Honest Company is very highly regarded where baby products are concerned, and mom will definitely get use out of this handy and adorable kit.

Babysitting Book

This book can help your friend to learn tricks for her baby and can read this while she stays at home. It helps her to get ready for the baby that is coming.

There are a million books out there, but a few of the best are all you need. This is one of the book that will help your friend navigate the incomparable ride that is conception to delivery, as well as the child’s early years.

A Stroller Organizer

This gift will become one of mom’s most favorite accessories. This particular stroller organizer is strung between the handles of the stroller and mom can put all the things that she needs to have available into the pockets.

This can include sunglasses, pacifiers, bottles, and any other odds and ends. Digging around in a purse while directing a stroller can get cumbersome after a while. Mom will definitely get a lot of use out of this gift, particularly since it can be used on multiple strollers. No matter how big baby gets, mom can take this one with her.

Breastfeeding Pads

If you’ve never breastfed before, there’s one important thing to know about it: it will make your nipples very, very sore. While many moms love the process of breastfeeding, as well as the bonding and health benefits it gives, there’s no doubt that it’s a hard process on the breasts.

When mom is dealing with sore nipples, she’ll love these breastfeeding pads. They can be put in the freezer and then slipped into a bra to provide some instant soothing relief. These are a must if the mom in your life is going to attempt to give the baby the breast.

A Nursing (and More!) Cover

This is another great gift for moms who are planning to breastfeed, but this is such a versatile piece of equipment that even moms who aren’t going to breastfeed will get a lot of use out of this gift.

The cover can be easily thrown on top of a mom who wants some cover while she’s breastfeeding, but it can also be used as a car seat cover, shopping cart cover, or even an infinity scarf for mom. This gift is chic and oh-so-flexible.

A Useful Sign

This one is from WINOMO, but something like this could be easily made at home. This gift is one of those items that new moms don’t realize they need until they have it, especially if they’re also a dog mom, too. We all know how it goes, and we dread it.

First, an unsuspecting salesperson rings the doorbell, then the dogs go off, and then the sleeping baby wakes up. Nobody wants to deal with that. A sign like this one, hung on the door, will likely discourage most people from starting that chain reaction that results in a crying baby and a stressed-out mom.

Smartphone Holder

We’re all more or less attached to our phones these days, and moms are no different. How else is she going to take all those photos to put on Facebook? However, when mom’s hands are taken up by a stroller and a baby, having one hand constantly free for the phone is an impossibility.

This smartphone holder is actually meant for bicycles, but the same mounting software will work just as well on a stroller. When she’s got her stroller organizer and her smartphone mount, the new mom will be ready to go out and about, and she won’t miss a text.

Best Baby Shower Gifts

With this long list to help you choose something special, you’re sure to give mom a unique gift she’ll love. She needs all the help she can get.

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