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Jess Miller
Last updated: 
March 28, 2023

You now have access to the following printables:

Download: Happy Birthday Chalkboard Fonts

Download: First Birthday Chalkboard Template

Read more about this template and how to install these fonts: First Birthday Chalkboard Template: Free Download for Baby's First Birthday

Download Printable: Ovulation Tracker

Read more about this tracker: 9 Tips for Couples Trying to Conceive

Baby Sleep Printables:

Download Printable: Nap Lengthening - At a Glance 

Read more about this cheat sheet: How I Helped My Newborn Take Longer Independent Naps

Download Printable: Worksheet for Individualize Nap Schedule

Read more about this worksheet: How I Set a Nap Schedule Based on Baby's Individualized Sleeping Needs

Work from Home Printables:

Download Printable: 5 Tips for Applying to VIPKID

Read more about applying to VIPKID: Maternity Leave Doesn’t Have to End! How You Can Make Money from Home by Becoming a VIPKID Teacher

Household Productivity Printables:

Download Printable: Assess your time

Read more about this worksheet: Assessing and then Removing Wasted Time in your Typical Day

Download Printable: Make a Budget

Read more about this worksheet: Increase Your Savings with Budgeting

Download Printable: Create a Cleaning Schedule

Read more about this worksheet: Create the most efficient cleaning schedule and to-do list for your household

Download Printable: Guide to Meal Planning

Read more about this worksheet:Save money without couponing with meal prep

Download Printable: Outline morning and evening routines

Read more about this worksheet: Rock your Mom Life with a Morning and Evening Routine

Download Printable: Your organizational worksheets

Read more about this worksheet: Your Guide to an Organization Inventory and Overhaul

Download Printable: Start your wardrobe inventory

Read more about this worksheet: Improve your Wardrobe with this 4-Step System

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