Parent Guide Podcast Episode 6: Santa & Christmas

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Jess Miller
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June 6, 2024

In today’s Christmas Special podcast, we talk about Christmas and Santa with the holiday just around the corner. We are joined by our guest, Andrew, a father of 2 daughters. 

A lot of parents tell their kids about Santa and will playfully help them write letters to him, and stock presents under the tree addressed from Santa himself. Some parents do not subscribe to this philosophy, stating that it may have a negative impact when they eventually find out that he is indeed not real (although Saint Nicholas was a real person).

Andrew says that he never told his kids that Santa is real, mentioning that he never really had to have any sort of concrete discussion about it with them personally. His older daughter has always known it to be a story. Although, Andrew notes that he and his wife make it a tradition every holiday season to read the story of Saint Nicholas to the kids. 

Referencing the story of Saint Nicholas, Andrew says that the story has importance on what the holiday season should be more like. He explains that Saint Nicholas gave gifts to those that were in need, and on top of that, he gave the gifts anonymously. 

Most of all, Andrew says that every family should find a tradition to do during the holidays, and give your family something to look forward to every year. These traditions that we engage in bring the family together. He adds to this point that if Santa and gifts are the traditions that bring your family together, then, by all means, continue it. 

“I think tradition is important. More so than anything we believe or don’t believe in. I think it’s just the act of doing something that brings you together.”

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