A heart shaped box of chocolate to help you celebrate a romantic valentine's with kids Romantic Valentine's Day with Kids? Yes, It Can Happen. Here's How.

The idea of a romantic Valentine's with kids may seem impossible, especially during a pandemic. However, there are many ways to bypass the obstacles and make this a Valentine's Day to remember. It just takes a little creativity and some motivation to make things happen. You may have to think outside the box or find […]

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping Strategies 10 Tips for Parents: Shopping Strategies For Holiday Deals

The smartest shoppers know that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the time to get the best deals. For parents, it's also a key time to shop for everything your children need. With these Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping strategies, you'll be ready to score those once-a-year deals that make shopping for the whole […]

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bowl of popcorn and a mug of hot chocolate in a knit cozy in front of a fireplace New Family, New Holiday Traditions: Blending the Old and the New

The holiday season is nearly upon us, and it is time to start thinking about holiday traditions. When the holiday season rolls around, families typically begin engaging in traditions practiced year after year. If you have a new family, you have an opportunity to create new family traditions that represent you. Suppose you have a […]

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Budget Christmas 24 Budget Christmas Gifts to Make Your Kids Smile

It's been quite a year, but we still want to provide the best possible 2020 holiday for our families. Because people don't have many extra funds, budget Christmas gifts are on the agenda for everyone. Especially the kids -- we want to make the kids smile when they open their gifts. We found some of […]

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