24 Budget Christmas Gifts to Make Your Kids Smile

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February 21, 2023
Budget Christmas

It's been quite a year, but we still want to provide the best possible 2020 holiday for our families. Because people don't have many extra funds, budget Christmas gifts are on the agenda for everyone. Especially the kids -- we want to make the kids smile when they open their gifts.

We found some of the best budget Christmas gifts in the market this year. Beginning with games the whole family will enjoy, we tried to include a variety to appeal to a broad audience. Make your family game a fun night for everyone.

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7 Budget Christmas Gifts for the Whole Family

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping Strategies

Budget Christmas gifts for the whole family should be on everyone's list. Although we may have lost it in our lives' busyness, family game night is a great way to enjoy each other's company.

1. Kids Against Maturity

 is a card game full of inappropriate flatulence humor. Geared for kids, it will provide hours of laughter in the style of fill-in-the-blank card games.

Parents should screen the 500-card deck of cards before playing if they're squeamish about fart jokes. The more ridiculous the matches, the more you will laugh. Kids Against Maturity is a great way to unplug, and it is small enough to take on family trips. Best with 4 or more players 8-years or older.

2. Fortnite Edition Monopoly

Fortnite fans will love this  game for 2 to 7 players. Inspired by the popular video game, this is a classic Monopoly with different properties, game pieces, and health points instead of money. If you've never played Fortnite, this may help you understand the addiction a bit.

3. Pictionary Air

 is like the original game, but with a twist -- you draw in the air, and images appear on Smart devices (you can even connect to a TV for large screen enjoyment) using the Pictionary Air app.

There are 112 clue cards, with 30 percent of them unique to this version of the game. It's endless hours of fun and a great travel game. Parents should be aware that there is a record and playback feature, so avoid performing embarrassing antics while drawing.

4. Table Tennis To-Go

 To-Go includes everything to set up a table tennis tournament for active kids that need to burn off some energy on a cold or rainy day. Any table will work to create hours of active fun. The set comes in a handy carry bag with two paddles, two balls, and a self-standing, retractable net.

5. Don't Laugh Challenge - 12 Year Old Edition

Although this is a book, we included it in the family game section because everyone will enjoy trying not to laugh at these jokes.  -- 12 Year Old Edition is fun for the whole family as you take turns reading goofy jokes and trying not to crack a smile.

It's also available in versions for children as young as 6-years old. Easy to pack for family trips and hours of hilarious "not" laughing.

6. Escape Room in a Box - The Walking Dead

This team game includes math, logic, and clues to solve. If you love escape rooms, you will love  in a Box -- The Walking Dead. There is a twist, though. You're not trying to get out of a room. You need to get in because, you know, zombies are outside ready to eat your brains.

While this is geared for children 13-years and older, younger children can be guided through with some help and a clear understanding that zombies are not real. Your 6-year old may save the whole family!

7. Unstable Unicorns Card Game (Base Edition)

If your family likes adventure card games, give  Card Game (Base Edition) a look. Befriend unicorns and form a unicorn army. Trample your friends (figuratively, of course). This kit contains 135 cards, a rule book and is ready to play on opening.

There are expansion packs available. Recommended for 2 to 8 players and 14-years and older. This game is okay for younger children with supervision and assistance.

7 Budget Christmas Gifts for Kids and Tweens


Kids and tweens like anything that isn't socks and underwear. They are adventuresome, curious, and can't wait to grow up. That thought inspired us to highlight this list of fun budget Christmas gifts sure to make your kids smile.

1. Gemstone Excavation Kit

Do you have a rock collector on your list? The  is a great way to expand their rock collection, but they'll have to work for it. The kit has a block of packed chalk and excavation tools. Kids carefully chisel and dig to uncover hidden crystals, gemstones, and beautiful rocks. This project does create debris, so you may want to set up a special work area for your child.

2. Grow 'N Glow Terrarium Kit

The  teaches kids about how an ecosystem develops and thrives. If your young botanist is ready to plant and maintain their own mini-ecosystem, this complete terrarium kit is a perfect start. Everything is included (with seeds from the U.S.).

The kit also has glow-in-the-dark forest figurines and constellation stickers to add a bit of flare—a great way to teach children about caring for plants.

3. Paper Airplane Kit

Offering creativity and hours of fun for everyone, will bring joy and laughter indoors or out. With 18 designs, easy instructions, and stickers to make unique airplanes, this kit is excellent for ages six and up. Bring the amazing gift of aviation to your children.

4. Panda Succulent Planter

Another gift for your budding botanist who also likes animals. This adorable  is a perfect way to learn basic plant care. The planter does include a plant, so you can add a small plastic plant if your child isn't quite ready for the real thing.

The bottom does have holes, so avoid over-watering, as it will leak. If Pandas aren't your kid's favorite, there are also .

5. Tabletop Robot Kit

Science isn't just for the classroom with this . Shaped like a crab, this little robot will scurry around the table. It redirects itself around obstacles. No tools are required to build it, but you will want to stock up AAA batteries. The robot uses one AAA battery, and it is not in the kit.

6. Fun Brick Mug

Does your little builder get bored sitting at the table with nothing to build? The  from FUBARBAR Creating Building will solve that problem and keep them from fidgeting. This 12-ounce BPA-free mug comes with 3 packs of bricks that can be used to build around the outside surface. Great for adults at the office too.

7. Moonjar Money Bank

It's never too early to learn the value of a dollar. With the , your children can set aside funds to save, spend, and share. The bank includes three clearly marked sections to divide allowances up into categories. One is to save, one to spend, and one to share with others. This bank works on setting goals, appropriate spending, sharing, and financial responsibility.

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8 Budget Christmas Gifts for Teens

Gift Bags

Teens are always challenging to shop for. They are past the making a gift list age, so deciding on gifts can be hit-or-miss for parents. If your teen was less than helpful, you could add any of the budget Christmas gifts below to get smiles.

1. AirPod Storage Case

This handy  keeps the AirPod charging unit safe and secure. The case is lightweight and protects your AirPod charger and AirPods. Charging can be accomplished right inside the case, with a handy dust cover to protect the charging port.

With an included hand strap and carabiner clip, your kid won't be misplacing their AirPods. You have to supply your own AirPods and charging unit -- this is only a case to protect them.

2. One-Step Tie-Dye Kit

Tie-Dye is back in style! This  from Tulip contains color-fast dyes that won't fade. Included colors are yellow, turquoise, lime, fuchsia, and purple -- but your teens can mix and match or combine colors to make different fun colors.

With 40 rubber bands and protective gloves, your teens will be ready to turn drab white t-shirts into works of tie-dyed splendor!

3. Water Resistant Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Because they can't take a shower without their music, give your teens the ability to take it with them with the  Bluetooth Shower Speaker from SoundBot. This speaker has easy access to all controls, and it includes a mic for hands-free talking.

Rated for indoor and outdoor use, the go-anywhere speaker is an excellent addition to your teen's backpack. With 6 hours of playing time and a suction cup for the shower wall, you may never have hot water again. Compatible with most iPhone and Android devices.

4. Pepperoni Pizza Socks

Who doesn't like cool socks? These come in a single-slice pizza box. Your teen will get hungry just looking at them, adorned with tasty-looking pepperoni slices on a cheese background.

5. Tortilla Socks

This two-pack of socks comes wrapped like a tortilla box. Don't take a bite, though, because the  from the Rainbow Socks Store are not edible. One pair of socks contains images of tasty flatbread tortillas, and the second pair is a surprise. If your foodie enjoys tortillas, this may be the perfect gift.

6. Do Not Disturb Gaming Socks

Does your gamer spend hours in front of a screen with their feet propped up? They may need these  Gaming Socks socks that double as a "Do Not Disturb" sign. On the bottom of one sock, it says "Do Not Disturb," and the bottom of the other states, "I'm Gaming," and has a small image of a game controller.

The print is a non-slip design, so if your gamer has wobbly legs after so much sitting, at least they won't slip on the bathroom floor.

7. Blank Comic Book (Draw Your Own)


If you have a cartoonist in your family, this may be an excellent addition to their bookshelf. With pages full of empty comic book panels, this book is waiting for your artist. The blank pages can be used to create works of fiction or as a journal chronicling the average teenager's monotonous life.

Whatever your teen decides to draw inside the pages of this book, it is sure to become a keepsake. Perhaps you have the next Stan Lee in your midst?

8. The Complete Cookbook for Teens

It's time. Your teen needs to learn some life skills in the kitchen. What better way to send a subtle hint (OK, it's not so subtle) than to include a cookbook in their gift pile?  contains more than 120 recipes, from simple to complex. Let your teen explore their culinary abilities by preparing a family feast to celebrate the coming New Year.

Bonus -- Educational Games for Everyone

When it comes to family fun and learning, games have been a stalwart companion for our families. Not only are they fun to play, but we learn along the way without realizing it. So, a quick reminder not to neglect those "educational" games. They are far from boring.


 is a word-making game that is a fun and challenging way to increase your vocabulary and word knowledge. Forming words with a limited number of letters and trying to land on the high scoring tiles can provide hours of entertainment for everyone.

Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit is the trivia game that began a craze. With several editions, this popular game is available in your family's personal favorites. The  includes separate questions for children and adults to even the playing field for younger players. But  will give you bragging rights if you manage to collect all your pie pieces first.

Making Your List and Checking It Twice

Family Christmas

We hope you enjoyed our look at budget Christmas gifts that will make your kids smile. Although it has been a tough year, the holiday season is a joyous occasion to celebrate families, time spent together, and the arrival of a future full of glad tidings.

Please drop a comment below to tell us how you are making this year special for your family.

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