Best Toy Cubby Storage and Bath Toy Storage for Your Home

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March 17, 2023

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Best Toy Cubby Storage and Bath Toy Storage

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You're a parent so you already know how quickly the toy collection in your house can grow. That's why you need the best toy storage to keep the clutter under control.

You need storage, but you don't want to just buy anything on the market. Besides, there are so many available choices, it can be overwhelming. Luckily, we narrowed down the choices for you, and all you have to do is choose.

How We Chose Our Ratings

Our method of choosing our ratings is simple. We look at what people love. We look through reviews and blogs. Blogs, parenting blogs, in particular, are a great place to start when looking for toy storage.

If a product catches our eye, we do more research using consumer sites like Amazon. We picked out products that have a three-digit number of reviews at a minimum. This way can to look through all the reviews to get a full picture.

We then boil down hundreds of reviews into the consistently high and lows. From there, we decide from the reviews what our score of the product will be.

5 Best Toy Cubby Storage

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We tried to find a variety of styles and prices of products. We understand that everyone has their own specific needs.

Badger Basket Three Bin Storage Cubby

Here is a small and simple storage solution that could work in any room. The design is almost like a blank slate that you or your child can make into their own.

You can mix and match and stack these cubbies if you want to buy more than one. Though if you do stack them, you will need to buy wall anchor straps. There are brackets on the back that will put the two units together.

The cubbies have a wide mouth to make it easy for you and your child to put things away. It also allows a variety of toys to be put in it.

Because it’s made of wood, it’s easy to clean.

The dimensions are around thirty-seven by 19 by seventeen inches. The cubbies measure eleven by seventeen and a half by nineteen inches. It weighs thirty-six pounds with nothing in it.

You can choose from seven different colors.

People like that it only takes around fifteen minutes to set up. The cubbies store a lot more than it appears in the pictures. People love how much money they saved getting this instead of other storage options.

Some people are frustrated that the screws show and the covers are just stickers. There were also some complaints about a chemical smell.

KidKraft Wall Storage Unit

This product mixes a classic wood look with bright, colorful bins that kids love. It can fit in your living room, nursery, or anywhere else on your home.

It has thirteen storage compartments. Some are removable bins, shelves to put either toys or books and deep buckets on the bottom.

The dimensions are around thirty-seven by sixteen by forty-nine inches. The weight of this storage product weighs eighty-eight pounds without anything in it.

It’s very sturdy and can handle roughhousing and play that comes with having a child. It fits plenty of items and allowing a variety of things to be stored. People love the design and how it pairs style and fun into one piece.

It does take a while to install and may need more than one person to do it. Plus, the instructions can be unclear where certain parts go where.

Sauder Pogo Bookcase

Here is another cubby storage solution with a classic look. This could hold toys and books due to being a shelf and cubby in one.

It features an ID tag for each chubby if you want to be even more organized.

It’s made of engineered wood and is environmentally kind.

You can choose between white or natural wood color.

The dimensions are around forty-one by fifteen by thirty-two inches. It weighs sixty pounds without anything in it.

Reviewers point out how much this product can store. Parents love that it can hold toys and books. The height of it is great for toddlers to reach for what they want. It only takes around a half hour to put together.  

People do wish that it came with a wall mount because it’s top heavy. There it appears to be some shipping issues. Many people received this cubby storage with chipped edges though they were never on integral parts.

Delta Children Deluxe Multi-Bin Toy Organizer

This is another colorful storage solution. It features nine bins of different sizes and colors. It’s at the perfect height for kids to grab and put away their toys.

It’s made of engineered wood, and the bins are made of fabric. It has four small bins, three medium ones, and two large bins. Any size toy will find a bin to have a home in.

The overall dimension of the shelves is thirty-six by twelve by twenty-four inches.

It comes in four different color varieties.

People like that the bins are made of canvas because they are easy to clean and durable. People love how the colors came out and say their kids love them too. It’s easy to build; it will take some people only fifteen minutes.

Some people don’t like that there is no bottom shelf and the large bins sit on the floor. They are also simple to tip over, which can be dangerous if you have an unruly child.

Best Bath Toy Storage

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Make bath time fun time with these organizers. We picked out products that kids will love the look of and prices that parents will love. We even threw in a more mature option if you would rather not have a kid’s product in your bathroom.

Toyganizer Bath Toy Organizer

Here is another way to have storage and have it be out of your way. This is on the larger end of the storage spectrum. The net is eighteen by fourteen inches. The quality mesh will allow water to drain without mold growing.

It will stay close to your wall, and you can put it up high and out of reach of grabby hands.

It’s easy to set up. It comes with two heavy-duty suction cups.

They offer a hundred percent money back guarantee.

People back up the companies claim that the suction cups are sturdy and stay on. The bag automatically starts to close as you put toys in, saving you that extra step in ending bath time.

At the same time, some people struggled to keep the net up. This could be due to the type of tile or wall they have. Some types work better than others.

MISSLO Quick Dry Mesh Pockets Fabric Bath/Shower Caddy Organizer

If you want more mature storage, look no further than this mesh organizer that can attach to your shower rod. You can use it inside or outside the shower.

It features six mesh pockets that can easily fit a variety of toys though each pocket can only hold around a pound of items.

It’s easy to install. You can put it with your curtain rings and just leave it hanging. It’s also simple to clean since it drains out the water, all you have to do is wipe it down with a damp washcloth if it gets dirty.

The dimensions are seventeen by twenty-six inches.

People love that it’s a low maintenance storage solution. It’s easy to clean, easy to install, and easy to put stuff in. Plus, it doesn’t rust or grow mildew.

Be aware that it doesn’t come with hooks, so you may have to buy some if you don’t already have some.

Chef Craft 5-Quart Deep Colander

Can’t go wrong with a classic! Before people thought to create specific bath time storage, most people used a colander. After all, it drains liquids from food, why wouldn’t it work as well with bath toys?

This colander is made of durable BPA free plastic. It has big holes for drainage, and you can tuck it into any corner you need to.

The dimensions are around eleven by eleven by twenty inches.

It can handle any punishment your child may give it while playing. You won’t have to worry about mold developing because of the big drain holes. Plus, people love the price of it.

Some people think the plastic feels too thin and cheap. There also seems to be some rough edges around the holes.

Boon Whale Pod Drain and Storage Bath Toy Scoop

Who says that storage can’t be fun? This whale storage scoop will stay out of your way by attaching to your wall. It even has a built-in shelf for shampoo.

It’s not complicated to install. It comes with adhesive stops and hardware.

When it’s bath time all you have to do is remove the scoop, and you can dump out all the toys. When it’s time to clean up, you can grab them all while they are still in the tub. Feel free to rinse them out to reduce the chance of mold.

It’s safe because it’s BPA free, Phthalate-free, and PVC-free.

The dimensions are sixteen and a half by nine and a half by six and a half inches.

People love this fun little whale because it makes bath time so easy. It’s a quick clean up, automatic drainage, and out of the way.  

You may want to get your own adhesive strips than using the ones that come with the whale. Many people have said that they fail and the whale comes crashing down.

It drains with ease, so there’s no drying that you have to do.

KidCo Bath Toy Organizer Storage Basket

This basket creates an easy reach for your child during bath time. Stretching across the tub, your kid can pick whatever the toy they want.

Don’t worry about it not fitting with your tub. It’s adjustable and will fit most tubs.

It also features divider panels and slotted sides and bottom for quick drainage. The basket dimensions are around five by six by 19 inches.

It’s dishwasher safe and prevents mold build up. It’s helpful if you have a small bathroom and kids love being able to be in control.

Some people found it to be awkward. Kids would constantly knock it around. If an adult wanted to have a bath, they have to take it out and find a place to store it.

Buyer’s Guide

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There’s a difference between bath toy storage and regular toy storage. With bath toys, you have to keep in mind that they could grow mildew or mold without proper drainage.

What to Look for in Bath Toy Storage

There are three different types of bath storage.

There are different types of bath storage. Nets give you pockets that usually stick to your wall with suction cups. Scoops work just like you would think a scoop would. You can grab all the toys at once, and it drains without you having to do anything. Caddies give you easy access to toys and organization while resting on the tub.

All of these allow water to drain and give the toys plenty of ventilation to dry out. They also keep everything neat and tidy without getting in the way.

The perfect bath storage not only allows drainage and ventilation but also should be easy to get the toys in and out. After all, your child will want to get their toys themselves.

Depending on the type of tile you have on your wall, suction cups may not attach to the wall. For example, textured or porous tiles won’t work.

Regular Toy Storage

The best toy storage will make cleaning fun and easy for adults and kids alike. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get quality storage.

Cubby holes are a popular choice because they look like bookshelves with more compartments. You can get different binds, usually plastic or cloth, and move them around any way you like. This lets you put away toys of all kinds.

You want to make sure that whatever you buy is sturdy and durable. Playtime can equal roughhousing, and you don’t want something to fall on your child. You also don’t want to have to replace your toy storage every year because it breaks easily.

Have you thought about what you want your storage to look like? Do you want it to look it belongs to a kid? Do you want something that can blend in with the rest of your furniture? Maybe something in between would work best.

Let’s not forget about how easy to clean it is. It’s a known fact that kids are messy. You don’t want to make life harder on yourself by getting something impossible to clean.

How easy it for your child to clean? If it’s too hard, then they won’t want to clean and will give your trouble.

Prove that Clean Up Can Be Fun

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Kids may hate cleaning up, but having the best toy storage may change their tune. Choosing something accessible and colorful will draw children towards cleaning. Plus, you will teach them independence because they can do it on their own.

Keep in mind how much money you want to spend, how much space you have, and how complicated it will be to put together.

It may help to make a list of the toys your child has. That way you can see how much they have, what’s the smallest toy, and what’s the biggest. Doing this will help you know how big of a cubby you need.

If any of these options don’t suit your taste, make sure you read reviews of whatever product you like. It’s easy to think you are getting one thing, and then you end up with something else entirely.

Hopefully, playtime will be fun and easy for everyone.

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