Best Scooter For Kids: Expert Buyer Guide And Reviews

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February 21, 2023

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Scooters can provide your kids with fun, adventure and exercise. However, with all the models available, you may not know where to begin when it comes to finding the best scooter for kids.

The following guide may answer some common questions you have about certain scooter types and which accessories are available. You will also read about the most popular brands.

Kid Scooter FAQs

You may have a lot of information about kid scooters floating around inside your head. However, it’s important to do a bit of detective work and check out these frequently asked questions.

Where can you buy scooters?

Kid scooters can be found at a wide variety of local sporting good and toy stores. Many specialty stores online also carry different models, colors and styles.

Are scooters difficult to assemble?

Simple kick scooters only take about 10 minutes to put together. Electric models might take slightly longer and typically require 12 hours to charge to full power.

How old should a child be to ride a scooter?

Your children’s physical abilities may vary, but most kids can handle a kick scooter by the age of three. Children eight and over can typically use an electric model with supervision.

What kind of safety gear should kids wear?

It’s a good idea for kids of any age to wear a helmet while riding a scooter. Knee and elbow pads can provide extra protection.

Are scooters durable?

Most scooters are made to last and endure daily wear and tear. Most are made of aluminum, titanium or stainless steel.

How fast do electric models go?

The speed of electric kid scooters varies depending on which model you choose. Some can go well over 10 mph.

What is the best way to find a good brand?

Taking the time to read scooter reviews can be helpful. You might also want to ask other parents which models they bought and their thoughts on them.

How safe are kid scooters?

Kick scooters are typically safe for kids of all ages. Motorized and trick models should be used with adult supervision and protective gear.

Different Types of Kid Scooters

Finding the right type of scooter for your children’s ages and abilities can be an important factor for comfort and safety. Here are some helpful breakdowns for each type of available scooter so you can make some comparisons in prices, features and uses:

3-Wheel Toddler Scooters

These scooters have two wheels in the front and one in the back, or one in front and two in back for added balance and stability. There are many different styles and colors, and most are made from durable, thick plastic. The price depends on the adjustability and brand. Toy outlets online may have clearance or discontinued models available.

If you have a toddler who wants to ride a scooter like his or her bigger brothers or sisters, a three-wheel scooter can let him or her do so safely. The third rear wheel can also help a young child practice proper balance. Despite the adjustable T bar, your toddler may outgrow this type of scooter quickly. Plastic parts may fade or crack if the scooter is not stored properly.

Depending on the scooter model, your child can either sit or stand on it and scoot or kick along with one or both legs. Most models work best on flat, smooth surfaces. This colorful three-wheel scooter is suitable for children ages one to six years of age and includes the added fun of light-up LED front wheels and built-in music with the push of a button.

Two-Wheel Kid Scooters

Two-wheel kids scooters are non-motorized and designed for older kids who have outgrown a three-wheeled scooter. Most models are stand-up style and include handbrakes and an adjustable T-bar. Prices for this type of scooter can vary widely.

Many two-wheel scooter models fold in half for easy storage and carrying. Their adjustability can make it simple for kids to share the scooter. The lack of a third wheel may make it easier for your child to fall. Polyurethane wheels may degrade over time.

Two-wheel scooters have a deck where your child can place one foot as he or she kicks off with the other. The T-bar allows him or her to steer with precision and ride with both feet on the deck on gentle downhill slopes. This Razor kick scooter folds in half for convenience and includes a rear brake for added safety, especially when riding downhill. It is available in a variety of colors and is made of high-grade aluminum.

Pro Kid Scooters

Pro scooters are designed for older children who want to learn tricks or start competing in local trick-riding competitions. Most are not adjustable, so you may have to take your child to get measured for one. Pro scooters are typically more expensive than adjustable models.

Pro scooters are a great choice for any child or teen who wants to learn tricks. The scooters are lightweight and durable, and many come with a grip surface on the deck that reduces the risk of falls. Because these models are not adjustable, you may have to replace one if your child grows unexpectedly. They can also be costlier than adjustable scooters.

These scooters are designed for jumps, fast turns and other tricks. Your child pushes off with one foot to gain momentum and then puts both feet on the deck before jumping or allowing the handlebars to swivel. This red pro scooter is one example of a durable model that’s suitable for an intermediate rider. Both the body and wheels are aluminum for greater durability.

Electric Kid Scooters

Electric scooters can provide your kids with hours of enjoyment without the added exertion of having to propel it with their feet. Most children’s models reach a top speed of 15 mph.

Electric scooters allow your kids to travel further on a single charge than they might with a simple kick model. They are simple to use, and even younger children from the ages of six and up can control beginner’s models. These scooters might not provide your child with the exercise that kick scooters do. Learning to operate the handlebar throttle can be tricky for younger children.

To use an electric scooter, place it on a smooth, hard surface. Kick start the motor or push the “on” button if your model has one. Keep one foot on the ground, and then slowly lift it up onto the deck as you twist the throttle. This Razor brand electric scooter features a push-button throttle and a handbrake that makes it a good choice for a child who has never ridden this type of scooter before. It reaches a top speed of 10 mph, and the battery lasts well over an hour in between charges.

Off-Road Kid Scooters

If your kids enjoy playing on rough terrain or want to take their scooters off road onto a dirt trail, then an off-road scooter can be a good choice for them. These kick scooters have wide, rugged wheels that can handle dirt, sand and grassy conditions. Brand may play a part in price in this case, since most of these models do not vary in appearance or features.

These scooters can be an advantage if you have active children who like to explore unbeaten paths at the park or hiking trails. Their rugged construction allows for hours of use on rough terrain. They may not provide as smooth a ride as those with narrow wheels. They can also be more expensive than typical kick scooters.

These scooters are simple to use. Your child puts one foot on the deck and uses the other to propel the scooter forward. She or he can swivel the handlebars in either direction to perform tricks. This aluminum scooter features a sturdy aluminum body and wide, tough wheels that are designed for riding on dirt.

Caster Kid Scooters

Caster scooters are three-wheel scooters with a broad horizontal deck and swiveling, or caster-style rear wheels. Children propel the scooter by swaying back and forth and twisting their feet. You will likely find caster scooters online or at sporting goods stores.

One of the best benefits of a caster scooter is that it provides riders with aerobic exercise while they have fun at the same time. Performing tricks can be simpler because of the caster wheels as well. Most caster scooters do not have an adjustable T bar. This can make it difficult for your child to handle the scooter if he or she is not tall enough.

Once the scooter is placed on a flat surface, your child steps up onto the deck. He or she then twists her feet from left to right to propel the scooter forward. The faster your child twists, the faster the scooter goes. This Razor PowerWing Caster Scooter features a wide deck with foot grips and a handbrake. It is constructed of steel with a durable polyurethane front wheel.

The advantages of using / having a kid scooter

As a parent, it can be useful to understand the advantages of buying a kid scooter. Whether you have a toddler or an active teenager, these vehicles have a variety of benefits that might surprise you.

They encourage exercise

In an age in which phone apps and video games rule the entertainment scene, the best kid scooters get your children outside and exercising. Caster scooters can be especially aerobic, as the twisting motions that are needed to propel it involve the body’s core and leg muscles.

They promote group play

Buying a scooter for each of your children can encourage them to play together in a group. This fosters better peer communication, cooperation and sharing skills.

They are highly portable

Most scooters are foldable, which means your kids can take them almost anywhere. Most models, even larger caster scooters, are made of lightweight aluminum or steel.

Scooters can encourage new hobbies

Once your child discovers the joy of scooter culture, he or she can enjoy all it has to offer. Clubs, online forums and weekend scooter competitions can keep your kids active and encourage them to socialize with a vast array of other kids.

The Disadvantages of using / having a kids scooter

As with any child’s toy, even the best kid scooter can have its drawbacks. Knowing what these are before you buy might help you make the best choice for your child’s well-being.

Scooters can cause injury

Riding any type of scooter can result in an injury. Children can skin their elbows and knees or hit their heads if they fall.

Kids can outgrow their scooter

Scooters that do not have an adjustable T bar can be a liability for a family with growing children. Toddlers and younger children may outgrow a three-wheel scooter within the space of a year.

Young kids may try difficult tricks too soon

Your younger children probably want to try things they see their older brothers and sisters do, so they might try difficult scooter tricks before they’re ready. This can result in serious injuries.

Benefits of using/having an Electric Kid Scooter

If your child is interested in having an electric scooter, you may first want to know about the benefits of this vehicle. From portability and simple storage to comfort, there are several advantages these scooters have over manual kick or caster scooters.

Ease of use

Electric kid scooters are simple to use. Even toddler-age children can use scooters built for their height. Some have push-button throttles, which makes them simpler for them to control.

Moderate top speeds

Electric kid scooters typically have a top speed of 15 mph. This allows your child to enjoy the ride with minimal risk.

Electric scooters are fun to ride

Because these scooters don’t require any leg power to ride, they can be more exciting than a kick scooter. Kids can zip to a friend’s house and back and explore the neighborhood in comfort.

Tips on how to choose the best electric scooter

If you are ready to buy your child an electric scooter, here are some shopping tips that may help you find the right brand and features for your needs. Remember that these factors may be different for each child:

  • Your child’s weight, age and riding ability
  • Speed of charging and the life of the battery per each use
  • Top speed of the scooter
  • The overall cost of the scooter and safety equipment
  • Whether your child will be riding on pavement, dirt or another surface
  • What other parents have said in online ratings and reviews/more positive comments than negative

Most Popular Electric Kid Scooter Brands

Here are the six most popular electric scooters on the market today. Reading these scooter reviews may make your purchasing decision simpler:

RAZOR electric scooters come in a variety of models. Some have a chain-driven electric motor, while a few models have a hub-style power unit that helps the vehicle use the battery more efficiently.

GOTRAX makes electric scooters in a wide array of colors, from blue and pink to green and purple. Their Glider Cadet model is made specifically for children eight and older and has a top cruising speed of 11 mph.

Maxtra electric scooter models can be found on a variety of retail websites, and colors and prices vary per site. Their scooters are designed for children aged 6-14.

Rimable makes kick scooters with light-up LED wheels and has a limited electric scooter selection. As such, you may not be able to find the color or style your child wants.

Mongoose is known for its BMX bike models, but it manufactures a limited line of electric scooters as well. Most of their scooters feature a 100-watt motor for top speeds of 15 mph.

Micro Maxi offers both basic and deluxe kick scooters. Electric models may be quite limited.

Best Electric Kid Scooters

You might wonder which electric scooters have earned top marks by consumers. Here’s a list of some of the top-ranking models and which features have made them so popular with other parents:

Razor E300 Electric Scooter

  • Wide, comfortable foot deck
  • Ride up to 40 minutes per charge
  • Easy-to-use twist throttle

The E300 electric scooter is suitable for children ages eight and up, but adult supervision is recommended. Your child will be able to reach speeds of up to 15 mph on flat, smooth surfaces.

Razor E100 Electric Scooter

  • Best quality for the cost
  • Available in several colors
  • Simple kick-start action

The Razor E100 Electric Scooter is easy to use for children aged eight and up. It is lightweight, operates with a simple twist throttle and reaches a top speed of 11 mph.

Razor Jr. Lil' E Electric Scooter

  • Simple push-start action
  • Durable construction for toddlers
  • 48-pound weight limit

If your toddler wants to ride an electric scooter like the big kids, the Razor Jr. Lil’ E may be the answer. While this sturdy scooter may be costlier than a kick model, it can provide your kids with up to 40 minutes of electric adventure per charge and goes 2 mph.

Micro Maxi Kick Scooter with T-bar

  • High-quality for ages 6-12
  • More costly than other scooters
  • Adjustable steering stick

While the Micro Maxi Kick Scooter is not motorized, it is a quality scooter that can provide your child years of trouble-free use. One great feature of this scooter is the interchangeable steering options, so your child can choose either a joystick or handlebar.

Razor E125 Electric Scooter

  • Top speed of 10 mph
  • Standard handbrake
  • Perfect for preteens

This handy scooter is ideal for short trips to a neighbor’s house or traveling around the block with friends, and it's also a good choice for older kids who have never owned an electric scooter before. The Razor E125 can run up to 40 minutes on a full charge.

The Best Electric Scooter 

While there are many different electric scooters available on the market, the Razor E300 electric scooter gives you the best quality and features for the price. It is faster than other comparable models, with a top speed of 15 mph. This scooter’s tires are also wider and handle uneven or gravely pavement easier than those with thinner tires.

How the Best Electric Kid Scooter was Picked

I picked the Razor E300 as the best electric scooter because of its durability and versatility. As a mom, I know how expensive it can be to buy an item like this for each child, so having one that the whole family can enjoy and share could save you quite a bit of cash. I especially like the comfort features of this model. While this scooter might be a bit more expensive than others, I’ve learned through my own experiences that you get what you pay for.

Relevant Accessories to Buy

You may wonder which accessories might be necessary for your child if you buy him or her a scooter. Since safety can be an important factor, there are a few items you may want to consider purchasing along with the scooter and some fun add-ons you can include later.


A Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet. Buying this helmet along with your child’s new scooter can help protect him or her from serious head injuries that may occur from a fall on pavement. The helmet comes in a variety of colors to suit any taste and provides complete protection for the head.

Buying a Mongoose BMX Bike Gel Knee and Elbow Pad Set could prevent injuries if your child falls off an electric or kick scooter. While cuts and scrapes will likely heal quickly, joint damage as a result of a fall may cause problems later in life, such as arthritis.

Additional Accessories

A LYACON Bike Bell. This fun and merry bell can let everyone nearby know your child is approaching on his or her scooter.

A Vemico Bike, Motorbikes or Scooter Cover. An accessory like this might only be necessary if you do not have indoor storage space for your child’s scooter.

Closing Thoughts on Electric Kid Scooters

If you’re a busy mom, then taking the time to find the best kid scooters might not fit into your schedule. Hopefully, the information I’ve provided here will help you make the best decision possible. Mom to mom, electric scooters are a great way to spark your kids’ imaginations and get them outside. While the scooter you choose will depend on what you can afford and your kids’ own abilities and ages, remember to compare as many features as possible to get the most for your money. Now scoot away and get shopping!

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