Best Kids Snow Boots for Boys and Girls

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February 21, 2023
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Winter may be a cold season for the adults. However, the kids may be looking forward to playing in the rain. It is essential to get them some warm and water-resistant boots for their outdoors.

Comparison Table

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The best kids snow boots for your boy and girl combine warmth, water resistance, and durability. They should also be comfortable and easy to walk with given that the ground will be slippery during the wet season.

Winter boots come in a variety of materials and designs. Most of them are made of sturdy rubber with padding or a fabric upper and some fleece to warm the legs. There are also boots that come with a drawstring to prevent wetting the interior when it is drizzling.

Some intricate designs and patterns also count towards the appeal of the boots. You can go to the kids’ choice of colors when making a purchase.

Look at our reviews of the best boots below to help you make an informed choice. We have compiled the best information you can get on the internet along with expert advice so that we give you practical assistance on your purchase decision.

How We Chose Our Top Picks

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We undertook in-depth research into the needs of the clients. We then rated the products in terms of warmth, water resistance, durability, comfort, and attractiveness to the kids. Besides, we have gone through several reviews to establish the pros and con of each of the items from people who have bought the boots for their kids.

Best Kids Snow Boots For Both Boys and Girls

Here are some of the leading snow boots in the market today.

Rugged Bear Girls Paw Print Snow Boots

Your small girl loves puppies. You can give them a beautiful surprise by buying them a rugged paw printed pair of boots for the next winter season.

The boots come with a textured rubber bottom that increases traction when the kids are walking in the thin ice. They also have an adjustable drawstring that gives the small ankles quality support while preventing uncomfortable pressure.

You’ll love the side zipper that makes slipping in and out of the boot a lot easier and faster so that you would not have to spend a lot of time helping them do it. The boots are tall enough to cover the entire lower part of the leg up until the calves thereby ensuring the leg is warm all the time.

The inside of the boots comes with a fleece lining that keeps the little one’s feet warm throughout the day when they are outdoors. Furthermore, the boot is easy to clean and does not get tough stains from trees and soil. You can choose from a choice of different colors that includes fuchsia black, blue-black and red-black. The boots are available from those of ages 2 to 12.

Ditont Kids Girls Boys Winter Snow Boots

Ditont unisex boots come in a variety of sizes to fit toddlers, little kids and big kids up the age of 12 years. They come with a choice of black and white, purple and white as well as white boots. The other colors except for the white boots come with intricate designs that make the boots appealing to the young ones.

The boot’s outer material features a breathable waterproof cloth that ensures proper circulation of warmth around the foot without causing the kid to sweat. Its inside has a soft plush faux fur lining that keeps the feet toasty and comfortable throughout the day.

Ditont boots have a rugged rubber sole that gives it an exceptional grip especially in the slippery snow outdoors. The outsole is robust and does not come off the upper even with repeated exposure to the wet weather.

Besides, the shoe has an excellent safety performance as it comes with a variety of features that includes a safety toe to protect the toe from a collision and perfect feet that prevent foot injury. Moreover, the boot is easy to clean and does not fade quickly.

Hobibear Kids Winter Snow Boots

These waterproof outdoor boots a come with a choice of either synthetic or fabric outer cover. The fabric material is both breathable and water resistant. On the other hand, the synthetic material is both easy to clean and highly durable.

The inside comes with a soft plush faux fur that gives the young feet a toasty warmth and a comfortable feel even when wearing the boots for several hours. Its outsole is a flexible, antiskid sole that keeps your children warm while at the same time lightweight to allow them to play around with ease.

You use the hook and loop closure at the top of the boot. It is easy to tighten and loosen when your kid is either putting on or removing the shoe. It also prevents the shoe from leaking in the snow from the top when the kid is outdoors.

This boot is suitable for all outdoor activities such as camping and hiking. It is also ideal for the sledding fun outdoors during the heavily snowing seasons. Its materials are easy to clean.

Zoogs Rugged Boots for Boys and Girls

If you are looking for handy boots to beat the tough terrain during outdoor adventures and snow during the winter seasons, then Zoogs rugged boosts are your choice boots. These unisex boots feature water-resistant outer and a length high enough to cover the feet up the calves.

The boots are stylish with a unique design and an upper that opens up at the top for the ease of slipping the foot in and out. This upper also comes in a variety of colors that your kid will love. The lower part of the shoe has a flexible rubber while the top has waterproof fabric which is both warm and breathable.

Your kids are also less likely to slip in the snow thanks to the sturdy, rugged and rough outsole that increases the traction of their feet as they walk outdoors. A combination of good sole and comfortable boot means several hours of fun out there in the snow.

You can choose the lace-up design of the boots or go with the loop closure. The latter is excellent for small kids as you do not waste lots of time tying and untying their laces. However, the lacing provides a tighter fastening and ensures that the feet retain warmth better.

Northside Unisex Frost Winter Snow Boot

The Northside boots are an excellent choice for your small kids during wet and winter season. They come with a nylon upper which is both waterproof and highly durable. Moreover, the nylon upper comes with a variety of colors from which you can choose your kid’s favorite color or patterns.

You sure of safety when they are playing out in the snow due to the rugged antiskid sole that gives their small feet traction in slippery surfaces. This sole has sturdy synthetic material that is both flexible and durable. The bottom has a low heel of about an inch high to enhance comfort, especially when wearing the boot for long.

Besides, the boot has a hook and loop closure along with a bungee cord closure at the top which helps keep the warmth in the shoe. Your kids enjoy a toasty warmth in the chilling outdoor weather.

For enhanced warmth in the inside, the boots come with a 200-gram soft Thinsulate insulation. Thinsulate is light, smooth and highly efficient in keeping the warmth in the shoe without becoming too hot to cause discomfort to the kid.

Dream Pairs Insulated Waterproof Boots

This girl’s boot has a combination of rubber and manmade material. The stylish upper comes in a variety of girly colors that includes shiny red, gray-black and purple among others. There is a bungee lacing system for fastening the boot with the edged of the material strengthened to enhance durability with repeated pulling.

The bottom unit has a rubber shell that weighs a mere 200g. Its interior has a soft fleece lining with thermolite insulation rated to -25F. The boot offers all-weather protection whether in warm or cold weather by providing a toasty insulation layer around the young feet.

Its outsole is very flexible which helps prevent injuries to the feet. Moreover, it is also rough and comes with a one-inch heel which offers the feet some support and traction as the child wades through the slippery ground or on ice.

You will have an easy time getting the kid to wear the boot and remove it. Moreover, both the rubber and the manmade material are easy to clean and do not get damaged by the harsh weather elements outdoors.

Weatherproof Boys Sleigh Front Lace Snow Boot

Your boys will be smiling their way into your yard this winter with the waterproof boys sleigh snow boots. With a choice of either black or red color, these boots offer a mix of comfort with warmth and enhanced safety.

Moreover, the boots have a rubber sole that is lightweight and treaded to increase traction on foot especially in the slippery outdoors. The sole is also flexible allowing the young ones to move the front part of the feet without risk of injury.

The young boys can wear the boots even in the drizzling wet weather as the upper materials are waterproof. Moreover, the boots elastic lace-up style locks the warmth in the shoe and prevent any leakage of water into the shoe thereby keeping the boy warm and comfortable all day long. The interior has thermolite insulation which keeps the young feet dry up to a temperature of -20F.

Slipping it out of the shoe is easy thanks to the lace-up bungee system on the front. The boot fits snugly onto the lower part of the leg and does not cause pressure to the fit. It has a stylish design and is easy to maintain.

Buying Guide

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The cuteness of the kids' boots is just one of the many factors that you should keep in mind. The best kids snow boots for boys and girls should keep your kids' feet comfortable, warm and dry. Here are some of the things that you should keep in mind when purchasing your next pair of snow boots.

The Boots Must be Easy to Put on and Easy to Remove

You do not want to tie up your laces for over ten minutes whenever the young one has to wear or remove the boots. Look for boots that are either slip-on, has easy to use fasteners or side zippers. They should be easy to zip up while at the same time sealing off any space that the snow may slip into the shoe.

Perfect Fit

If the toddlers' boots are too small, your kid’s feet will always hurt when they slip into the boots. When the boots are too big, the children will have cold legs. However, a properly fitting boot can trap the body heat and keep inside the boot.

The Ideal boot is the one that the kid can work with without shuffling. He or she should also not have difficulty lifting their legs or cause them to drag their feet when running around.


If your kids' boots are leaky, the chances are that they will experience foot problems such as athlete’s foot and other skin issues. They will also be cold at all times. Buy a boot that waterproof in its entire length from the cap of the toe to the calf and not just the foot.

Gripping Soles

Slip and fall accident are common when kids are playing in the snow. Instead of stopping your kids from exploring in the snow, ensure that their boots come with rubber soles that have large treads for stability and proper traction.


Take a look inside the toddler’s snow boots to check the material the makes the lining. Only pick boots that come warm lining insulation which is also soft. Look for Thinsulate or shearling material. These materials are thin but good at maintaining the interior of the boot warm.


This is the cuteness of your boot. In additional to the practicability of the boot, you need to buy your young one the boots that they will love. There is a wide choice of colors and prints out there. Include them in the purchase decision so that they can pick a boot they would love.

Final Thoughts

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A quality boot serves both as a shoe and provides insulation to the feet of the young ones. The best kids snow boots should be warm, stylish, and durable. Ask them for the choice of colors and designs from a set of options.

Our list above gives you a wide selection from which you can find a perfect pair for your child.

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