Best Toddler Snow Boots for Your Boys

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April 8, 2023

While you may want to spend most of your time inside with a hot cup of chocolate and a warm blanket, your toddler may not share similar sentiments. Children are curious and want to explore their surroundings.

Your toddler will love to play in the snow, but you’ll need to get him shoes to prevent any cold-related conditions and to protect his feet from the icy cold. We understand that it’s a complicated process trying to fund the best toddler snow boots for boys.

Fortunately, we’ve made your work easier by doing the research. Here’s a detailed guide on what to look for in a snow boot and our top picks from famous brands that will provide value for your money.

How We Chose Our Favorites

Boy is Wearing the Best Toddler Snow Boots and beside him is a snow man

We chose our favorites after scoping out boots from popular brands to ensure that young boys are comfortable and warm. We also went through multiple online reviews both positive and negative to list the pros and cons of each pair.

Top 9 Best Toddler Snow Boots for Boys

Here are some of the best snow boots for your boys.

Kamik Snowbug Insulated Boot

The Kamik insulated boot is an excellent choice as it keeps your child’s feet warm and dry not to forget they are easy to put on and take off. You’ll love the Velcro fitting strap that goes above the ankle to provide ample support. The strap also reduces any chance of snow slipping into the foot area.

Their rubber sole makes them waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about exposing your little one’s feet to the harsh weather elements. The plush lining and insulation keep your tot’s feet warm. Moreover, the USA made boot features the right height to prevent slipping. You have a choice of eight colors, and the boots come in sizes five to ten.

The boot may run small. Some users recommend ordering two sizes above your child’s standard size. Some parents have reported issues with the construction quality especially the Velcro strap.

Nova Mountain Boy’s Waterproof Snow Boot

The Nova Mountain Boy’s waterproof snow boot shows the world how tough your child can handle the snowy weather. These boots have a unique design and ensure your little one conquers the cold.

What’s more, the manufacturer includes rubber lowers and synthetic uppers that are waterproof to keep any slush and snow away from the little one’s feet. Also, the insole and upper have insulation, and your boy can wear them even when the temperatures are as low as -25 degrees Fahrenheit.

Although these boots are solid, they are comfortable and won’t make walking feel like a chore. The manufacturer goes a step further and incorporates a lug boot design on the outsole to make walking easier. Also, the anti-skid design on the bottom of the boot provides traction and grip when walking in the snow.

The toggle tightening system with front laces provides adjustability. You can get the boots on and off without struggling.

On the downside, your toddle Nova Mountain Boy’s waterproof snow bootr may find it a challenge to work with the drawstring tightening systems. Also, the leather tab that holds the laces may easily come off as it’s not attached well. Some toddlers may find the boots big in the calf/leg area.

​Columbia Youth Powderbug plus II Boot​

Columbia is a famous brand, and the Youth snow boots do not disappoint. Not only do these boots keep your child’s feet warm, but they also prevent any possible falls and slips. The Velcro tight strap and boot bungee prevents any snow penetration.

The heel of the boots have reflective patches for visibility and added safety.

SkaDoo Kids Snow Boots

The ​SkaDoo kids snow boots are available in two styles with one with a Velcro flap style and the other with a Velcro secure above the ankle with a bungee tightener on top of the boot. These boots are wide enough, which allows your child to put them on and take them out.

You can choose from over ten colors and designs, something that allows you to find something that your boy will love. Also, the variety of sizes makes it easy to settle for a comfortable fit.

Unfortunately, some users have reported that the boot may run a size smaller than the regular size. You may need to get a size larger than your child’s standard shoe size. The plastic slider and poor stitching quality are other issues you may run into after getting this boot, but your child will love the boot.

Frosty Snow Boot

The Frosty Snow Boot boast of exceptional traction, excellent waterproofing, ingenious design, and fantastic comfort. You can choose from multiple fashionable designs to find a boot that your boy will appreciate.

Another notable feature is the bungee cord closure which keeps away snow, water, sludge, or moisture from getting into the shoe. Also, the hook and loop type of strap provide ample ankle support for your little one’s feet.

You’ll love the lugs on the synthetic soles and the heel break which allows your child to walk on uneven terrain with ease. Your child can quickly put on the boot and take it out without any struggle.

However, some parents noted that the boot could hug the ankles and the snow may get stuck in treads.

Teddy 4 Boot by Tundra

The Tundra Teddy 4 Boot is a must-have thanks to its fleece lining and exceptional comfort in cold weather. You’ll love the waterproof bottom and the hook and loop strap to secure your child’s feet as he’s walking.

These boots are insulated, waterproof, and are comfortable. On the downside, some users have noted an awkward fitting, but this depends on your child’s foot size. You can opt for a bigger size to prevent this from happening.

Kamik Rocket Snow Boot

Kamik is a favorite brand when it comes to snow boots, and the Rock Snow boot doesn’t disappoint. The Rocket snow boot maximizes safety and comfort. What’s more, the shoes have quality, breathable material.

The boots are USA-made, which guarantees excellent shoe that will last for years. The pliable rubber sole gives your boy enough traction and grip in the cold weather. Also, the rubber shell and seam-sealed upper allows your child to wear the boot in any environment without leaks and tears.

You’ll love the thermal insole that can handle temperatures of below -40 degrees Fahrenheit. Parents have positive reviews on this boot not only for its excellent build but also for its reasonable budget.

The only disadvantage is that the boot runs small and you may need to pick one size bigger to ensure that it fits properly.

Columbia Minx Snow Boot

The Columbia Minx snow boot features an innovative design and quality synthetic textile to keep your child comfortable and warm. Whether playing or walking, your boy will have a fantastic experience in these boots.

Moreover, it features a durable, yet flexible sole. Shoes with poorly balanced shafts compromise movement and low-quality soles fall under stress. With the Minx Snow boot, you won’t have to worry about these problems.

If you’re a parent to a child who loves jumping in puddles, you’ll like that the Minx boot is waterproof and the lining ensures that your child’s feet are dry. The seam-sealed Omni-tech membrane and insulation also add to the warmth and durability of these Columbia boots.

Unfortunately, the boot lacks any design or color options, which means you’ll have to settle for the one color and design.

Northside Icicle Snow Boot

The Northside Icicle snow boot is not your regular type of boot. Its durable sole handles the outdoors, and you don’t have to worry about any leaks. The flexible boots allow your boy to handle any terrain.

Other exceptional features include the nylon upper, Thermolite insulation, EVA insole, and a Sherpa lining. These features boost the boots performance. Also, if you’ve dealt with boots that don’t fit right, you no longer have to worry about this issue with the Icicle snow boot.

If your child wears a small boot, you don’t need to buy a bigger size as the shoe will fit right. The quality finishing coupled by how easy it is to wear and remove the boot makes the Northside Icicle winter boot a winner.

The only downside is that its sole traps snow, which can get your child stuck when strolling in the cold weather.

Kamik Snowgypsy Boot

The Snowgypsy is another favorite from Kamik due to its impressive features; its textile fabric ensures that your child can use the shoe every day without it crumbling down. What’s more, the shaft can withstand abuse, which boosts performance.

For extra warmth, the company incorporates a warm fleece lining and durable nylon upper to keep your toddler’s feet warm. You can be sure that your child’s feet will be comfortable and dry when outdoors.

With a twelve-inch opening and a ten-inch shaft, you can relax knowing that your child will wear and remove the shoe without any trouble. However, the boot is not true to size, which means you may need to get a size either larger or smaller depending on your child’s regular size.

Buyers Guide

Family playing and building a snow man while their 2 boys is wearing the best toddler snow boots

While you want your child to stay in when it’s snowing outside, sometimes you may need to run errands. Having the right shoes can help your child enjoy himself outdoors without exposing him to cold-related conditions.

Nonetheless, with multiple options in the market, it can be daunting to settle on the best pair of toddler snow boots. Fortunately, we’ve made your work easier by listing some critical things to look out for when buying the best toddler snow boots.

Find a Comfortable Pair

The right boots should provide your child with exceptional comfort. When choosing a shoe, check if it includes support for the arch of the feet. Your little one should have no issues walking in his boots.

Check for padding on the insoles. Some manufacturers have boots with orthopedic insoles and pronation control. These features maintain alignment of the feet by preventing the inward rolling of the foot when it hits the ground. Correcting this prevents various back and knees issues.

If you opt for laced boots, choose boots with full lacing as these will fit best on your tot. You may notice that specific winter footwear doesn’t have full lacing, but offer excellent protection in deep snow.

Alternatively, you can go for boots with hook and loop straps, which make removal and securing easy.

Don’t Forget the Material of the Boot

It’s critical to check the snow boot uppers as they have different materials. You can find uppers made from leather, quilted nylon, suede, or textile. The best uppers have weather-resistant and waterproof coats.

High-quality boots have a midsole area that has shock absorption and extra cushioning. Most boots have molded footbed that provides support and the best fit for your child. You’ll notice most insoles and midsoles have EVA, which is lightweight and flexible.

The footbed area may have a faux sheepskin to not only provide warmth but also keep your child’s feet warm. You’ll love that you can remove the inner boot area to wash. Check if the outsole has a waterproof coating.

Specific manufacturers include antimicrobial insoles to prevent bacteria buildup or any odor problems.

Go For Boots That Provide Your Toddler Feet with Warmth

Family is wearing a snow gear and the boy is wearing the best toddler snow boots

The best winter boots for your toddler should provide ample warmth due to their thin skin and immature thermoregulatory system. Also, little ones tend to lose more heat due to their body surface area.

Some famous brands provide winter shows that can handle negative temperatures. However, you’ll notice that not all manufacturers provide temperature ratings in their boots; this means that you need to look for other heat-retaining properties.

You can check if the shoes have a removable liner made of polypropylene, wool, or acrylic material. Some manufacturers make their special thermal materials to prevent cold. Specific fashion boots have different wool known as shearling, check to see that the insole and thermal liner retain enough heat to keep your child warm and comfortable.

Check the Grip

The design of the outsoles influences the grip on your kid’s winter boots. Your child’s outsole depth and size will tell you how the shoes will handle the snowy surfaces. Excellent slugs prevent slips and fall as they provide contact with the ground surface.

An excellent grip comes from a deep and larger lug. For extra protection, some winter boots have a heel brake that allows your child to walk on uneven terrain. Boots that have a rubber outsole are durable and provide ample protection against grips.


Snow can quickly melt and turn into water with the right temperature. Don’t assume that the water won’t slip through the boots. Look for boots to help prevent water and snow from getting into your little one’s feet.

Modern boots have gusseted tongues that ensure water doesn’t enter through the spaces on the sides. Some boots have a cuff or a gaiter that serves as a collar to channel snow away from the boot’s interior.

The Weight of the Boots

You may need to consider the weight of the best toddler snow boots before making a purchase. While you can expect winter boots to be heavier than other footwear, you need to look for something that your child can walk in without exerting too much effort.

Fortunately, manufacturers understand this and now work to come up with breathable, comfortable, and waterproof shoes without adding weight to the boot. You’d better settle for another pair if the one you love makes walking more like work.

Provide Ankle Support

The best boots should provide your child with enough ankle support like full lacing, padded side, and full lacing. These shoes will be comfortable even when your child is walking for longer distances.

Final Thoughts

Snow gear including the best toddler snow boots

When thinking about getting a pair of snow boots, avoid going for the expensive pair, instead, look for a pair that is durable and quality construction. Check if the shoe is water-resistant by looking at the soles and the upper lacing system.

You also don’t want to end up with a pair that your child will struggle to fit. Find snow boots that your child can put on and take off. Don’t forget to ensure that the boots have enough traction, which ensures your boy gets a grip on snowy surfaces.

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