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March 18, 2023

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Tablet for Toddler

Are you looking for a way to help your children to stay engaged in educational activities while having fun in the process? A lot of parents are turning to robust tablets to help get their children excited to learn and to potentially prepare them for what they will need to learn in school.

But while providing a way for your child to learn is ideal, there may be hesitation in regards to what you should purchase that's both educational and fun while remaining robust enough to handle your child's playtime.

In this article will be taking a look at the best tablet for toddlers on the market  that are guaranteed to provide the educational and fun experience that you want for your kids.

Comparison Table

How We Rate Our Products

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We base our ratings on some factors that determine what makes them a higher quality product and a better choice for your family. These factors include:

Durability: Is your tablet going to be durable enough to handle a toddler smacking it, dropping it, or just running around the house and bumping it against objects? This question is something we'll be asking when we look at all of these tablets and rate them based on the steps that companies take to preserve the lifespan of your tablet.

Warranty: Even with the most advanced technology in place to keep your tablet safe, they're still children who can dismantle indestructible toys in less than a week after obtaining it we want to make sure that parents have peace of mind that even if they're little one does manage to break their tablet, their investment hasn't gone to waste.

Tablets that provide a free warranty with the purchase will rate much higher than those that have to tack on an additional cost to get a warranty.

Cost: Purchasing an electronic device of any kind is going to have an understandably higher value than just buying the latest plastic toy from Walmart. These devices are meant to be used to provide education and grow with your child.

However, we understand that a family's concern does revolve around their budget. Reasonably priced tablets will be rated higher than those who have unwarranted higher costs.

Choose The Best Tablet For Toddlers

LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate Ready for School Tablet

LeapFrog, one the best tablet for toddlers, has made a name for itself in providing educational and fun ways to keep your child engaged for hours on end. So it should be no surprise that the LeapFrog LeapPad 3 has made our list in recommended tablets for your toddler.

With this tablet, you'll get a seven-inch screen that has a high-resolution touch sensor which enables your child to enjoy crisp graphics and gorgeous colors that help keep them engaged in the content that there experiencing.

Like with our other LeapFrog review, the screen is shatter-proof safe which not only keeps the tablet in proper function for a long time to come, but it also protects your child so that they don't get cut or injured while playing with their tablet.

The frame itself has been re-engineered to be more shock absorbent with the wrap around bumper that protects the tablet for rough play and the occasional drop from high surfaces.

They managed to do this by providing extra protection on areas of the tablet that are known to be weaker and as a result, they strengthen those areas to lengthen the life of the tablet.

The tablet itself only weighs about a pound and a half which makes it easy to carry around especially if you're on the move and you need to keep your child entertained.

You'll get dual-facing cameras on the front and back of the tablet that you can use to take photos, and videos of and your child can interact with them what specific apps that come with the LeapPad.

This model of the tablet also comes with a music player that has 10 songs already built in, so your child can listen to fun songs, and with the addition of the headphones jack, your child can enjoy these songs as long as they please, and you won't have to listen to it on repeat for three hours straight.

These apps and games come specifically geared towards children who are about to enter the first stages of school, such as kindergarten and first grade, and it helps prepare them for what they'll learn and put them ahead of the class.

These apps feature different areas of learning such as learning how to read thanks to the stylus that comes with the tablet, and they'll get to enjoy music, and even provide problem-solving situations where your child has to learn basic skills that they'll need later on in life.

LeapPad also realizes that children learn at different rates and thanks to the exclusive Just-for-Me learning technology built into the tablet, your tablet will be able to feature customized learning plans that get based on your child's habits which helps keep them engaged and motivated to continue learning.

Beyond what's already provided on your tablet when you purchase it, you can also access over a thousand different learning games, e-books, and videos that focus on a core curriculum provided in schools.

All of these apps and games get designed by the LeapPad team and come approved for providing the best educational experience available.

The Just-for-Me learning technology also analyzes the progress that your child makes across different games and sets different challenges for them so that they don't fall behind in certain areas.

It does this by paying attention to how quickly your child chooses answers, how often a right or wrong answer is selected, or how often they need to use hence to get through the curriculum.

As a result, the technology learns where your child is struggling and adapts the curriculum and games to help your child learn in areas where they're fighting and allow them to strengthen their understanding of the material.

This feature will also help them in school by teaching them how to approach hard questions from a different angle to come up with the right answer.

As with other kid-friendly tablets, the LeapPad is kid safe and provides only appropriate kid materials for your child to interact.

Even the web browser is restricted, and of course, the parental control options that come equipped with your LeapPad will enable you to change settings that fit the needs of your family and your child more specifically.

The LeapPad does run off of Wi-Fi connection; however, all of the apps and games can run without the need for an internet connection. It's when you decide to download more apps will you need the Wi-Fi information.

The LeapPad ultimate ready for school tablet is an excellent investment for parents who are looking to get their kids started in school the right way.

LeapFrog LeapPad3

Another LeapFrog tablet makes our list, and it's no surprise given the fact that these tablets come built for the education and entertainment of our children. Not to mention that they're robust as well.

This version of the LeapPad series connect seamlessly with Wi-Fi connections and has a quad-core processor that allows you to run apps and boot up the tablet quickly, so you don't have to wait for long to access what you want to have your child play.

What's great about the LeapPad 3, one the best tablet for toddlers, is that even as your child grows, the LeapPad 3 itself is rated for ages three years old to nine years old so your investment can last many years and still provide value to your children.

On top of the quad-core processor, you'll get four gigabytes of internal memory as well as a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that has an adapter that comes with your purchase while also providing up to six hours of playtime for your child.

The 5-inch screen that comes with the LeapPad 3 is shatter safe and highly responsive to touch or perfect if you're concerned about how easy it would be to break the screen.

The company didn't stop there while they were putting together this tablet, the frame itself comes built in and shock absorbent, so it's more resilient to drops and bumps than most standard tablets are.

The company itself tested the resilience of this tablet personally by designing impact zones that helped keep the tablet together and strengthen weak points that are usually found on other types of tablets.

All LeapPad software has kid-safe web browsing, only providing educational videos and other kid-friendly options that get filtered through LeapPads personalized filtering software. You can further customize these options to fit the needs of your child and your family thanks to the parental control feature implemented in the tablet.

The parental controls cover a lot of different areas over what your child can see and access. You can fine-tune the experience of all of the games and apps that your child can access; as well as create a four-digit security code that allows you, and only you, to reach the App Store where additional LeapFrog games and lessons are available for purchase.

If your children have friends who have leap pads, then they can interact with each other through their devices through the Pet Chat and the Pet Pad Party apps while playing games that teach them valuable lessons that they can use throughout their lives.

The apps themselves create a personalized learning experience, where you can select specific games in the LeapFrog learning library that caters specifically to your child's interests.

Not to mention you can utilize this feature further by setting up difficulty levels for areas where your child excels at and needs a challenge.

Or you can specialize you're learning regime and helping your child advance in a subject that they're struggling in and adjust the difficulty as needed later on down the road.

Thankfully if your child is struggling too much in a specific subject, there is a hint button that not only provides an answer, but it also shows your child how to come to that answer later on, so they know how to problem-solve for themselves.

Thanks to the rear and front camera that comes on the LeapPad 3, you can snap photos and add cool effects thanks to the creative tool features on the tablet.  Your children will be able to take videos and 480p and upload any art that they made on their tablet onto the computer with a USB charger adapter.

Overall your child will be able to enjoy it over a thousand games apps and other educational Services from the LeapPad Library, and they're all reference from over 2,600 different skills across major core subjects such as reading science, creativity, and math.

Your child will have a well-rounded, yet customizable learning experience that will put them ahead in school and life. All of these games and settings can be adjusted as they get older by an adult.

The only thing that can serve as a downside for parents is the fact that you will have to purchase lesson plans as you go along; however, most of these purchases are relatively inexpensive. For added protection, you can buy the LeapPad tablet case as well, but it will also be a separate purchase.

Dragon Touch Y88X Pro

The Dragon Touch Y88X Pro, one the best tablet for toddlers, is another excellent example of a company who is taking the time to consider the needs of the child that will potentially be using their product. Dragon Touch’s Kidoz software provides hours of pre-installed child-friendly apps and games that are both entertaining as well as educational.

This tablet features an 8-inch screen with 1280 by 800-pixel resolution that's entirely receptive to touch. The Dragon Touch gives you a 178-degree viewing angle that allows your child to enjoy games and movies without the need to hold the tablet. Using this appropriately will teach your child better posture instead of your child being hunched over for long periods.

The Dragon Touch Y88X Pro comes encased in a protective yellow and blue case which features an adjustable stand built into it. The position itself can double as a carrying handle switch can lessen the chances of your child accidentally dropping the tablet onto the ground. If they do, the case itself will protect the tablet thanks to the rubber bumpers on the outside.

It also comes with an attached stylus which your child can use to interact with different apps on the tablet including coloring and handwriting lessons which will teach your toddler essential motor skills needed to grow efficiently.   Your child will also be able to use a stylus to draw on the tablet thanks to some of the other apps that come featured in the pre-installed software.

The tablet itself runs off of the Android 6.0 marshmallow straight out of the box, Google Play and other Google services will come pre-installed on your tablet which gives you the opportunity to install additional games and apps that might enhance your child's learning process.

You'll have 16 gigabytes of internal memory to store everything in as well as the option to increase your storage up to 32 gigabytes thanks to the MicroSD slot built into the tablet.

All of these features are only accessible from the parent control section, so your child doesn't accidentally purchase anything that you don't want them to. The parental control section also restricts how much time your child spends on their tablet, making it easy for parents to set goals regarding how much educational time they spend on apps versus how much play time they get.

This feature is perfect for parents who are looking to customize their child's learning experiences and get them up to speed on their education level. The Kidoz software also adjusts to each child, so you can be confident that your toddler will be getting a learning experience that they can benefit.

Two cameras come with this tablet, one in the front and one in the rear, with the back facing camera providing up to five megapixels of resolution and the front only has two megapixels of resolution. These cameras allow your child to take pictures and interact with them, even putting filters on them for an amusing effect.

Your Dragon Touch tablet connects seamlessly with Wi-Fi and has Bluetooth capabilities to communicate with other devices including Bluetooth speakers, and a Bluetooth keyboard. The tablet does come with a single speaker in the back and a built-in microphone for your child to use.

Overall, this best tablet for toddlers runs off of two gigabytes of RAM and features a quad-core processor that allows it to run fast and efficiently, even during boot up. Your child will get about three hours of battery life before it needs to recharge.

While the battery life may seem short, this feature could be a good span of time to keep your child entertained for a while but it also restricts how much time they spend on their tablet which helps reduce the chance of them getting addicted to it.

On top of all of the educational games and apps that you'll get pre-installed with this tablet, the KA kids edition also features Disney content that comes with it as well. There are over twenty e-books that a parent can read with their child featuring Disney characters that come from their favorite movies such as:

  • “Beauty and the Beast”
  • “Toy Story”
  • “Finding Nemo”
  • “Frozen”

These e-books are a great way to teach your child how to read while keeping them engage with their favorite scenes from their favorite movies. It also creates a great time to bond with your child and get them interested in reading books on their own.

The warranty information regarding this product can only get obtained by contacting the seller directly, but Amazon provides a warranty within 30 days of purchase.

What We Think About The Best Tablet for Toddlers

Child Playing Tablet

In terms of what we feel is the better value and investment for your child's learning needs, we think that the LeapPad ultimate ready for school tablet is likely the best as far as meeting requirements for both budget-friendly and educational purposes.

While we think the LeapPad 3 is also a good choice, the ultimate ready for school tablet by LeapPad already has a large number of educational apps and games put on to the tablet which is a huge budget saver especially since you get it a little bit cheaper anyway.

Unfortunately, all three of these best tablet for toddlers come warrantied through their company, and the pages themselves did not specify the warranty terms.

However LeapPad is known for its fantastic customer service, and we have no doubts that the warranty that they provide for their tablets are reasonable even with the childproof casing that the tablets come.

In all honesty, all three of these tablets serve a useful purpose for the parent that is looking for something for their child, but we feel that the ultimate ready for school LeapPad is the best tablet for toddlers overall.

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