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March 17, 2023
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Tablets are the best way to get access to easy entertainment and a large variety of games and books. They're as interactive as they are educational and provide an excellent way to keep your kids entertained for hours. If you're considering purchasing a tablet for your child, there are some things that you must think before you do so.

Thankfully, many companies realize the needs that are out there when they design their tablets when parents purchase tablets for their children.  As a result, you can find many styles and brands that provide suitable tablets for children that will also go easy on your budget at the same time.

In this article will take a look at some of the best tablets that were built for kids to give you some insight as to what kind you should purchase for your children.

Comparison Table

How We Chose Our Products

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We rate products based on several different factors that all together form a high-quality product that we can recommend on our lists. Within our list, we rate each of our products for their on to determine the best that we found, these factors being the following:

Durability:  Children are very clumsy especially with technology. These tablets have to be able to withstand being dropped and scratched regularly but still provide the interactivity and resilience as meant. Tablets that offer features such as these, within a reasonable measure, will rate higher than those that don't.

Budget:  Budget is often the first thought that comes to a parent's mind when it comes to purchasing an expensive electronic toy for their child to use. While most children's tablets, and tablets in general, are relatively inexpensive thanks to their availability; we're still looking for tablets that can provide extra value to stretch out those dollars.

Customer Feedback: Parents who have already purchased tablets for their children will be able to give valuable insight as to whether or not a specific tablet worked in there experience. This fact provides us with a good understanding as to what qualities to look for in regards to the best tablet.

The 6 Best Tablets For Kids

Tagital T7K Kids Tablet

The Tagital kids tablet is a seven-inch HD kid-friendly tablet that comes in both blue and pink childproof cases. This tablet features a quad-core processing unit that boots up quickly and helps keep a proper balance over the overall energy usage that the tablet might experience.

With kid-mode in place, children will be able to work with the tablet and kid-friendly interface That adapts to the age of your child to provide the best experience using this tablet. It is an Android hardware platform that features a five-megapixel rear camera resolution and provides up to eight gigabytes of internal storage.

You'll get about an average of three hours of battery life when it comes to this tablet, and that, of course, is determined by how many movies or games that your child play is over that period. Also included in these tablets many features, is the fact that it comes with a robust warranty and access to customer service and tech support at any time you need it.

The case itself is durable and lightweight and design to take any drops or bumps that it may experience while being in the hands of your child. The case comes made out of a high-quality silicone material that soft and environmentally friendly. It contains no BPA's and remains harmless to your child's health.

A feature known as Wawa will adapt to your child's age and effectively keep them entertained and learning new things as they grow. This feature alone makes the expense of the tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite Kids

The Samsung Galaxy Tab E is a kid-friendly tablet that pictures of a bright lime-green child-proof casing made from a high-quality silicone that soft to the touch but resilient to drops and bumps thought it might encounter while your child is playing with it.

All the apps and features of the tablet coincide with STEM and Common Core curriculum to help your child learn as much as play, And you'll be able to monitor their progress at any time thanks to the dashboard feature that parents we'll have access.

Furthermore, parents can set shut off times so that children have to honor bedtime, as well as at categories that parents want them to focus. They'll have access to over 20 kid friendly apps that feature games and books that they can access it anytime.

Parents have the option to utilize a subscription feature to Samsung kids which is an expert-curated library, games, videos, and books that are all kid friendly and parent approved.

You will be able to enjoy three months of the subscription for free when you purchase the tablet which enables you to determine if it's a feature that would provide an advantage for your child or not. Customers who have bought this tablet and utilize the subscription claimed that they were pleased with the subscription service and felt that it was essential for their children.

The entertainment that the tablet has for your children comes from Studio such as Dreamworks Animation, National Geographic, and even Sesame Street. The tablet itself is lightweight and easy to tote around in a purse or backpack, and you can monitor your children's progress for parental controls and the dashboard that parents can access.

The tablet guarantees over 9 hours of battery power and also has 8GB of onboard memory with a MicroSD card slot that gives you the option to add 32GB of storage so you can store more on the tablet.

As with most Samsung products, it does come with a rear-facing camera that allows you to take HD photos including shooting modes like Panorama and continuous shots.

If this tablet looks to be everything that you need in a child-friendly tablet that provides educational and entertainment value, it also qualifies for free shipping. Unlike with the Amazon kids edition tablets, you will not get a warranty with your purchase.

Dragon Touch Plus Kids Tablet

A Dragon Touch plus kids tablet features Android 7.1 as its operating system and provides seven inches of 1024 resolution for your kid to enjoy apps and movies. You get the choice of either pink or blue casing that features a kickstand feature so you can set the tablet up when your children are tired of holding it.

The casing itself is made from a high-quality silicone that soft to the touch but specifically designed to absorb different levels of impact. This fact is significant for children especially since we all know that they love to drop things and having this kind of casing is excellent protection for your investment.

With the purchase of this tablet, you'll also be able to get a free Disney book included with over 20 Disney storybooks and for audio books made available to choose. You'll get to read along with characters from favorite films such as:

  • “Frozen”
  • “Moana”
  • “Zootopia”
  • “Beauty and the Beast”

The child-friendly interface is all thanks to the Kidoz pre-installed software that features only child-friendly interface an apps that are easy to use for smaller children. It features many educational games and videos that they can choose from at any point in time.

This interface also has access to certain websites strictly meant for educational and entertainment purposes and entirely controlled by the parent making it easy for you to decide what is appropriate for your child at that point.

The tablet also features a quad-core processor that allows you to boot up your tablet and a small amount of time which makes it convenient for parents and children alike especially when the little one starts getting fussy and you need something to keep them entertained for the moment.

You will get about 8 gigabytes of storage for downloaded movies and games for when you and your family are on the go, with the option to purchase and install an additional microSD card for other storage options. He'll even be able to take advantage of the dual-facing cameras where the child can have fun taking pictures around the house.

If the Dragon Touch plus kids tablet sounds like a great deal for your family oh. This product does not come with a warranty so taking advantage of any warranties the Amazon offers at the time of purchase would be a good idea.

Simbans TangoTab Kids Tablet

With the Simbans TangoTab kids tablet, you'll be able to receive or bonus items that come included. You'll win a high-quality silicone case be able to withstand the roughest play and prevent your screen from cracking when it's dropped or bumped against hard objects.

You'll also receive a carrying pouch so you can bring your tablet around with you anywhere that you go, a universal power adapter not gives you the opportunity to charge it at your earliest convenience, and a pre-applied screen protector so you don't have to worry about scratches or cracks if your little one drops the tablet.

The tablet comes with five pre-installed apps that specifically cater to children and a kids-lock that help prevent your children from accessing the internet or downloading other apps and games that you did not specifically approve. Each of these apps that come with a tablet comes geared for creating a fun way to learn, and they're all great ways to keep your kids engaged.

You’ll be able to utilize all of the Google Play apps as you please with this tablet, including free services or subscription services that Google Play supports. Thanks to the parental controls, you will be able to monitor and determine which of these apps are suitable for your children depending on the age range that they fall.

You get a quad-core processor supported by Android 7.0 nougat operating system was crystal clear IPS HD to bring out the very best in movie viewing and pictures. The quad-core processor paired with the two gigabytes of RAM that comes with the tablet makes boot up quick and efficient which is a relief for parents who are looking to entertain fussy children.

With this tablet, you'll get about six hours of continuous use before it needs to charge, and up to 32GB of internal storage which further upgrades to 128GB with the use of a microSD card. Also included with the hardware are a two-megapixel front camera and a five megapixel back camera.

The best part about this tablet asks to be the one-year worry-free warranty and customer satisfaction guarantee that comes as part of the package when you purchase this tablet. As this tablet can also make the perfect gift for someone else and their children, having a one year warranty in place guarantees that you'll get your money's worth out of the tablet.

Apple iPad

The Apple iPad is not typically a parents first choice when it comes to us looking for a tablet for their children. However, this would be a great choice for a child who is old enough to understand the value of such a device and is old enough to Bears some responsibility.

While the Apple iPad is very user-friendly and you can place parental controls on it, we do recommend that those operating the iPad be older than eight years of age. This iPad specifically that's one of the latest models to come out for the Apple iPad featuring 32 gigabytes of internal storage so you can easily store your favorite movies and games.

The Apple iPad features a near ten-inch retina display screen was a touch ID fingerprint sensor to personalize your security measures Ama an eight-megapixel back camera and how to make a pixel HD camera. The iPad provides over ten hours of battery life, and you’ll get to enjoy video and games in stunning 1080p.

This tablet is compatible with Bluetooth accessories, and it’s currently available in three color options such as gold, black, and silver.

The Kindle Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet

As with the Kindle Fire 10 and the Kindle Fire 8, the Kindle Fire 7 kids edition provides three different color choices that you can utilize for your child's kid proof case in the same blue, pink and yellow colors that they offered before. This tablet is also the cheapest of the Kindle Fire kids edition lineup which may be an optimal choice for lower budget ranges.

As with the 8 and the 10, you'll get a two-year worry-free warranty with your Kindle purchase to help alleviate the expense of your children breaking their Kindles; and you also have the option to receive Amazon FreeTime Unlimited for a year free of charge with your purchase.

With this  Kindle, you'll get 16 GB of internal storage and approximately eight hours of battery use. You'll be able to add an SD card to maximize your room up to 256gb so that your child can download movies and books to stay entertained even when there's no Wi-Fi.

The resolution does not come in HD, unlike the Kindle Fire 8 and the Kindle Fire 10 but it does feature the same quad-core processor and the same VGA front-facing camera and a two-megapixel rear-facing camera like with the 10.

On top of that, with what you decide to limit as far as what they can download and enjoy,  there is plenty of educational aspects and games that come with your Kindle Fire to inspire children to enjoy learning.

There's even an option to learn Spanish that comes with free time unlimited subscriptions which provide over a thousand Spanish-language titles as well as books videos games and apps and Brands and characters that kids know and love.

With Amazon dashboard, you can connect and discover what it is that your children AR spending there are time with and also allows you to recommend books and educational apps for their children to access and enjoy later.

What We Think

We feel like the Kindle Fire HD 10 kids edition is well worth the investment if you're looking for a solid tablet that can entertain and educate your children. The parental controls are pretty self-explanatory even for the parents who are not tech-savvy, and you receive a two-year no questions warranty that enables you to get a replacement should your child break their tablet.

We also feel that the amount of content that's available for this tablet makes it a valuable source of Education and you know that the hardware and the tablet itself is going to be one of the better kinds that you can get. These are the reasons why we feel the Kindle Fire HD 10 would be the best investment on our list.

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