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April 30, 2024

Nothing says summer louder than some water play for your kids. While taking them to a pool or a waterpark may sound like a good idea, they’ll love the convenience of a slip n slide.

The slides are inexpensive, and your kids can use them for the next summer. What’s more, you get to watch them as they have fun cooling off.Here’s what you need to know about choosing the best slip and slide plus some top picks to help you make a decision.

Comparison Table

How We Chose Our Favorites

With many slip and slides on the market, it can be daunting to narrow down your search to a few products that best suits your needs and budget. We’ve made your work easier by listing some essential tips you should consider when shopping.

Top 9 Best Slip and Slide

Here are some of our best slip and slide to consider for the next hot summer day.

Wham-O Slip N Slide Wave Rider

If you live near a yard that has a hill, you may want to check out the Wham-O Wave Rider. The slide is perfect for children between five and twelve tears. It comes with HydroGlide technology, which gives you distance as you slip across the surface.You’ll love the connect and go assembly, which allows you to hook the hose to the slide as your kids play on the slide. The process creates a bumper on the slide side that fills and forms a sprinkler system that ensures your kids ride the waves.What’s more, you can adjust the water tunnel to spray water low which sprays mist across your child’s face or switch it to sprinkle high to pour water on your kids on their back. The 16-foot Rider slide can work as a racing-themed slide.The slide has blue and green separate lanes for your children to compete. Also, the inclusion of two anchors hold the slide and works on repairing patches if the slide gets ripped or torn. The two inflatable boggle boards can work on the slide to assign a board to each lane on the slide.

Intex Surf ‘n Slide Inflatable Play Center

The Intex Surf ‘N Slide is 13ft long and is ideal if you have a large backyard space. It comes with boogie boards, which allow you to get down the slide with your body. You’ll appreciate how sturdy and durable the Intex slide is, not to mention that it’s also inflatable which adds fun.Children of the ages of three and five will find the slide entertaining. You can place a landing mat at the end to ensure that the child doesn’t get injuries when hitting the ground. The slide has multiple white wave crests which adds fun to the slide. The bottom of the slide has a splash pool, which acts as a landing zone for the little ones. Toddlers can use this area to cool off from the summer heat. Your kids will enjoy the two surf riders that come with the Intex play center.What’s more, you can use a garden hose to add extra sprinkler fun.

Wahii Waterslide Backyard Water Slide

The Wahii Waterslide is suitable if you’re looking to host a large crowd in the backyard for a party or a special occasion. Moreover, you can connect this slide to another to create a longer slide that will be fun and entertaining.It has durable material, which means your children can ride down on it for years to come. Furthermore, it’s UV resistant; this allows the toddlers to enjoy the sun while cruising across the slide.The fact that it’s easy to join makes it a winner as you’ll only need 15 minutes to assemble. You can decide to purchase the 50 or 75 ft. long slide depending on your preferences.The company doesn’t compromise on safety as they include Zulu-stick fasteners which help to stabilize the slide and prevent it from moving or rolling up across the grass. The slide can accommodate up to 256 pounds across each square foot.

Banzai Speed Blast Slide

If you’re looking for something durable, yet inexpensive, you’ll want to check out the Banzai Speed Blast slide. Its height, length, and width are ideal for kids. You need to have a flat surface to place the slide in your yard. The racing-themed slide has two lanes with varying colors that appeal to the young ones. Also, it has enough space to allow your children to race without feeling cramped. It’s ideal for kids aged five to twelve. Note that the Banzai slide has a splash pool at its base. The inclusion of a bumper ensures that you don’t slide into the grass. You can also connect a hose to the slide to improve the slickness. With the extra splash, your children can reach the end and form a high-spray water tunnel on one side of the slide. Customers love that the slide is inexpensive and it’s durable.

Little Tikes Wet and Dry Water Slide

The Little Tikes slide is a fun play item for smaller children that features streams of water all down, something that allows your little ones to enjoy the experience. The detachable hard slide can work well for both dry and wet area.It’s versatile, which allows you to use it in different situations. The slide also features a themed slip mat and sprinklers. Another benefit is that it’s detachable, yet one of the sturdy slides in the market.Unfortunately, some parents find the slide a little sleep. Also, the fact that it’s only ideal for smaller children limits parents who may want to have fun with their children.

H20GO Double Water Slide w/ Speed Ramp

The slide is perfect for children from the age of three to eight. With a hose hookup, the double water slide shoots water up and over the slide. It also boasts of a speed ramp that gives your children a soft landing so that they don’t lose the wind when landing on the slide.You’ll love the inbuilt water chamber that adds stability to the slide. However, some users find that it takes time to blow a set up the slides, but they appreciate that it’s a one-off thing.

​Blast Zone Great White Water Slide

The Blast Zone water slide is not your ordinary slide. Thanks to its unique design and durability. Your children don’t have to struggle to get on the slide as it comes with a climbing wall on the back that leads them to the slide’s white mouth. The inclusion of two streams of water helps the child glide down the slide. Its beautiful design will add sparkle to your backyard. The Blast Zone slide is expensive, but you can be sure to have it for more than just a single summer.

Little Tikes Rocky Mountain Slide

Little Tikes is famous for its kid’s items, and the rocky mountain slide doesn’t disappoint. It has a climbing wall, a splash pool, and two slides. Moreover, it can accommodate up to four children with a weight limit of 300 pounds.The surprise dump pocket on the slide fill by itself and releases the water on the kids as they climb up the wall. Its superior quality makes it durable and worth the expense. Although the slide is easy to set up, some users dislike the teardown which can be cumbersome.

Buyer’s Guide

Finding the right slide that fits your yard is as critical as getting something that your children will love. Here are some essential tips to help you choose a product that meets your expectations.

Age Appropriateness

Slides come in various weights and sizes. Ensure that you select one that matches your kids’ age. Some materials also accommodate a child based on his age. You’ll realize that some materials may not be ideal for a child’s weight. Check if the slide can cater to the needs of your child.

Check the Surface and Material

The first thing you should look for when shopping for slides is the material. Focus on getting a slide with durable material to ensure that it serves you for years. Slides made from fiberglass gel coat or polyethylene plastic provide a robust and friction-free surface. Moreover, these two materials are chemical and rust resistant, not to mention you won’t have to deal with fade in UV rays.

Determine Where You Want to Place the Slide

You need to decide where to place the slide. Manufacturers recommend installing a slide next to a pool with a depth of 48 inches of water. The unit needs to be steeper if you have more depth. Avoid placing the slide next to a shallow or narrow end of the pool.It’s best to install a slide in an area where an adult can supervise the water activities. Pool slide providers have standard safety measures from the Consumer Product Safety Commission which ensures that slides meet all safety requirements.

Developmental Benefits

Slides that have multiple features or the race-themed one can help develop your child’s physical, mental, and social development, find an item that will strengthen their bodies, stimulate their minds, and promote interaction with other children.The best slip n slide should provide a balance of both fun and education.

Settle on a Size and Length of the Slide

You need to find a slide that is of the right size. If you’re planning to buy a slide specifically for kids, a moderate slide will work fine.However, if you need to join in the fan, you need a slide that can accommodate a weight of 200 pounds, this ensures you get speed before hitting the splash. Slides vary in distance as some have a length as long as 70ft.Decide on a slide that will fit your yard. Find a suitable length that keeps your children safe from the fence or another obstacle.

Consider Ease of Installation

Focus on getting a slide that you can install without using an installation professional. However, if you decide to get a slide that requires professional installation, find out if the manufacturer offers this service.Note that even a simple pool slide may need some drilling when putting it in place.

Decide if You Need a Water Hookup Feature

Hookup provides a way in which water runs along the flume as you slip and slide down. The wet area makes the experience exciting. However, if adding this surface will cost more, you can opt to connect a garden hose to the poolside to work similarly.

You no longer have to settle for a pale blue pool slide when there are plenty of colors on the market. The decision relies on your décor and yard. Colors like brown and grey complement the landscape while white provides a superior contrast to your pool.

Think About the Footprint

Your space will determine the footprint. A few slides occupy lots of room as they have curves. Make sure that the space you have can accommodate the specifications of the slide you intent to buy.Most manufacturers have a plan that shows the length and width of the surface you’ll need for installation. Don’t forget to count the space needed behind the slide to ensure that the children climb on it with ease.

Settle For a Design

Modern slides have a 360-degree twist which adds excitement. Also, you can choose slides with dips, curves, and twists. Nonetheless, you need to have space and money to add these curves to your slide. Also, you need to think about your kids when deciding on a specific design.

Consider Water Slide Safety

You need to consider the safety of the slide before you make any purchase. Modern slides have safety features that you can check for on the guideline. CPSC approved slides undergo safety tests before being available on the market.

Check to see if the slide has wide ladder treads and secure handrails as this add to the safety.

Work With a Budget

It’s essential to work with a budget when shopping for a slide. While there’s no limit to the amount of money you should spend on a slide, don’t get an overly expensive slide when an affordable one works well.Note that a complicated unit which is larger may cost more than regular slides.

Decide if You Need the Accessories

The best slip and slide should have a boggle board which helps the slider to get to the end of the slide without stopping in the middle. Without a boggle board, you may find bigger children failing to get to the end of the slide.

Moreover, boggle boards are ideal if speed is what you need when going down or you have older people who would rather avoid the ground impact. Your slip n slide may also have splash pools or end pools.

The pools vary in size and depth but work to give the rider a splash as they reach the end of the ride. However, before investing in the end pool, you need to consider who will be using the slide often. As a family full of young children, the splash pool may not be ideal.

Nonetheless, families with older children will find this feature convenient and excellent addition. Also, when installing the slip n slide, you need to pay attention to specific things if you get a splash pool.

For example, your entrance needs to be inflatable and soft. Flat entries need to have a proper incline on the hill you’ll set up the slide. Moreover, the end bumpers should be high to stop an older person from sliding off to the end of the slide.

Go for the three-sided splash pools as the four-sided won’t allow you to splash into the pool. The starting bumper slows you down to prevent you from getting into the end pool.

You’ll also realize that flat slides are ending. Most slides now have inflation at the end, the beginning of a ramp, or on the sides for bumpers. You’ll notice that most slides have slide inflation and they are short to allow the shorter users to enjoy the slide.

Inflatable slides are best for younger children, but you can get the small flat slides that will work for all ages.

Alternatively, you can settle for a hard slide that gives the user the speed boost. Most hard slides are for kids younger than eight years. Your children will love the thrill of the splashdown effects of a pool and the fun of a slide.

Nevertheless, you should note that hard slides require more space than the inflatable slides. Their advantage is that they are durable and your children can have fun on them for years.

Look Out For Other Features

Different models have varying features. Some of the features to look out for include inflatable tunnels, zigzag slide versions, and water bowling pins.

Final Thoughts

Getting a slip n slide can make summer fun for your little ones. You can find a cheaper slide that is easy to set up on your yard. What’s more, you can choose a color to complement your yard. Decide on a place to set up and ensure that it doesn’t have sharp objects or rocks to prevent injuries.Decide on one of the above-listed slip and slides and read out buyer’s guide to make the right decision.

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