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March 7, 2023
Toy Cash Register

Children love cash register playsets. Your child can open and close the cash drawer, count the play money, and push different buttons. We have put together a few product recommendations to help you find the right playset for your child’s age.

Children need to engage in pretend play to develop their imagination and many other skills. A kids cash register is a great way to encourage interactions and to have your child build complex scenarios. Younger children will love playing with the buttons and drawer while older children will have more fun counting money and conducting transactions. Here are a few recommendations if you are shopping for a toy cash register.

Comparison Table

How We Chose Our Recommendations And Ratings

We selected different cash registers and assigned ratings according to these criteria:

  • Adapted to different age ranges. We selected cash register playsets adapted to different developmental stages so you could easily find the right one for your child.
  • Buttons and sounds. We looked for cash registers with large buttons and built-in sounds since this is what makes these playsets so fun to play with.
  • Educational value. We considered the educational value of these toys. A young child will benefit from playing with an interactive cash register while an older child can use their math skills to count play money.
  • Playsets. We included some playsets that come with additional items to encourage your child to create a pretend store or restaurant.

Top Nine Best Kids Play Cash Registers

Here are a few options to consider if you would like to get a cash register playset for your child.

Learning Resources Pretend And Play Calculator Cash Register

We like this cash register because it features a built-in solar-powered calculator. Your child can use the cash register to add, subtract, multiply, and divide. The large colorful buttons are fun to push for younger children who won’t be interested in the built-in calculator feature. This playset is a great way to introduce your child to calculators. They can open the cash register, put play money inside, and conduct pretend transactions. The LCD screen is easy to read and your child is going to love the cash drawer sound. This is a very versatile playset because your child can have fun with pressing buttons and handling the play money, use the calculator, or create more elaborate scenarios with siblings and friends. Older children will love the play money that looks very realistic.

Funerica Durable Cash Register Toy For Kids

We like this playset because it includes everything your child needs to create a pretend store. It comes with a colorful cash register, some coins, credit cards, fruits, and bottles. Your child will also get a knife and cutting board to slice the fruits. Being able to slice fruits makes the playset even more fun and encourages healthy eating. The cash register features a built-in calculator. Your child can interact with the large buttons and have fun with the cash drawer or develop their math skills with the calculator. The cash register includes a microphone and scanning attachment. These attachments make realistic sounds and your child can use the microphone to make announcements. The downside of this playset is that it includes a few coins but some children will prefer to have more play money to fill the cash drawer.

Learning Resources Pretend & Play Teaching Cash Register

This red and blue cash register comes with play money that your child can use to learn to recognize different denominations. There is a built-in calculator with a large LCD screen. We like all the interactive features of this playset. Your child can play with the scanner, scale, lights, and get the cash register to make sounds and play voice messages. You can adjust the volume of the cash register easily. There are four different built-in math games that will get your child to interact with the built-in calculator. We recommend this cash register because your child is going to love the sounds and colorful design and the built-in games add educational value to the playset.

Funerica Toy Cash Register With Scanner

We think this playset would be ideal for a child who likes pretend restaurants. It comes with a cash register, some groceries, and some cooking utensils so your child can prepare food for their customers. The cash register has a built-in calculator, an LED screen, and a large open button for the register. Your child can also use the microphone attachment and the hand-held scanner. The scale features several buttons so your child can select the correct food they are weighing. This is a great playset if your child enjoys pretend restaurant scenarios, and using the calculator and slicing the fruits make the playset more interactive. We like the fruits included in the playset since they will promote healthy eating.

Fisher-Price Classics Retro Cash Register

This cash register is perfect for toddlers and young children. There are several interactive features to keep your child busy. The playset is great to help your child differentiate colors and learn how to count. It comes with six large coins in different colors that your child can match with colorful buttons. Your child can insert the large coins in the cash register and watch them come out on the side. They can use a hand crank to ring a bell and have fun opening and closing the drawer. Pushing the colorful buttons is also part of the fun. Toddlers will love exploring all these interactive features, and a four or five-years-old child could use this colorful cash register to start creating their first pretend play scenarios. This cash register is a fun toy your child will enjoy interacting with, and there is an educational value since your child can start learning colors and numbers.

Playkidz Interactive Toy Cash Register

We love this interactive cash register because of all the different built-in sounds, phrases, and songs. There are over 80 different sounds, melodies, and phrases that your child can discover by pressing buttons or spinning the rollers. This colorful cash register makes a great educational toy for toddlers. They can press the buttons to learn about different foods, colors, and numbers. The playset includes a credit card slot, scale, and cash drawer. It comes with some pretend groceries and a shopping basket. We like the emphasis on healthy eating through the groceries included and the phrases your child can discover by pressing the buttons of the cash register. There are many different ways to interact with the playset, and the many sounds, phrases, and songs will keep your child interested for a long time.

LeapFrog Count Along Cash Register

This talking cash register is great for young children who are learning to count. There are more than 50 different built-in phrases and songs that will guide your child’s pretend play scenarios. Your child can use the food and number buttons or pretend to scan food on the side of the cash register. The playset includes different grocery items and pretend coins. We like the talking cash register because it encourages your child to count grocery items and coins. Your child is going to acquire some important math skills thanks to these interactive features. There is a large button to open the cash drawer. Your child is going to have fun discovering the different ways to interact with the toy and will learn how to count thanks to the built-in phrases.

Boley Kids Toy Cash Register

We like this realistic cash register playset because it includes a conveyor belt. Your child will have a blast pushing the buttons that make the small conveyor belt move. This cash register includes a built-in calculator, cash register, and a microphone attachment. Your child can also use the hand-held scanner to ring up their customer’s total. There is a scale with different buttons and the playset comes with some play money and groceries. We like this playset because most pretend cash registers don’t have a conveyor belt. Your child will have fun interacting with this feature and will learn to use a calculator thanks to this playset. The downside is that most of the groceries included are small cardboard boxes. These will be fun to play with for an older child but the groceries might not be durable if a young child plays with them.

Kids Cash Register Shopping Guide

LeapFrog Count Along Cash Register
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What makes a cash register playset better than another? What should you look for when shopping for children’s toys?

Why Get A Kids Cash Register?

A kids cash register is a fun playset that will help your child engage in pretend play. Pretend play is a very important aspect of your child’s development.

By imagining different scenarios and playing different roles, your child is developing their language and communication skills. They are also making sense of the world they live in by recreating scenarios they have seen.

This type of play is crucial for developing social and emotional skills. A cash register playset can also help your child develop their math skills while having fun.

Playing with a cash register will probably inspire your child to create an entire pretend store, restaurant, or another type of business. You can easily engage with your child by becoming a customer or have your child play with siblings or friends.

Your child will probably find new ways to use other playsets they already own by incorporating them into their pretend business. Your child can, for instance, combine a cooking playset with a cash register to create a restaurant.

How To Choose A Kids Cash Register Adapted To Your Child’s Age

Toy Cash Register
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It’s important to compare the features of different playsets to determine which one is suitable for your child’s current level of development.

A toddler will care about the tactile aspect of the playset. Look for a kids cash register with large and colorful buttons. An interactive toy with different sounds would be a lot of fun to play with.

Your child will enter a different developmental stage once they turn four. They will start using their imagination and explore pretend play. A four or five-years-old might start using a cash register to conduct pretend transaction and focus on the social aspect of the playset.

A six or seven-years-old will build more complex scenario. They will want to have play money with their cash register. Look for a playset that lets your child add up prices and count money.

A child who is eight or older will create elaborate stories with their pretend play scenarios. They will probably create a store, imitate the grown-ups they have seen on shopping trips, and use their math skills for transactions. This type of pretend play is great for your child’s social development.

Compare the different playsets we recommend above to find one that is a good match for your child’s current level of development and style of play. Look for features that your child is going to love interacting with, or ask yourself which playset would be the best addition to the scenarios your child enjoys creating.

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