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April 1, 2023
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If your toddler is growing out of their rear-facing car seat, it may be time to consider upgrading their riding experience you a front-facing car seat. That's very important to find a car seat that's going to not only accommodate your child's continuous growth but also provide reliable and updated features for keeping your child safe while on the road.

In this article will be looking at some of the best forward-facing car seats that are on the market, as well as discussing their safety ratings and what teachers make them qualify to be on our lists.

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The Best Forward Facing Car Seats

Graco Nautilus 65 LX

The Graco Nautilus 65 LX is a three-in-one harness car seat combination that you can use from when your child is a toddler up to a hundred and twenty pounds which on average to put your child to about ten years old.

This feature will be the perfect chair if you know that you're planning to have a child and you want something that'll last the entire time that they need a booster seat. Graco as a company makes sure that all of their chairs meet and exceed federal minimum standards as far as safety tests and energy displacement technology is concerned.

For two out of three stages, you can utilize the five-point harness system which is the safest system on the market to keeping your child safe and secured in their seat. You'll be able to use the five-point harness from toddler stages up to 65 pounds before it can get converted into a belt-positioning booster from the 30-pound mark up to a hundred pounds.

Watch your child exceeds the 100-pound mark; it becomes a backless booster seat that can support a child from 40 pounds up to a hundred and twenty pounds. There is a simple and secure harness adjustment system implemented which gives you the freedom to adjust the harness and headrest at the same time without needing to rethread the straps.

This harness system can get adjusted with just one hand which is great for busy parents who are trying to get their child fitted into their chair easily. Other features that this chair has implemented into it is the fact that your child will get to enjoy a personal cup holder and different storage compartments for their favorite toys and snacks.

The car seat frame is steel reinforced which provides strength and durability throughout the 10 or so years that your child will use their car seat. The headrest itself it just up to five different positions to accommodate your child And the chair itself comes lined with EPS foam which is well known for its energy-absorbing effects in the event of a crash.

All of the materials are machine washable as long as they're set on a delicate setting using a mild bar of soap to get the dirt and stains off of it.  Once dry, you can easily slip the material back into place without any hassle involved.

There's even a single click system that allows you to get your child strapped into their car seat quickly and effortlessly. All you'll have to do is take some extra time to install the car seat when you first get it, and then from that point forward, it'll be simple and effortless to get your child strapped into their seat.

Evenflo Chase Harnessed Booster

For parents who are looking to future-proof throughout the entirety of their child's car seat and booster seat needs, the Evenflo Chase harnessed booster seat is an excellent choice for parents looking to save. This car seat is a two-in-one combination booster seat that can accommodate children from 22 pounds to 110 pounds.

Whenever your child grows too much for there harness car seat,  list of ice can then get changed into a booster seat for the remainder of the time that they need one. You got four different color combinations for this booster seat to choose from, these choices include:

  • The Jameson -  a black and gray
  • The Jasmine - purple and black
  • The Jubilee - teal, and black
  • And the Tonal Hearts -  a pink and gray

The front-facing car seat starts with a five-point harness to ensure your child safe in the event of an accident. The harness can be adjusted easily from an upfront poll feature which allows you to adapt it to your child's needs easily just by pulling the top up at the front.

Additionally, the harness can be adjusted up to four different times to accommodate your child's growth spurts for as long as possible. The head pillow that comes with the car seat is removable when your child no longer needs it, and all of the seat pads and materials are easy to remove and machine washable in case your child spills on it.

The car seat itself features belt-positioning paths guides that help give you the best fit available for that car seat. That helps keep your child safe, and it's essential that you follow the guy it's on where to buckle in your child to help keep the car seat and your child stable.

While we're focusing on safety, the Evenflo Chase car seat has been tested rigorously for side impacts, and it has been found to meet and exceed all federal safety standards as well as the company's standards.

In their results, they found that the car seat was able to withstand impacts that were at energy levels up to two times the amount of what's considered the standard for federal crash testings. You can become assured that with this car seat, your child will remain safe and secured no matter what happens.

Evenflo Maestro Sport Harness Booster Car Seat

This car seat is another two-in-one booster and forward facing car seat that will convert to a belt-positioning booster once your child exceeds the 40-pound mark. This chair model features dual cup holders that allow your children to bring their favorite drinks and snack with them, and these cup holders are big enough to hold most sizes of the cup for your child.

There is an upfront harness adjustment feature located at the center front of their seat cushion. Once you get your child buckled in, all you have to do is pull on the little strap, and the harness adjusts accordingly to remain comfortable and provide a safe fit for your child on the road.

Once your child gets too big for the 5-point harness that the chair initially comes with, you can use your car Zone seat belt and the shoulder belt guide which helps you automatically position your vehicle seat belt for your child so that it helps them given their size.

All of the material on the car seat is removable, and you can quickly throw it in the washing machine if it gets too dirty. On the other side of that coin, you can take a wet washcloth and run it over the material to clean it up in a pinch so that any messes are spills don't become a long-term problem.

Britax Frontier ClickTight

The Britax Frontier ClickTight is another great front-facing car seat. This car seat can convert into a booster seat when your child is old enough. Installation is easy, thanks to the patented ClickTight feature that makes this car seat unique, you can typically get your car seat installed and ready to go within a couple of seconds.

All you have to do is open the front of the car seat, thread a seat belt across the seat belt guides that come featured along the inside of the car seat, and then click in your seatbelt and pull the seat shut over it.  As long as this car seat can't move more than an inch once it's buckled into place, then you know that you're child’s car seat is secured and properly installed.

The Britax Frontier also comes with a SafeCell impact protection feature that includes a steel frame along the body of the chair and an energy-absorbing base that helps keep your child locked into place if there is an accident. Additionally, it has impact absorbing tethers and foam which keeps your chair locked into place and protect your child from any jarring motions.

The harness can be adjusted up to nine different positions that grow with your child. All you have to do is press a button, and you can quickly change the height of the headrest as needed, and that future makes it convenient to keep your child as comfortable as possible.

The harnessed car seat part of the chair can accommodate children up to two plus years between 25 pounds and 90 pounds. Once they exceed that point, the chair can be converted into a booster seat with belt-positioning to teach children good habits from early on.

The belt-positioning booster can accommodate children between 40 pounds and 120 pounds comfortably.

Graco Affix Youth Booster Seat

The Graco affix youth booster, and the high back car seat is an excellent choice for your child if they've hit the 30 pounds Mark and are under four feet and nine inches. Graco makes sure that all of their booster seats and child car seats meet and exceed the American Academy of Pediatrics standards as far as safety goes.

The specific car seat helps keep your growing child riding in a high-back booster seat from 30 to 100 Pounds and then when your child is ready to upgrade, you can remove the high back into a backless mode which allows them to become appropriately supported in order for your vehicle seat belt to be positioned safely across their chest.

The installation of the shares reasonably simple, thanks to the effects feature which allows you to install the seat within seconds and even with just one hand.

After following the directions, you can implement the one-handed frontal adjust latch system that you will find located on the side of the chair, which makes it easy for parents to quickly change and tighten your child's booster to the vehicle seat which keeps it adequately placed and secured.

This booster seat also makes it easy for your child to learn how to buckle themselves in which is an excellent way for them to display Independence and learn the importance of good habits while in the car. The chair itself is very comfortable, lined with EPS foam for energy displacement during the event of a crash.

All of the material that comes featured on the car seat can be easily cleaned off with a wet wash rag. For big messes, you can easily remove the material from the car seat and place it in the washing machine to be cleaned up. Just make sure you use a delicate setting and a mild soap when you choose to do so to preserve the material.

That address itself is another feature that's designed to not only bring Comfort to your child but also provide an extra layer of protection in the event of a motor Collision. It's utterly adjustable as needed to fit your child's height.

Best Western State comes with a reasonably sized cup holder as well as a little storage drawer that they can put all of their favorite snacks and toys into to access later on. That way your child can get a hold of the things that they want to mess with, and you can keep your eyes on the road.

What We Think

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If we had to choose one of these car seats for our personal use, we would find that the Graco 65 LX is probably the best out of the bunch in regards to safety and the convenience afforded to you and your family. We like the fact that it's easily adjustable, that the price is considered reasonable, especially given the features.

We also like the fact that Graco personally takes it upon themselves to ensure that each car seat is designed to withstand up to two times what's considered to be the standard in testing scenarios. It's also nice that this chair accommodates children up to ten years old which many booster seats do not do.

In the end, the choice it's up to you but we feel that the Graco 65 LX is probably the best in the bunch and we would highly recommend it to any family who's looking for a great forward-facing car seat for their child.

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