Best Booster Seats That Are Safe For Your Children

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February 18, 2023

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Children outgrow their car seats quickly, so the infant car seat you got won't be the last seat your child needs. Unfortunately, your child may not be big enough to fit into the car’s seat belt.

The result may be injuries and damage in case of a crash. Booster seats help to elevate your child, which means that your little one will fit better when buckled.

Some booster seats come with clips that direct the lap belts and shoulder into the right placement.It’s critical to note that boosters don’t have their safety belts, but they use your car’s seat belts.

Booster Seat Safety Tips

When installing the booster seat, you should:

  • Ensure that the shoulder and lap belts fit correctly.
  • Check to see that the lap belts rest across the hips and the shoulder belt sits across the shoulder.
  • Avoid placing the shoulder belt behind the back or under the arm
  • Make sure that the adjusters are above or at the child’s shoulders
  • Ensure that the seat of the vehicle is high to support your child’s head if using a backless booster
  • Ensure that you get a booster that fits your child’s height and weight requirements

How We Chose Our Top Picks

We settled on the below top booster seats based on online customer reviews and independent reviews from authoritative sites.

We looked at the ease of installation, car seat safety, and lab crash testing of various booster seats to only list the safest booster seats for your child.

Our research also evaluated other factors like comfort, convenience, and the inclusion of a latch option.

Top Best Booster Seats that are Safe for your Children

You don’t have to buy a redundant or poor quality booster seat or use the wrong type of seat. The below list has some of the best booster seats that are safe for your children.

Evenflo Chase Harnessed Booster Seat

The Evenflo Harnessed booster seat is a top-rated seat that is affordable and cozy for your child. You’ll love how it changes into a booster seat for extra comfort.

It’s also ideal for children with 20-110 pounds. Children with 40 pounds or less will find the harness seat snug.

What’s more, the booster seat works with fastener systems, which makes it effortless to switch in between cars and install. The cup holders and pillow have gone through various safety test standards.

Evenflo Amp Booster Seat

The Evenflo Amp is impressive as it’s a high-back booster, which can convert into a no-back style seat. The budget-friendly seat is lightweight and easy to switch between cars. You’ll love the seat if your child is growing at a fast rate.

Its six different height positions allow you to adjust the seat depending on your child’s height. The booster can fit a child who weighs 30 and 110 pounds. Also, the backless version can work with kids who weigh up to 110 pounds.

You’ll love the belt path that helps you install the booster correctly, while the flexible hand height allows you to accommodate growing children.

It also comes with dual cup holders and a machine-washable pad. Other notable features include the energy absorbing foam liner for enhanced comfort and safety.

Chicco KidFit 2-in-1 Booster Seat

The Chicco KidFit booster seat is an excellent option if you’re looking for a booster seat that you can use with or without a back. You can adjust the booster to fit several ways, something which makes it versatile and snug for your children.

With this booster seat, you can relax as it accommodates a child who is 57 inches tall and up to 110 pounds. The parent can remove the back of the seat to enhance comfort.

Nothing sucks like reading a manual on how to set up a seat belt. Fortunately, Chicco’s belt is easy to use.

The company goes a step further to include a reclining seat with extra foam padding for comfort and protection. You can remove the armrests and the seats to clean whenever you require. You can now enjoy traveling with your kids thanks to the Chicco KidFit booster seat.

Britax Clicktight Booster Seat

Your number one when shopping for a booster seat is its safety. The Britax Clicktight booster seat is a blend of protection and comfort, making it a quality booster. While its high budget may be limiting if you’re on a budget. You’ll appreciate its quality and comfort.

You can convert the seat to a forward harness seat when the kid gets to 25-90 pounds. You’ll love the buckle position and the harness that enhances comfort and safety.

You can then switch the seat to a booster that works with a belt when your child is more than 40 pounds.

Other outstanding features include the headrest and the energy-absorbing shells to protect any side impact.

Also, the booster seat can recline, which makes it ideal for road trips. Although it’s expensive, its function and versatility increases its value for people with toddlers.

Graco Backless Seat

The Graco seat is an excellent option if you’re looking for something affordable for bigger children. It’s ideal for children with 40-100 pounds. You can remove the cushion and clean it at your convenience.

Also, the backless booster seat comes with some cup holders, adjustable armrests, and a padded seat.Most parents love the different prints available and how easy it is to install the booster seat. Unfortunately, some users found the holders small.

Graco Nautilus 65 3-in-1 Booster Seat

You should get the Graco Nautilus 3 in 1 booster if you’re concerned about your child’s safety. It uses quality steel materials, which makes the booster durable. The steel doesn’t interfere with the seat as most parents find the three-in-one booster comfortable.

Unfortunately, some users have reported that the buckles get warped in extreme heat. Also, some users find the reclining feature stiff, something that may interfere with your child’s comfort, especially on long trips.

Buyers Guide

Buying the best booster seats can sometimes be daunting when you don’t know what fundamental factors to consider before spending your money. Luckily, we’ve done the homework for you and here are some critical tips to help you when buying a booster seat.

Understand the Different Types of Booster Seats Available

You’ll have to choose from two types of booster seats when shopping. These include the backless and the high-back booster seats.

Backless boosters have the seat component which provides the height to strap your child. The clip in these boosters positions the lap belt. They are inexpensive, unlike the high-backs.

High back boosters work like a car seat and come with a back and a bottom. These boosters have a guide through which you can thread the shoulder belt to ensure it fits. Specific boosters have a backrest that you can adjust to the required height.

Also, some high-backs have a padded headrest to ensure that your child is comfortable. High-back boosters are more expensive than backless boosters are, but they have more features to keep your child safe.

However, a few have connectors which you can attach to your car’s anchors to secure the booster to the seat.

With this, you don’t have to worry about the booster sliding around. Also, connecting the booster to your sear prevents the booster from becoming a danger in case of a collision. The type of booster you’ll select depends on your needs and budget.

Check the Expiration Date

You need to check the expiration date of a booster seat to ensure that it’s safe for the child. Sometimes you may be tempted to use the same booster with your younger child, but this is not recommended due to its reduced effectiveness.

Determine Your Child’s Age and Weight

It’s essential to go shopping for a booster seat with your child’s age and weight in mind. The right booster seat lasts until your child is 12 years old and weighs up to 120 pounds depending on the seat model.

Find a Booster that is Comfortable and Compatible with Your Car Seat

Taking a long trip with your children can be fun, but you don’t want them struggling to be comfortable in the car seats. The best booster should be cozy for your child. Also, you need to make sure that the booster fits your specific car seat

Common FAQs about the Best Booster Seats

As a parent, you may have some concerns about booster seats. Here are some common questions and answers about the best booster seats.

​At What Age Can I Use a Booster Seat?

​While you may want to rush to get your child on a booster seat, you’d rather wait until he/she is old and big enough to ride in a harnessed seat. The recommended age is four years, although this depends on the state requirements.

​When Do I Know When to Put a Child in the Booster Seat?

Children have varying growth rates. However, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends that you should use a booster when your child gets to the state age and size requirements.

Also, when your child outgrows the manufacturer’s recommendation on their car seat. You can switch to a booster seat if your child can keep upright and still when seating.

​How Many Types of Boosters are Available?

​You can choose between the high back and the backless booster seat. Also, you can opt for the seat that comes with a harness that converts to a booster.

​How Will I know if I’ve installed the Booster Correctly?

​You should ensure that you can access the seatbelt. The child should buckle himself up across his body. High back boosters should have the seat belt slide freely near the guides in the seat. Ensure that you place the booster in the center of the backseat to prevent a side impact.

​Are There Booster Seats I Should Avoid?

​Yes, you should avoid the shield booster seat as they have a padded bar or tray that comes down over your child’s head and buckles into the car seat. Also, stay away from recalled seats as they may have unforeseen problems.

​When Can I do Away with the Booster Seat?

You can eliminate the booster seat if your child can sit against the car seat throughout the trip. Also, you can ditch the booster if the shoulder belt sits across the shoulder and not on the arm or neck.

Check if your child’s knees can bend over the edge of a back seat.  Children over the age of seven can also sit on the car seat without a booster.

Final Thoughts

The best booster seat can help you protect a bigger child in the event of an accident. You need to ensure that the seat meets strict guidelines by the Federal government.

The differences in car seat boosters can be confusing, but with our tips above, you can relax knowing what to look for in a booster seat.

We’ve reviewed some of the top-rated, tested, and durable booster seats to help you pick one that meets your needs and budget. Use our buyer’s guide section to learn more on factors to consider when shopping for booster seats.

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