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March 19, 2023
Foosball table

Although you can sometimes find foosball tables in bars or arcades, they are more often in people's homes. The game is popular in many parts of the world, including the United States, parts of Asia, and in most European countries. If you have an interest in the game, then this review can help you find the best foosball table for your home.

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When was Foosball Invented?

Foosball Table

Although some patents exist from the 1890s, Harold S. Thornton from England is credited with the patent for foosball in 1923. He was a fan of soccer, which is known as football throughout the rest of the world, so he modeled the game after his favorite sport. The name foosball came from the German word for football, which is Fußball or fussball.

The game has many nicknames including:

  • Table soccer
  • Foos
  • Table football
  • Baby foot

Many people who love the gameplay in organized leagues around the US and the world. These teams often gather at domestic and international tournaments to compete, which includes a foosball World Cup, which is the World Championships. The International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF) sanctions the tournament.  

Many of the manufacturers of foosball tables sponsor competitive teams or tournaments. Some of the predominant American manufacturers include:

  • Tornado
  • Shelti
  • Dynamo
  • KICK
  • Easton
  • Brunswick
  • DMI Sports
  • Carrom

Several other American companies make home or tournament model tables, and several other international companies produce them as well.

How to Play Foosbal

Foosball Table
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The rules for foosball mirror those of soccer but it is a simpler game. A traditional table has four rows of players, for a total of 11 on each side. Either two or four players can play with the object to score a preset amount of goals. One team serves the ball, depending on the coin toss or agreement, to the other side and the game commences.

The only move not allowed in organized play is spinning the handles 360-degrees. However, if you're playing a casual game with friends, then everyone can decide whether to allow that move. While traditional tables dominate the sport, some special tables also exist. For instance, one non-traditional table is seven meters long and allows 11 people to play on each side.

While traditional tables usually have one goalie with slopes in the corners to prevent the ball from becoming stuck, other tables have three goalies, with two of them at the corners to "kick" the ball back to the middle of the table.  

How We Chose Our Favorites

Foosball Table

To provide the most objective and accurate opinion for each foosball table, we read about each manufacturer and the features of their models. Along with their reputations, the testimonials and reviews from people who bought and own these foosball tables were also taken into consideration to come up with our favorites.

Best Foosball Tables

Here are some of the best foosball table models for home use.

Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball Table

Tornado is easily one of the most popular manufacturers of foosball tables in the world. While this is a tournament model, it is also suitable for home use. The hard surfaces of the table, the foosball men, and the ball makes a game on it faster than on the average home table.

This table measures 56 x 30 x 36-inches and includes three goalies to ensure the ball doesn’t get stuck in a corner. The counterbalanced foosball men mount onto lightweight rods. The legs also have adjustable levelers to ensure the sturdiness of the table.

The tournament-grade bearings are thin and split to make it easier to control the ball and block shots. The design of the foosball men makes it easier to pass the ball and control it. This model has interchangeable handles that are color-keyed and come with a high grip.

It has a split cabinet design that allows players to retrieve the ball from inside the cabinet if necessary. The sides are stainless-steel laminate that comes in three colors:

  • Red
  • Silver
  • Black

KICK Royalton Foosball Table

The founder of KICK is a 25-year foosball enthusiast whose company produces models primarily for home play. The Royalton table measures 55 x 30 x 36-inches and weighs 121 lbs. The finish on this table looks like mahogany with chrome hardware on the corners that gives the table a refined appearance. When it isn’t in play, the table makes for an attractive item in a rec or game room.It has five-inch leg levelers that are rubberized on the bottom to give the table extra sturdiness and to help ensure it doesn’t slip during an exciting game. The eight semi-solid chrome-plated stainless-steel rods hold the foosball men, so they are ready to play. The rods also have slip resistance wooden grips to control the players.The table has 13 red and 13 blue counter-balanced players, along with 26 others with uniforms. Buyers can choose between one-goalie or three-goalie formations when assembling the game with the goalie kit. The kit has corner ramps and stoppers for the rods as well. The set includes four chrome cup holders, two on each side, to secure drinks while competitors are playing.A manual scoring system is on each end of the table, along with a ball return. The table also comes with two KICK Premier balls and two soccer foosballs. The company provides an unlimited lifetime warranty on this table, as well as their other models.

Tornado Sport Foosball Table

Tornado manufactures all their highly-regarded foosball tables in the state of Texas. This Sport foosball table is a sturdy model suitable for home or commercial use. The one-inch medium-density fiberboard cabinet features a mahogany-colored finish, which gives it a beautiful appearance.The sturdy table weighs 200 pounds, which makes it difficult to move when during an intense game of table soccer. The height of the legs are adjustable, and they have boot levelers to ensure the surface is even. The dimensions of the table are 56 x 30 x 36-inches.The rods are hollow steel, which makes the gameplay on this table faster than it is on tables by other manufacturers. This model has three goalies, and the players are black and yellow. There are a ball return and slide scorers on each end of the table. This model has a one-year warranty.

KICK Triumph Foosball Table

KICK is one of the leading manufacturers of foos tables in the US. They have a reputation for producing high-quality models for the home market. This model is a 55-inch long table that is 30-inches wide and 36-inches in height and comes in black.The Triumph is available with a one or three goalie design and comes with the kit to convert the table. It also includes a ball return on each side, as well as sliding numbers to keep track of the score. It includes a set of counterweight foosball men and 26 foosball men in uniform. There are also two KICK Premier and two soccer balls.The foosball men hang on eight chrome-plated, stainless steel rods that have no slip wooden handles with screws to attach them. The table has five-inch levelers on the legs that have rubber on the bottom to prevent scratching floors. This model also has premium bearings. KICK offers a lifetime warranty on their tables.

Sport Squad FX40 Compact Mini Tabletop Foosball Table

If you’re looking for an inexpensive foosball table that doesn’t take up much space, then the Sport Squad FX40 Compact Mini Foosball Table may be your answer. Unlike other home foosball tables that take up floor space in your house, this one can be put in the closet and placed on the table when adults or kids want to play.The tabletop game measures 40 x 20 x 8-inches and weighs only 15 pounds so that it can be easily stored and put on the table for rainy day games with the kids. The bottom of the box has rubber pads to keep it from scratching the table that it sets on and to keep it from sliding around while playing. It has sliding scorers on each end, along with ball returns.The chrome-plated steel rods require no assembly and hold three players on each one, for a total of nine red and nine blue players. The end of each rod has rubber handles with grooves in them to make them more comfortable and provide a firm grip for controlling the action. Each of the plastic players is 3.75-inches tall.The table has a nine-step assembly process, and the hex key (or Allen wrench) comes with the table, so an adult can have it ready in just a few minutes for playing matches.

Best Choice Products Foosball Table

The Best Choice Products foosball table is a 48-inch long competition model suitable for homes, bars, and arcades. The sturdy cabinet is composite wood. It features eight chrome-plated steel rods, four for each team, that holds a total of 22 foosball men, 11 which are red and 11 are white.The rods include comfortable handle grips to provide better control of the miniature soccer players. The table also includes two balls and cup holders on each end to hold drinks during a match. The overall dimensions of the table are 48 x 24 x 33, and it weighs 42 lbs.There is a slide scorer on each end of the table, along with a ball return. The wood has a natural finish with a green playing field. Some assembly is necessary before the table is ready for play.

Triumph Sports Sweeper Foosball Table

This foosball table by Triumph Sports is suitable for home use, but it has a tournament regulation-sized playing field. It measures 48 x 24 x 31 and weighs 41 lbs. It features 1/2-inch diameter steel rods with comfortable ergonomic grips to control the soccer players.There is a total of 26 faceless players in black and white. The company provides four soccer balls of 36 millimeters. The medium-density fiberboard is black with silver legs, and each leg has a 1.5-inch leveler that provides stability to the table.

Playcraft Pitch Foosball Table

Playcraft makes several table models, including this home model. Many of their tables have the approval of the ITSF and the United States Table Soccer Federation. The table measures 56L x 30W x 36-inches H and weighs 200 pounds.Playcraft foosball tables come with rod guards to protect both adult and children's fingers and hands. The rods do not need assembly, and they come with the foosball men, bumpers, and handles. The counterbalanced players are black and red and extra men come with the table, along with two professional game balls, pin punch, and silicone. The design of the table ensures the return of the ball to the middle as it has banked corners. It also has a center ball return. To level the table, it has rubber levelers on each leg to protect floors and to keep the table from moving during a game. This model also has split bearings that can produce quicker, more powerful shots.

Hathaway Playoff Foosball Table

The Hathaway Playoff is a foosball table that is suitable for a family rec room or game room. It is compact with dimensions of 48.5 x 25 x 31-inches, so it doesn’t take up much space in a room. The cabinet of the table is durable because it is a composite wood, which has a black finish and colorful soccer graphics.It has chrome-plated steel rods that control the blue and green players, which come in a three-goalie formation. The rods have ergonomic grips that allow for fast play. Each side has 11 ABS molded players. Each end of the table has sliders that keep score and ball returns. There is a serving hole on the side of the table to start each game. The table weighs a total of 51 pounds.

Buyers Guide

Foosball Table

Although you will pay more for some of the top foosball tables, they are usually heavier, which makes them more stable on floors. Some tables weigh 200 or more pounds, but many home models weigh significantly less, so they are easier to move around a room.

Consider the thickness of the cabinet walls as the thicker they are, the faster and more consistent the game playing will be. It’s important for the legs to have levelers because they make sure the field of play is even and that it is sturdy enough to prevent the table from moving while playing hard.

A thicker match surface is also important because it helps provide a sturdy, level playing field. Some of the professional models have playing surfaces that are approximately an inch thick.

If you are buying a table for a bar or arcade, then look for one with sturdy construction, such as those that have medium-density fiberboard cabinets, steel rods, and chrome hardware. These models should be able to survive several years of raucous game playing. A less expensive model may not last very long in a commercial atmosphere, so it is important to consider the quality of the table.

Consider a table model by some of the top manufacturers, which in the United States includes names like Tornado, KICK, Playcraft, and many others. Also, examine the warranties offered on the products, as the higher quality models come with lifetime warranties on all the parts, so no matter how long you’ve had the foosball table, you can keep it in good, playing condition.

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