Best Family Games That Everyone Will Enjoy

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April 16, 2023
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Finding some alone time with your family can help you build relationships and make space for critical conversations. It’s also a fantastic time to make memories and allow your children to practice essential social skills.

  • Increase critical thinking skills and deductive reasoning
  • Enhance your child’s memory
  • Improve concentration in class
  • Help your child develop social skills

In this article, we’ll dive into the best family games and give you tips on what to look for when shopping for games that everyone in the family will enjoy.

Having a game night is an excellent way to spend time with your loved ones. Playing games as a family can:

Top Best Family Games That Everyone Will Enjoy

Having a good old-fashioned game night is a fantastic way to have fun and bond with your family. Here are some of the best family games that everyone will love.

Melissa and Doug Family Board Game

Unlike the traditional board games, the Melissa and Doug board game aims to see how high you can build it up. The game comes with two dozen notched wire pieces and a stand to hang.

It’s fantastic for a family of four, as you can take turns hanging the pieces and building a tree-like structure. As you continue with the game, you’ll realize it becomes challenging to include the extra pieces without the structure falling.

It’s not only fun but also required a little setup to get started. The game is ideal for kids over the age of eight.


Qwirkle requires a large enough surface to fit the wooden blocks. The game comes with blocks of different shapes in various colors. The objective is to place as many blocks as you can as it’s a matching game.

The players need to take turns and match their blocks with those on the board. You need to plop down a matching pair on the surface to begin. Your kids will enjoy the game due to the shape and color matching. It’s also a fantastic way to have your kids compete.

What’s more, the game has easy to follow rules, which makes it ideal for young players. Your children will be on the edge of their seats as they build complicated combinations.

Robot Turtles

Robot Turtles is a top-rated game from ThinkFun. The game is ideal for kids aged four years and more. Dan Shapiro, the brains behind the game wanted to create a game that would teach children and even pre-teens essential programming fundamentals.

The game comes with an instruction manual that has clear instructions on how to play the game. With this game, your children can learn essential programming principles in a relaxed and fun way. It’s ideal for children aged four and up.

Robot Turtles is suitable for both children and parents to have a fun play experience. Your children can gather crucial programming skills and develop their brains in the context of family fun.

Players decide on the movements of the token on a game board by playing code cards. You can turn the cards left and right. You win when the Robot Turtle gets a jewel. You’ll notice that the game has different levels as you advance.

Break Free

The Spy Code Break Free game features three levels of difficulty with 12 unique mazes. It’s perfect for a family of four as it has various levels that make it exciting every time.

To begin, you need to navigate the maze inside with the lock pick to free yourself from the cuffs. You get extra points depending on your speed. The player with the most points after three rounds wins the game.

The set of handcuffs has 12 fantastic mazes in three difficulty levels. The game gets harder with each level as the mazes pop in and out. Also, you don’t have to spend countless hours on this game if you get stuck. The emergency release on the back allows you to remove the handcuffs and free the player.


‚ÄčThe game comes with a hand of traditional playing cards and a board game. When a family member plays a card, they use a chip to mark the same card on the board, which comes with 96 printed cards and four wild spaces on the corners.

You need to get a single sequence when playing with three players and two when playing with two players. While at first, it may seem simple, you’ll need to go through the twists and turns.

Classic Games

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Sometimes a classic game is what your family needs. Here are a few options to consider.


Pictionary has for over two decades become the ultimate party game. If you’re looking for a game to get the party started, you may need to consider this quick-draw classic game. You can try one quick and funny sketch to make a birthday cake in a minute.

The players can also write with their other hand or write blind to make the game more fun and exciting. You have hundreds of words to choose from, and it’s a fantastic way to put your artistic confidence into a new game.

Family Charades

Family Charades is one of the best-selling family games as its ideal for kids of all ages and parents as well. The set comes with themes that include movie charades, 80s charades, family charades, and kids charades.

The themes are challenging and easy depending on your family’s interest. You’ll love the fact that the box contains 200 cards, with 50 cards for each charade theme. Other things include a rubber band, a scorecard, a sand timer, and instructions to get you started.

Egyptian War Card Game

The Egyptian war card game is an exciting game that your family will love. It comes with 52 cards and instructions for two games which include a challenge and a primary game. You need to collect all the cards and win.

The game is appropriate for children over the age of seven and would fit a family of four comfortably. It’s critical to note the game can last for five minutes to five hours, but this depends on the aggressiveness of the players and the course of the game.

Spoons Card Game

The Spoons Card game is perfect for those over the age of seven. A family of three to five will find this game exciting as each round has to have someone eliminated. You need to race to get a four of a kind so you can snag a spoon.

What’s more, you can take the game to parties to get the fun started. It’s easy even for new players. Kids will have a blast with the spoons.


Spades is a favorite card game that is perfect for four years. You will enjoy the different playing options. You can limit whom you play with to those of your rank. Also, you can customize the fame to fit your desired playing options.

The game is suitable for older kids and is a perfect way to relax and enjoy your time as a family.

Free Games

You don’t have to buy a game to enjoy a family game night. Here are some options to consider.

The Game of Things

Paying Water Game

Although you can purchase the game of things, you can switch things up and come up with your set of questions. The game is fun and will have your family members laughing in no time. For example, you can assign one person as the it and will come up with a statement like things you shouldn’t do when eating.

The assigned person collects the answers from everyone and reads them out. You’ll need to guess the person who came up with a specific answer. The one who gets the guess correct gets the point.

You would be out of the game if someone got your answer correct. The game continues until one person is left and he/she gets three points and becomes the winner.

Buyers Guide

You need to do your homework before buying any game. Here are some essential tips to help you.

Determine the Number of Players for the Game

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You don’t want to buy a game that will leave out some family members. Before making any purchase, find out if your preferred game has some players that will fit your family.

Check the Age Recommendations

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Game manufacturers list the age recommendation on each game. Checking the age recommendations ensures that you pick one that is appropriate for your child’s age.

Ease of Use

You need to understand if the game you intend to buy can work right out of the box or you’ll need to set it up for some time before the members can play.

Also, determine if the game will be easy for your family members to understand. These factors will help you choose a game that everyone in the family will find fun and easy.


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Picking up a game that can stay in your family for years is exciting. You don’t want to end up with a game that your family will outgrow in no time.

Try the Game Before You Buy It

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You can try out some favorite games if you’re not sure you want to purchase a specific game. Sites like the Hasbro demo site allow you to try out games like Funglish and Cranium.

Don’t Forget About the Fun Factor

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The game you settle on should be fun to play for all ages. No one wants to sit for an hour playing a boring game. Also, don’t forget that an easy game means that your family won’t play it for a longer time. The same applies to complicated games.

Choose a Game that Your Family Will Have Time to Play

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You need to find a game that matches the time your family has. Most families are busy these days, and you don’t want to purchase a game that will waste their time. Most manufacturers list the average game length on the side to help you decide on one that meets your needs.

Essential Tips to Plan an Epic Game Night for Your Family

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Sometimes you may hardly have time to plan for a family game night. You don’t have to go through a complicated process to plan a successful game night. Your kids will love participating in the game, and it’s an excellent way to bond without screens.

The tips below should help you organize a memorable game night.

Plan Ahead

One of the best ways to prepare for a game night is to plan before the game night. You can have the kids bathe on time, make snacks, and have the games together ahead of time.

Allow the Children to Pick a Game

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As a parent, you may want to dictate the type of game the family will play. However, this can be disappointing if the children don’t like the game you’ve selected. Let each child choose a game to play even if it’s ladders.

Remember to pick at least two games, as this gives you an option to try the other game in case one is boring.

Decide on a Day and Time That Works For the Whole Family

You need to find out what works for your family when starting a game night tradition. The time and day should work for every family member.

You then need to stick to the routine. Alternatively, you can opt to have the game night on a Saturday, which is a perfect time when everybody is free and relaxed.

Switch Off All Distractions

Although technology is fantastic, it can sometimes be distracting. You need to put your phone on silent or vibration room. Also, you can switch it off or leave it in another place. Turn off the television, tablets, and any PCs.

Allocate a Time Limit

It’s easy to spend hours playing on a game night, which can interfere with your child’s sleep cycle. You need to set a game time. Let your children know when to start and when to stop, this will ensure that the games don’t last for hours.

Pick the best games to suit your time limits. In case the game extends beyond the time limit, you need to explain to them that they can pick up the game later. The idea of game nights is to have fun and not to interfere with responsibilities.

Have Time for a Break

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t’s essential to take a timeout for bathroom breaks and refreshments even if you have limited time to play games. Research shows that children can only be attentive to one task for 20 minutes. If you notice that your children are getting bored, you need to have them take a break.

Avoid Over Competing

Remember your children are watching you, so you need to avoid dominating every fame. Allow your children to explore new tactics to see if they’ll succeed in the game. You have to be a role model for your children.

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Remember to be patient and avoid expecting perfection. Your children may fight over the rules or accuse one another of cheating. However, these fights during a game night teach your children to resolve conflicts, to take turns and cooperate, and solve problems.

Also, game nights allow your children to understand that in life they may lose or win, which is a life skill. Take your time when one member of the family gets angry and storms off, explain to your child that it’s a learning process.

Have a Variety for Healthy Rotation

You may notice that children will love repeating the same things. It’s essential to switch up the routine not only to avoid boredom but also to allow them to explore new games and learn other things.

Different games introduce a variety of concepts, something that will make them want to play on the next game night.

Final Thoughts

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The perfect game night doesn’t have to be indoors. You can still bring different games to a pizza night or an out-of-town trip. Also, remember that your game night can involve other activities like playing at the arcade or taking time off to play golf or go bowling.

Our detailed guide will help you decide on the best family games that everyone will enjoy. The tips above will come in handy when you need to plan a memorable game night for your family.

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