Best Building Toys and Blocks for Toddlers

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February 26, 2023
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Finding the best toy for your toddler can be a challenge as you may not understand what works for their age. Also, you need something that is both entertaining and educational.Building blocks are an excellent gift idea as they not only keep your little one busy, but they also come with endless learning possibilities.

You can find a variety of blocks in the market that best fits your child present and future needs.In this post, we review some of the best building toys for toddlers as well as give you tips on what to look for when purchasing blocks for your toddler.

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Benefits of Building Toys and Blocks

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Blocks can take different forms. However, they are not only fun playing tools, but they also function as excellent learning tools. Research shows that children who play with toy blocks develop:

  • Social competence and creative thinking
  • Enhanced language skills
  • Hand-eye coordination and motor skills
  • Engineering skills and cognitive flexibility
  • Spatial reasoning

Here’s a detailed look at how the best building toys for toddlers are beneficial and tips for enhancing block play.

Toy Blocks Stimulate Divergent, Creative Thinking and Social Competence

Psychologist view problems as either convergent or divergent. Convergent issues have a single correct solution, while divergent problems have multiple ways to solve. A toddler can put together blocks in different ways, which makes it divergent play.

The process of putting the blocks together prepares your child to solve different problems and think creatively. Studies also prove that kids are more interactive and friendlier when they work on constructive play.

Toy Blocks Enhance Language Skills

Building Blocks
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The inclusion of building blocks can help your child develop language skills. They acquire these skills when they learn to differentiate the size, shapes, and colors of the blocks. Also, as your child builds the blocks, they may talk to you or to the other kids which enhances their learning skills.

Building Blocks Improve Hand-Eye Coordination

Your child needs to put the building blocks in a way they don’t fall over. The process improves your kid’s hand-eye coordination as he plays. Grasping the blocks gives the child something to grip, which strengthens his hands and fingers. By taking one block and placing it to another, the eye and hand movement shift, which enhances motor skills.

Organized Block Play Boost Cognitive Flexibility

Some children experience developmental delays, which could be a hindrance to their success in school. Building blocks can help boost your child’s ability to shift from one stimulus to the other. Studies done on children who experienced developmental delays found that structured block play can enhance cognitive skills.

How We Chose Our Ratings

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When coming up with our list of the best building toys for toddlers, we examined various products in the market to determine the right product. Our research involved going through negative and positive reviews, establishing the reputation of each company, and assessing the developmental appropriateness of the blocks.

Top 12 Best Building Toys and Blocks for Toddlers

Here are the best building toys and blocks for toddlers.

Mega Bloks Deluxe Building Bag

If you’re looking for a playset that provides value for money, you should consider the Mega Bloks Deluxe building bag. It’s similar to the LEGO building set, perfect for enhancing creative and open-minded play. The set has 80 building blocks in different colors and shapes.

Also, the manufacturer uses high-grade plastics that is safe for toddlers. You’ll love the storage bag that allows you to stay organized. What’s more, the bag is BPA and PVC free.Unlike ordinary blocks that children can easily outgrow, the mega blocks set has multiple colors and shapes, which helps your kid learn and differentiate between objects.

It’s also a fantastic gift set if you’re looking for a way to improve your baby’s hand-eye coordination as they handle and grasp the blocks. Unfortunately, the small pieces may pose a choking hazard. Also, some pieces may fit loosely, which could make it difficult to build a variety of things.

Melissa and Doug Building Blocks

Melissa and Doug’s wooden blocks are timeless and classic, which means they never go out of style. These blocks are durable and light for your child to grasp and move them around. What’s more, the child has control over what he wants to build as wooden blocks don’t need prongs to snap. Your child can explore creatively without worrying about fixing the blocks in a specific way.

They are available in nine shapes and four colors. Moreover, the 100 blocks mean your child can create anything they wish. With the Melissa and Doug blocks, you’re sure of exceptional quality and value for money.On the downside, these blocks do not have a storage container. Some parents find the blocks tiny for toddlers and may pose a health hazard.

ECR4Kids Softzone Toddler Blocks

The ECR4 toddler blocks are highly-rated in the best foam blocks category; this is for a reason. They are light, but also large which helps your child handle large objects. Furthermore, they are fun to play with as they easily stack together than ordinary blocks.

Moreover, they come in a single shape and size, something that your child will find less complicated to build. Your toddler will love the vibrant colors and differentiate between these colors.Their large size ensures that your child doesn’t choke on them, while the reinforced leather on the foam prevents bites and slobber.

However, some parents found the foam blocks smaller than what was on the photo. Also, some users found splitting at the seams as the kids played with the blocks.

Magnetic Wooden Block Set

Tegu, a company famous for toddler play items boasts of this unique magnetic wooden block set, that has 42 blocks. The blocks have safe magnetic elements which inspire awe and cultivate curiosity in your toddler. The inclusion of magnetic allows the child to easily stack the blocks and create any items without having to worry about the blocks falling over like ordinary blocks.

Moreover, they can add multiple colors to make beautiful creations.As a parent, you don’t have to worry about your child ingesting harmful chemicals when playing with the magnetic blocks. They don’t have any toxic chemicals like lead as they only use water-based lacquer finish and lead. Unfortunately, you may find this product expensive if you’re on a budget. Nonetheless, a playtime set guarantees value for money.

Kingtree Baby Blocks Set

The Kingtree Baby Blocks set is an innovative product that comes with embossed sides to entice your child to develop sensory perception skills coupled with motor skills. These blocks have multiple characters, embossed shapes, and different animals to add fun to their play. What’s more, each block side has a different theme to keep your kids entertained as they learn about different animals and senses.

The set comes with a carry bag, and its vinyl material makes it easy to clean. The product is ideal for children from six months to two years. Your toddler will find the squeaking sounds exciting and fun. The only drawback is that the squishy construction may not work when building a tall building.

Melissa and Doug Classic ABC Blocks

The Melissa and Doug alphabet blocks come in the right size and are suitable for toddlers. These blocks have colorful letters on all sides which your little one will love. Also, your child can use them no matter their age. You can have the blocks from toddlerhood to kindergarten when your child starts spelling.

These wooden blocks are durable and last for years. The inclusion of numbers makes them fun. Your toddler will love the rolling cart that he can push around while in the house. On the downside, users found the blocks small for toddlers to stack. Moreover, the lack of a logical arrangement of pictures and letters can confuse a child.

Fisher-Price Brilliant Blocks

The Fisher-Price blocks come in a set of ten in different shapes, making it a favorite with young children. Despite the blocks being simple, they are entertaining and enhance hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Your little one can tote the blocks around as the set comes with an inbuilt handle to make the movement easier.

Apart from it being from a recognizable brand, it’s affordable and an excellent way to have your toddler enjoy his playtime. The only disadvantage is that the set has a small number of blocks, unlike other game sets that have multiple blocks in various shapes, sizes, and colors.

B.Elemenosqueeze Blocks

These blocks are excellent if you’re looking for a starter gift set for your child. They are ideal for a six months toddler and beyond. The 26 blocks come in varied shapes like arches, wedges, cubes, and pillars, with each beginning with a letter that corresponds with the animal.

Their lightweight ensures that they don’t cause any injuries, but that the child can stack and grasp the blocks without struggling. Your child will appreciate the squeaky sound, and you won’t have to worry about going crazy because of the swishes. The company creates BPA-free chewable toys, and you can use them with playdough to make sculptures. However, some parents found the mold a concern and the cleaning instructions a bit confusing.

Playmags 100 Piece Tiles Building Set

The Playmags building set is a must-have if you’re looking for something fun and entertaining for your young one. What’s more, your toddler can use the blocks to make both 2D and 3D designs as they can easily connect.The quality material ensures they can withstand heavy child play. You’ll appreciate the storage bag that your child can easily store their blocks once playtime is over.

Magnetic Stem Blocks

If you’re a parent who wants to ensure that your little one takes in as much information, you may need to consider the stem construction blocks. While some little ones may find the blocks complex, with time, they will help promote math, tech, and science skills.

Furthermore, the creative designs and unique colors will mesmerize your little one. Your child can explore the various ways to stack these blocks, which gives him control. The set also features smooth tile edges which ensures that your child doesn’t get hit by any sharp points. Unfortunately, some parents found the magnets ill-fitted. Some children may find the blocks a bit complex. Also, the lack of a storage box is a disappointment.

Melissa and Doug Pattern Blocks

Your little one may find simple blocks boring, but you can change that with the Melissa and Doug pattern blocks. Unlike other blocks that only require your child to stack them up, these set encourages your toddler to place them in order. You may need to guide your child on how to use the wooden board and to how to place the blocks in a specific order.

The five boards and 12- shapes help with problem-solving and improves hand-eye coordination. It also has a storage box to keep the blocks safe.On the downside, some pieces may be tiny, and a few parents had a problem with the colors that came in the box.

Buyer’s Guide

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Buying building toys can be tricky due to the different brands available in the market. Fortunately, we’ve made your work easier by giving you tips on what to look out for when buying the best building toys for toddlers.

Understand that there are Different Types of Blocks

Blocks come in various materials like plastic, magnetic, cloth, cardboard, wood, and foam. Your child can use blocks to spell, build, or stack. Find out what blocks would best fit your child’s present and future needs.

Look For Durable Blocks

Toddlers regularly drop or throw things around. You need to find toys that can withstand any force while helping your child develop organization and coordination skills. Most learning blocks have solid wood or durable thick plastics that your child cannot break as they play.

Check the Block Material

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Although many manufacturers use safe materials when creating building toys, some toys may have toxic lacquers and paints. Find out the materials used on the blocks to ensure that they are non-toxic and safe for your child even when he puts them in his mouth.Also, find the appropriate size of blocks for your child to prevent a choking hazard.

Choose Blocks That Your Child can Use in Various Ways

You need to find blocks that your child can use in different ways. Find blocks that your child can use to make a spaceship, a bridge, a zoo, or a road. The process of pulling out and adding on spark your baby’s imagination, which helps him develop logical and problem-solving skills.

Ensure That You Get Value for Your Buck

You’ll realize that some expensive blocks are lesser. Ensure that you’re getting enough blocks if you decide to pay more. The market has plenty of options to choose from depending on your budget.

Look Out For Potential Threats

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Before proceeding to check out, you need to pay attention to specific things that may expose your child to harm. When evaluating the blocks, check the small ends. Specific blocks vary in length and size. If you must purchase blocks with different sizes, ensure that they are not long enough for your child to swallow.

Avoid buying blocks with smaller ends that can get to your child’s back of the mouth; this will prevent choking.Also, some blocks have sharp ends that can poke your toddler if chewed. These blocks are ideal for older kids; you should avoid them if you have a young one.

Final Thoughts

Lego Blocks
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Building blocks are an essential tool for your child’s growth as they improve cognitive and motor skills. Also, they serve as entertainment to keep your child inspired and motivated. By allowing the child to enjoy block play time, your child will develop creative skills and develop language skills.

You don’t have to settle for the simple blocks as you can now find them in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Use our buyer’s guide above to help decide on the best building blocks for your toddler.

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