10 Best Baby Towels

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April 19, 2023
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Babies aren’t a huge fan of bath time. Probably due to the abrupt changes in temperature. The best baby towels (and some fun baby bath toys) help make bath time a little more bearable.

It’s important to have a towel that will cover your baby. It needs to be super absorbent that way you can dry your baby quickly. It’s also vital for them to be soft against their sensitive skin.

You will see a lot of people suggesting a variety of different towels. It can be overwhelming to pick the right one.

Who would have thought picking towels could be so complicated?

Comparison Table

Why Do You Need a Baby Towel Vs. a Regular One

toddler boy lying covered with purple towel

There is a lot of discussion on whether you need a towel specifically for babies. What makes them more special than regular towels? They are all made of the same material right?

As long as it keeps babies warm and dry, is there anything else you need? Is one safer than the other?

Honestly, it’s really up to you. The American Academy of Pediatrics doesn’t have specific guidelines for towels. As long as you pay attention when you are drying your baby, there is no real danger to using either.

There are pros and cons of both. Depending on your lifestyle one type of towel may suit you better than another.

Pros of using a baby towel are

  • Babies have sensitive skin, and some baby towels are made with softer materials than other towels for adults
  • Babies are at risk for certain illnesses that older children and adults don’t have to worry about. Having separate towels will make it easy to keep your child healthy.
  • Babies are messy. If you like the towels that you use, you should get separate ones for your baby, that way they can mess them up.
  • Babies have a hard time keeping an average body temperature, and that’s why they don’t like baths. They get too cold when they get out. Having a hooded towels—which is a majority of baby towels, can help keep them warm.

Cons of baby towels are

  • They can get very expensive. This is the reason why some parents ask if it’s okay to use regular ones.
  • Babies grow fast and will outgrow baby towels fast.
  • More towels mean more laundry.

How We Chose Our Ratings

Cute Baby girl in white bathrobe

We understand the importance of finding the best baby towels. They provide comfort and warmth after bath time.

We started by looking at what parents like. Many parenting blogs and discussion boards offer a variety of choices when it comes to towels. In fact, that’s how we found the talk about regular towels vs. baby towels.

Once we’ve looked through everything, we create a list of our favorites to research. From there we look at consumer sites to see what other people thought of the towels.

By finding towels with this many reviews and high ratings, we feel comfortable in suggesting them to you.

After all, reviewers have no reason to lie, especially if they are parents. They don’t have any connection to the company that would create a bias. They are just sharing what they like because they like it. They will review honestly because they take the care and safety oftheir child seriously.

They share what they dislike because they want to prevent other people from making their mistake. They also want to call out the company; that way they do better. Again, if a company tries to sell a parent a bad product, the parent is going to tell the world about it.

Top 10 Best Baby Towels

There are a lot of baby towels out there. You may feel too overwhelmed to pick one. We tried to find a variety of them made of different materials, at different prices, and different designs. There will hopefully be something that catches your eye.

Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Animal Face Hooded Towel

Who said towels couldn’t be fun? This hooded, one hundred percent, woven terry cloth towel is loads of fun. It’s soft and gentle on your baby’s skin while making drying off a breeze.

The bright colors and friendly faces will make it easy to dry off your baby. They will be laughing and smiling the whole time.

Pros of this towel are that it dries babies quickly while keeping them warm, the price, and how well made it is.

Cons are that it’s not as soft as advertised to some people and some of the animal pieces can come apart after a while.

This hooded towel costs thirteen dollars, and you have fifty-seven different options to choose from. All the options are different animals or styles of the same animals.

Little Tinkers World Elephant Hooded Baby Towel

This is another fun hooded towel. It’s made of a hundred percent cotton and can grow with your child. You should be able to use this one up until your child is two or three.

Best of all, it’s machine washable and will stay soft wash after wash.

The company offers a sixty-day return guarantee, so if you don’t like it, you can return it with ease. This is unusual since many times as soon as you wash a towel, you are no longer allowed to return it.

People like this towel because the design is cute, it’s thick, and it’s soft against a baby’s skin.

People have complained about the packaging being hard to get into and that it’s not much different than towels you can get at a store.

Hooded Baby Towel and Washcloth Bath Set

This towel and washcloth are made with organically grown bamboo. The texture is silky and soft against a baby’s skin.

Because it’s made of bamboo, it’s especially helpful for babies who have sensitive skin, Eczema, baby acne, allergies, and cradle cap. It is hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, odor resistant, and anti-static.

Perks of the set are that it does work on babies with sensitive skin; they are very absorbent, and how soft it is.

Plus, it features adorable woodland creatures.

Takeaways are that people find them to be a bit small and some people question if it’s truly organic. There doesn’t appear to an official organic tag.

This towel set is relatively cheap, and you can choose between three different patterns.

Clevamama Splash and Wrap Baby Bath Towel

This towel is very different from any other on this list. It will not only keep your baby dry but the person who is drying them too. It fastens around your neck like an apron. It will free your hands to hold your baby more securely.

If you want extra help, then this is the towel is for you. It’s like having an extra set of hands. It’s especially helpful if you have a baby that likes to splash.

It’s made of ninety-two percent cotton and eight percent polyester. It also features a hood so you can keep your baby completely warm.

People like this towel because of the cleverness of the design, it’s soft, and the quality of the towel.

People have complained about it causing a lot of fuzz, it’s not very absorbent, and the price.

There are four different colors for this towel, and vary in price depending on which you pick.

Premium Baby Hooded Towel by Foreverpure

This towel is advertised as the softest, most absorbent, and durable out there. It is made of 600 GSM organic bamboo. GSM towels are eight percent more absorbent and thicker than others made of different material.

Also, because it’s made of bamboo, it’s anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, and free of any chemicals. This is great because babies are so sensitive.

It features a gender-neutral bear design and is larger than your average towel. It’s supposed to work with newborns, infants, toddlers, and small kids up to five-years-old. This is perfect for parents on a budget.

This company is a supporter of World Vision Charity organization. Every purchase from this company helps a child.

Pros of this towel are that it’s soft, it’s thick, and how big it is.

The biggest con seems to be that the colors do not appear as advertised. For some reason, they are lighter than people expected.

Organic Bamboo Hooded Baby Towel by San Francisco Baby

We have another bamboo hooded towel. This means that it’s all natural and free of harsh chemicals. It’s also super soft against your baby’s skin.

The towel is made of 500 GSM organic bamboo.

It features cute bear ears to make bath time a little more fun.

The company offers a lifetime guarantee. You will get your money within twelve hours of asking, and you can keep the towel—another abnormality when it comes to buying things online.

Perks of the towel are that it’s very absorbent, it’s soft, and it’s well made.

The biggest takeaway appears to some durability issues for some people. Many people have written that they are durable, but a handful of others had their towel unravel after a few washes.

Bamboo Hooded Baby Towel

Organic bamboo appears to be a very popular choice of material when it comes to the best baby towels because this is another bamboo one. It’s thick, plush, and is a large bath towel with a hood.

It’s machine washable. It also comes with some washcloths.

Pros of this towel set are that it’s soft, it’s absorbent and thick.

Cons are the packing can ruin the towel if you aren’t careful, there appears to be some durability issues for some people, and the logo of the company is largely embroidered on it.

Premium Hooded Baby Towel and Washcloth Set by Channing& Yates

This towel set is made of this company’s exclusive AngelTouch fabric. The company claims this towel is two times as thick and soft as any other baby towel. It supposedly absorbs sixty percent more water than cotton towels. Also, the AngelTouch fabric is supposed to be as clean as organic bamboo.

The material that makes this towel set is organic, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and odor resistant.

This towel also appears to bigger than your average baby towel. It can handle a newborn up to a two-year-old, maybe even older. Again, this is great for parents on a budget.

People like this towel because it’s soft, it dries quickly, and how well made it is.

People have complained about the price, there appears to be some unraveling issues, and it’s too thin for some people.

Spasilk 23-Piece Essential Baby Bath Gift Set

This towel set includes three hooded towels and twenty washcloths. They are all machine washable. They are terry cloth and are eighty percent cotton and twenty percent polyester.

This is great for first-time parents because they will have plenty of towels and washcloths for their baby. With how many towels and washcloths the set offers, it will hopefully lessen the amount of laundry you have to do.

Pros of this set are how many pieces it includes, they are soft, and their durability.

Cons are that for many people they are too thin, some of the material can come off on the baby, and it doesn’t seem to made of good quality.

Natemia Extra Soft Rayon Bamboo Hooded Towel

This towel is being advertised as the softest hooded towel for kids. It’s made from the highest quality of rayon from bamboo. It’s perfect for kids with sensitive skin.

It’s extra thick and extra absorbent. It’s supposed to absorb water three times faster than ordinary cotton. It’s also very durable due to the materials it’s made of.

It’s got a cute design with animal ears at the top.

Perks of this towel are that it’s super soft, the size, and the design.

The biggest takeaway appears to be the price. That was the most common complaint among reviewers.

Buyer’s Guide to Picking the Best Babies Towels

Father Holding Baby in Towel

So now you’ve seen a variety of towels and what’s good and bad about them. It’s time to pick some out for your baby.

There really isn’t a specific guide to picking baby towels. It’s really about your preference. Though, hooded ones are good because they cover your baby completely. Plus, many hooded towels have adorable animals on them.

Who doesn’t love seeing a baby in an adorable animal hooded towel?

The most important thing to remember is your budget. As mentioned before, baby towels can get expensive fast. If you don’t have a lot of money, then buying a twenty-dollar one may not be the best option for you.

Of course, you can always ask for some as a gift.

If you don’t like any of the towels listed above and want to look for some on your own, make sure to look at the reviews. There are a lot of companies out there that want to take advantage of new parents.

There are towels out there that could be too thin to be useful or ones that could be rough when advertised to be soft.

Make Bath Time Fun

Newborn Baby Sleeping in the hands of mother

Bath time is essential for a baby’s health, even if they don’t like it. Why not make it easier for you and the baby?

Keeping your baby warm is key to having a good bath. Having the right towel is essential to staying warm.

It’s up to you whether you want to use a baby towel or a regular one. Some people find it easier to use baby towels because there is less material to work with. Less cloth makes it easier to wrap babies up.

Regular ones can be too big and swallow the baby up. Some fear they will overheat their baby with a regular towel.

Baby towels are more fun than regular ones and can make a cute baby look even cuter.

Not to take the safety of your safety lightly, you shouldn’t think too hard about getting the right one. Just make sure it’s soft enough not to damage their sensitive skin.

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