Baby and Toddler Friendly Activities in the Greater Philadelphia Area

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April 13, 2023

Are you a new mom who lives in the Greater Philadelphia area? Are you planning a trip to the Philadelphia area with your little in tow sometime soon? You’ve come to the right place!

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I grew up in West Chester, PA, and my parents still live there. I’ve had a blast going back for visits with my own baby and now toddler, and exploring some of my old favorite places and new ones that have popped up since I’ve left.

Here you’ll find a list of 25 toddler and baby friendly activities in the Greater Philadelphia Area (Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties are included in this list).

Everything from playgrounds, water and other outside fun, to museums and indoor spaces. There’s something for everyone (and their baby!)

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The Best Playgrounds and Parks for Toddlers and Babies in the Philadelphia Area

Wilson Farm Park - Wayne, PA

This is another excellent and large community park for new moms and mothers of toddlers. There is a large, paved walking loop with a good range of inclines. The perfect place to walk with a stroller and get back into shape. I guarantee you’ll meet some other new mamas doing the same- I see them all the time!

The playground is also suitable for toddlers with the variety of climbing structures and slides. There are baby swings too. You will find a pavilion, picnic tables and clean indoor restrooms next to the playground area as well.

Best Playgrounds in Philly

Smith Memorial Park and Playground - Philadelphia, PA

Smith Memorial Park is located in the famous Fairmount Park of Philadelphia, PA. This is really a must-see spot. The park is a free and safe spot for children 10 and under. They have specific areas for children 5 and under and an indoor playhouse with lots of books, building materials, toys and indoor climbing structures.

The history of Smith Memorial Park adds to the appeal (for me at least!) This space was built in 1899 as a safe and free spot for children to play. It has been kept that way ever since. You’re going to have a great time with your toddler here!

East Goshen Park - Wester Chester, PA

This is a large community park that has a little bit of everything. You will find pavilions and picnic tables for eating and clean indoor bathroom facilities. The park has a large paved walking/jogging path that is perfect for use with your stroller.

There is a large sandbox that sitting babies through toddlers will love. The climbing structures have smaller slides and there are baby swings too making this a great playground for babies and toddlers.

Media Tot Lot - Media, PA

This playground is perfect for toddlers, new walkers and adventurous crawlers. There is a soft, rubber floor, large climbing structures geared for little ones, swings and more.

Brandywine Picnic Park - West Chester, PA

This park is a large picnic area on the Brandywine River. It is opened seasonally and has specific weekends that are open to the public. At the park you will find lots of pavilions and picnic areas. There is also a petting zoo, mini golf, moon bounce and more. This makes for a fun day outside with your little ones.

Water Fun for Toddlers and Babies in Chester County

Best Swimming Spots for Toddlers in Philly

Marsh Creek State Park and Swimming Pool - Downingtown, PA

Marsh Creek is one of my favorite state parks in the Philadelphia Area, and their swimming pool and splash zone are also a ton of fun. You can wade in the water at the Marsh Creek reservoir, but it’s much more fun to cool off with your little ones in the pool or spray park. There is a daily entrance fee, so be sure to check the website to plan your trip accordingly.

Freedom Playground and Splash Pad - Haverford, PA

Not only is this an outstanding playground for your toddler to explore, but there are also water misters in the playground area to keep you cool. The playground is very open and wide making it easy for parents to navigate with their little one.

Spray Park at John O Green Memorial Park - West Chester, PA

This is another spray park and playground combo that is great for little ones. You will find a toddler play structure and baby swings. There are multiple water and spray features too. There is a pavilion with picnic tables to provide shade. The spray features turn on at 10am seasonally.

This playground is right in the borough of Wester Chester and would be easily accessed via stroller from the restaurants and shopping areas on Gay and Market Streets.

Wedgewood Swim Club - West Chester, PA

Wedgewood Swim Club is a member-only swim club, but if you live in the area may be a worthy investment. This swim club is very clean and a ton of fun for your kids through their years.

The baby pool is great for babies and tots and starts at 9 inches and goes to 1 foot 8 inches. There is a pavilion and picnic area right next to the baby pool to get out of the sun. As your kids get older, or for older siblings, the main pool goes from 3 feet to 10 feet.

Spray Park at Bell Tavern Park - Downingtown, PA

This free playground and spray park combo is great for little ones. There is a tot lot with small playing features for kids under 5. The spray features turn on at 11am and are great fun for kids of all ages.

Baby and Toddler Friendly Museums in the Philadelphia Area

American Helicopter Museum - West Chester, PA

While this isn’t the biggest museum you’ll ever visit, if you live in the area and have a little one that gets excited about helicopters it’s a must-visit. Your little one will love checking out the various helicopters on display, and even sitting inside some.

Be sure to check out the website before you plan your visit, they often have kids programs and special events happening on the weekends which will make the visit even more memorable.

Please Touch Museum - Philadelphia, PA

I’m not sure a better museum for little ones exists. The Please Touch Museum is well-worth the trip into the city of Philadelphia. Your babies and toddlers will absolutely love exploring the world inside.

Some of our favorite exhibits include the kid-sized city with all of the stores and places in a community, the River Adventure Exhibit which features lots of water play and teaches about dams, jets and pumps. The Toddler Room is only open to littles 3 and under, making it a perfect spot for crawlers, new walkers, and toddlers who need a safe space to explore.

Plan your trip on a weekday if possible to enjoy a less crowded experience.

Adventure Aquarium - Camden, NJ

This aquarium, located in Camden, NJ, is not a far drive at all from the Philadelphia suburbs. It makes for a great day trip with your baby or toddler. Enjoy wearing your baby through the marvelous exhibits and watch their eyes light up with wonder. Your toddler will love watching the giant tanks of fish and seeing the observation tanks. The KidsZone has a space for your toddler to jump, climb, crawl and play. There are kid-friendly exhibits of different sea creatures to explore and touch as well.

This aquarium does get very crowded, so if possible plan your trip for a weekday and get there early in the day. I also recommend packing your own lunch, as the food options in the food court are a bit limited.

The Franklin Institute - Philadelphia, PA

This is an amazing museum in Philly that has a variety of exhibits related to the general topic of science. Your little ones can explore a giant model heart, drive a steam strain, and travel/climb through a two-story neural network.

The Academy of Natural Sciences - Philadelphia, PA

This museum has something for everyone. Does your toddler love to stomp around like a dinosaur? Check out the Dinosaur Hall and see the T-Rex on display, as well as more than 30 other dinosaur species. There are extensive dioramas of animals from all over the world that your newly talking toddler will love to identify. There is also an every-changing butterfly room to visit and explore.

Let your toddler run loose and explore the museum, or take your baby in a stroller or carrier. You’ll have a great time at this museum with the whole family.

Get Outside with your Toddlers and Babies in the Greater Philadelphia Area

Best Outdoor Activities For Toddlers In Philly

Linvilla Orchards - Media, PA

Linvilla Orchards is another spot that will grow to be a family tradition. They have a variety of pick your own patches, a fun and safe playground and a barnyard petting area to meet the farm animals.

The playground is a favorite of my daughter’s because of the life-size, wooden, tractors and trains they can play on and pretend to drive. You will also find hayrides, indoor mini-golf, and more. Check out the website to see what festivals and special events they have going on. They keep it fun and exciting all year round at this orchard!

Sesame Place - Langhorn, PA

Your Sesame Street-loving little one is going to love it here! Their rides are advertised for 2 years old and up and even for really young visitors there is so much to see and do. There are both dry and water rides, shows, parades, and of course all of the Sesame Street gang wandering around ready for high-fives, photos and hugs.

Elmwood Zoo - Norristown, PA

This is a smaller zoo and in many ways much more manageable with your baby or toddler than the more famous, Philadelphia Zoo. This zoo has free parking and a smaller area so that you are sure to see more animals in a short period of time. They have an impressive collection of mammals, birds, and reptiles. The giraffes and river otters are our favorites.

There are some shows and attractions every day at zoo so be sure to check the schedule online and when you arrive to get the most out of your visit.

Highland Orchards - West Chester, PA

Highland orchards is a great spot to bring your baby or toddler and start a family tradition. Fall is when many think to go because of the apple picking, hayrides and pumpkins. But any time of year is great.

Your littles will love petting the farm animals and enjoying the small playground. You will find fresh produce and treats in the market and the cider donuts are award winning in the area. My little one loved the hayride.

Longwood Gardens - Kennet Square, PA

Longwood Gardens is a great spot that is fun all year round. Spring and summer really put on a show with the magnificent blooms, flowers, and walking trails. This is a perfect spot to bring a stroller, put your baby in a carrier, or let our toddler run loose.

The manicured gardens are breathtaking and make for a gorgeous day outside. You will find indoor greenhouses, fountain shows, and a variety of habitats to explore. Seasonally, Longwood Gardens has some of the best holiday light displays in the area.

Baby and Toddler Friendly Indoor Spaces in the Greater Philadelphia Area

Downingtown Playdium - Downingtown, PA

This a fun indoor play center that has an area just for toddlers! Kids 3 and under have a safe and engaging indoor play structure, mats, slides, tunnels and more. Your toddler or crawler will love playing in this toddler-only space.

Remember to bring your socks to this one!

My Gym - Springfield, PA

Unlike other activities on this list, this one isn’t drop-in, but I couldn’t leave it out. Their tiny tykes/waddlers class is a fun parent/child class for little ones aged 7-22 months. You’ll love exploring the gym with songs, dance, stretches, and more challenging balance and gross-motor skill activities depending on your child’s unique ability level.

Check it out! The first class is always free and you can receive a discount for purchasing multiple classes at once.

Chatter Splatter - Conshohocken, PA

Whenever I bring my toddler for a visit to her grandparents in PA, Chatter Splatter is on our list. This is a baby and toddler-only facility held in an indoor soccer arena, in other words, it’s giant! The entire turf field is filled with toddler and baby friendly gross-motor toys and activities. You’ll find things like scoot cars, rocking horses, push carts, moon bounces, mats, plastic slides, exer-saucers and more. There is free coffee and snacks included with admission. There is a clean and toddler/baby friendly snacking area.

The turf arena makes this an excellent place for your crawler, new walker or toddler to explore safely. When I’ve visited I have found patrons to be super friendly and guarantee you’ll make a new mom friend during your visit.

Jumpers - Newtown Square, PA

This indoor play space is a great spot to bring your toddler to explore the soft indoor play structure, moon bounce, inflatable slides and climbing gym. They have open-play on weekdays and siblings under 18 months enter for free.

Sky Zone - Glen Mills, PA

This trampoline park can’t be missed! You will have as much fun as your little one. Surprisingly, it’s a great spot to take your walker to explore. Go during Toddler Time every Saturday from 9-10 am before the facility opens to the public. No big kids are allowed!

Get out there and explore!

Explore Philly with Toddler

The Greater Philadelphia Area is a wonderful place to visit or live with kids. As you can see, there is a variety of amazing activities and spots to check out with your baby or toddler. This round-up includes my top-picks, but there is so much more to explore.

No matter the time of year, season, or mood, you’ll be able to use this list again and again to keep your family entertained for years to come.

I hope you have a blast making memories in the Greater Philadelphia Area with your baby 🙂

Have another spot you love to take your baby or toddler in and around Philadelphia? Please comment below! I love to hear from readers.

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