Understanding When to Put Your Baby in a Jumper

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March 17, 2023
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As your precious baby starts to grow, you might want to break out that jumper you got for your baby shower. You aren’t sure if the baby is ready, so you need to know when to put your baby in a jumper.

It’s always fun to try out something with your baby for the first time. Babies can have the time of their life bouncing in a jumper. Do you know if your baby is ready?

What Is a Jumper?

A jumper is a type of baby equipment that allows your baby to bounce while they are sitting upright inside of the device.

When to Put Your Baby in a Jumper

As you ask yourself when to put your baby in a jumper, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Can your baby support their head?

If your baby cannot support their head on their own, your baby is not ready to use a jumper of any kind. Your baby could injure their head while jumping if they lack proper muscle control.

What about torso support?

You will also want to make sure they have enough strength in their torso; this will help them sit up properly.

The baby’s age

Typically a baby will be ready for a jumper around four months and beyond. Of course, every baby is different, and only you will know when your baby is genuinely prepared to use a jumper.

Don’t forget about height

If your baby isn’t tall enough to use the jumper on the lowest setting, they may not be ready to use a jumper. If your jumper is freestanding and the jumper has toy attachments, they might be able to sit in the jumper and play with the toys until they are tall enough to start bouncing.

Types of Jumpers

There are two main types of jumpers. The layout of your home may determine the one you choose.


A free-standing jumper can work on any flat surface. It can take up more space than the doorway jumpers, but you can use it in any room.


The doorway jumper works out well if you have a door frame in the room that you are using. You can hang it between rooms and watch your little one bounce to their heart's content. The doorway jumper can be a space saver in smaller homes.

Safety Tips

The biggest safety tip that you should remember, never leave your baby unattended. It is crucial your remain in the same room with your baby when they are using a jumper.

Another tip to remember, you don’t want to keep your baby in the jumper for long periods -- 10 to 15 minutes a day at most. Prolonged use of any device like a jumper, can delay learning how to crawl or walk.

Things to Consider

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There are so many different brands and types of jumpers, make sure you are purchasing the best one for you. If you are looking for a guide to help you with your search, take a look at our list. It could be just what you are looking for to help you with that final decision.

Keeping it clean

Keeping your baby’s jumper clean is a must. It is helpful when you are looking at jumpers to find one that you can remove the seat covering and wash. Easy removal will help you keep the jumper clean and fresh.

Growing with baby

You are going to want to find a jumper that grows with your baby. If it has multiple settings for height, it will last your baby longer. If you are going to be spending money on something, you want it to last your baby as long as possible.

How’s the padding?

Who doesn’t like being comfortable? Your baby is no different. If the jumper doesn’t have enough padding, it could be uncomfortable for your baby while bouncing.

Jump to It

Now that you know when to put your baby in a jumper, you can rest easy knowing your baby is ready. Don’t forget, supervision is essential when using a jumper. It's time to let your little one get their bounce on!

We want to hear from you! Did you know when to put your baby in a jumper? Did your baby love their jumper?

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